BFM System: Simple Way To Streamline Finances

Jan 18, 2018

Finances management is an integral part of a successful business. When a company has a lacking financial management, it significantly increases the risk of failure. A Business Financial Management system is a software used by business banking clients to create, store, and report various types of financial transactions with a goal of increasing profits and ensuring…

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Why Blockchain and Chatbot are a Perfect Couple

Jan 11, 2018

We have become accustomed to using digital technologies. Our daily routine is unthinkable without laptops and smartphones. Both terms ‘blockchain’ and ‘chatbot’ represent a highly promising technology. But is it really safe to provide personal data to a chatbot you have never used before? There are many concerns. However, chatbots based on blockchain technology are expected…

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To Outsource Or Not? That is The Question

Dec 21, 2017

To outsource or not is a key strategic question for many enterprises.   In fact, there are great reasons to engage skilled specialists for the realization of particular processes or even entire company areas, it especially concerns IT services. What are the main benefits of outsourcing? Costs reduction Cost reduction is the most obvious benefit. As…

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Connected Home: Smart Devices For Seniors Greater Comfort

Dec 14, 2017

Nowadays, Smart Home is a highly demanded concept. Smart home devices provide greater comfort and security. It is particularly beneficial for elderly people wishing to stay independent at their home as long as possible.  In the future, the entire house is expected to be equipped with sensors enabling a personalized monitoring depending on individual needs and physical condition….

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IoT: Smart Pill And The Future Of Medicine

Dec 7, 2017

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration has recently approved a digital pill (‘Abilify MyCite’). The sensor-enabled tablet sends a notification to the mobile app that it has been taken by the patient. The system was developed to track ingestion of medications prescribed for patients with mental illness. It is quite conceivable that the invention could…

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