Omnichannel Digital Banking Platform

Enjoy a new, revolutionary approach to digital banking experience with StandFore FS: now, you can unite all channels into one. Tailor our digital banking platform to your needs and let your customers use it the way they like it best.

Why Choose Digital Banking Platforms?

It's all about customer experience. Hyper-personalization and convenience of use are the keys to the next level — especially in the banking industry, which might often be confusing and apply one-size-fits-all solutions. Digital banking platforms hand those keys to you and make you stand out among your competitors.

Unified Experience Across Mobile, Web, and Branch

Provide financial services via a single digital solution that draws business data from multiple channels. Get to know your customers better, discover astounding business opportunities, and make separate banking experiences a thing of the past.

360-Degree View
of Banking Customers

Multiply all the benefits of the single customer view and be mindful of all the details of account histories, financial transactions, and recommendations. In other words, all tools for efficient finance management are just a screen tap away.

Personalized Service
for Everyone

Digital banking platforms help banks connect with every client on a personal level. Unlike traditional financial institutions, they offer personalized banking services and veto in-branch transactions that steal too much time and energy from their customers.

What Is StandFore FS?

We're offering you streamlined digital banking solutions on the basis of StandFore FS.

StandFore FS is an integrated front-end platform that allows for remote access to bank services from all major mobile devices. It provides you with a unique possibility to interact with your audience and ensures that they get to reach personal internet banking, virtual office, and other remote services via secure and user-friendly channels.

How Can StandFore FS Work for You?

StandFore FS is powerful, flexible, and capable of perfectly adjusting to your business. Tell us who you are — and StandFore FS will give you what you want and more. If offers:

Flexible integration

User segmentation and targeting

Omnichannel management

Complete delivery of source code, SDK, and training

Selection of components in accordance with the bank's goals and the existing ecosystem

Progressive development and integration potential

Unified framework for corporate businesses, SMB, and individuals

Dynamic growth

Integrated digital sales

Sample Platform Structure

Technology was created to serve people, and that is precisely what our StandFore FS is about. Due to its ability to match banking needs of a specific target audience, bank clients can perform self-service and stay in control of assets in real-time 24/7. Account opening procedures, payment operations, transaction history view, money lending — you name it. And StandFore FS will deliver it.


The design of your product is an integral part of its success in the market: it has the potential to increase the customer satisfaction rate and turn those who are interested in what you are offering into leads and clients with a smooth solution of user issues.

Here at Qulix, we fully understood the assignment: our StandFore FS serves a top-notch design that complements and elevates digital banking solutions. It is a strong thread that connects you and your audience and pushes you forward.

StandFore FS presents the following UI possibilities:

Responsive design
for various devices

Dynamic application structure: widgets and separate layout for different client groups

Customizable UI

Option to unify various client groups within one UI

Focus on website implementation

Wide variety of options for client implementation

Top 7 Reasons to Choose Our Solution

Take a look at 7 special benefits that StandFore FS grants you. We promise: if you let your audience connect with your company and solve their issues, they are not going to replace you with a competitor.

  1. Reduced time-to-market. Since you get to apply a convenient platform architecture and dynamic client scenarios, the development process goes faster and smoother, which prompts your clients to meet your products and services quicker.

  2. Sales boost. You have the chance to engage more effectively with the current clients and attract the new ones. Use the data you get to provide your audience with personalized recommendations.

  3. Beneficial omni- and multichannel approach. Emails, social media, SMS messages, and so on — prepare to adjust to the ever-changing customer demands and grant your customers a choice of how they can reach you.

  4. High-quality UI/UX experience. It is vital to understand the unique needs of a specific audience and tailor interfaces accordingly. Our solution offers you the opportunity to explore customer data on a new level and apply it to create hyper-personalized digital experiences.

  5. Source code ownership. You are the owner, so your product's future is in your hands. No matter how you want to optimize the platform, you are free to make that happen.

  6. Code reduction. We offer to shorten your route to omnichannel banking experience: skip the extra steps to get to the spot you see yourself in with StandFore FS, and save both time and money on the way up.

  7. Efficient licensing scheme. Legal issues take a lot of thought since each country has a different authority that regulates a large variety of financial institutions. We propose an alternative that will help you start the engine of your digital banking system significantly faster.

Who Needs It?

Any financial institution willing to undergo a digital transformation ASAP. Our fintech solution is ready to supply banks and credit unions with powerful software to abandon old ways of doing business and give their customers the chance to bank in the way they've never banked before.

Financial Clients that Love What We Do



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