Fiat and Crypto
Invoicing Solutions
for Businesses

Stop wasting time and money and make your fiat and crypto invoicing process smarter. Allow us to help you build the invoicing system where you will pay and get paid both in fiat and cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, ETH, and USDC.


Professional Invoices but Better

When there are a dozen of invoices, it goes okay with the company, but when there are thousands of them, the whole invoicing process can get messy. That’s where our solutions can come into play.

We automate this process by helping our clients (owners, financial industry experts, accountants, and managers) build an e-invoicing solution that handles the payment process easier and more efficient for the customer thanks to ML and AI it is built on. Timely payments become daily routine.

Invoicing Problems We Solve

Say no to Excel and tons of manual work.

Forget about manual processing of payment details and spreadsheets. With our solution, you will get it done simpler and faster by creating invoices in just 2 mouse clicks. No need to pay for manpower to deal with accounts receivable. With our help, you will considerably reduce the debt and administrative costs and decrease the cost and efforts of servicing.

Request invoicing per subscription models.

The subscription-based model is favored by many businesses now, which, in turn, requires certain processes to manage subscriptions and payment plans, control payments, reminders, etc. This will become your all-in-one solution, making the payment routine much easier and manageable.

up to


of receivables

up to


of cash flow

up to


of reconciliation time

up to


time reduction
for invoice processing

Business Benefits You Get

All-in-One Invoicing Solution

If your company provides services like accounting, invoicing, payment processing, and auditing, you will be more than glad to keep all payment requests under one roof. What is more, your partners can plug into the same network as well, where you will exchange data using the single source of truth.

Fast Fiat and Crypto Payments

Launch crypto and fiat payments with no need to integrate a payment gateway. Reach this option right in your dashboard.

Secure Fiat
and Crypto Invoicing

Blockchain is famous for its security and decentralized nature, as are our solutions built on this technology, which also complies with all major global security regulations. The network does not belong to any particular person, and the data stored within it are verifiably immutable and protected against unauthorized access.

Easy Business Transactions

You will notice no difference. Pay or get paid in crypto or receive payments in the fiat currency of choice directly to your bank account.

Increased Control and Business Transparency

Know exactly how many invoices your business issues or receives and which ones are paid, overdue, or rejected.

A Solution Fit for Your Business Needs

Our customized fiat and crypto invoicing solutions can be integrated with a large set of third-party services (payment providers, liquidity providers, etc.) and have a wide range of connection options — from user interfaces to a full integration API.

Key Features for a Better Invoicing Experience

Invoice Management

Create instant invoices for products or services: just 2 steps and they will be delivered to the client's e-mail or personal account. The recipient can then pay directly via Internet banking or crypto wallet, whichever suits the purpose best.

Payment Plans

Set up payment plans based on recurring invoices and connect new customers to your plan for recurring billing. Our solutions will enable you to define individual plan parameters, including discounts.

Monitoring & Reporting

Request reports containing analysis and statistics on all issued and paid invoices and get info presented in a comprehensive and user-friendly way. You will be able to monitor the current status of payments in real time and set reminders for upcoming payments.


We can build integration with accounting systems, ERP, payment gateways, liquidity providers, and much more. Also, you can integrate your account with Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive for a better document management experience.

Direct Debit

Set up Direct Debit to pay bills from trusted counterparties instantly. No more delay.

Bonus Features to Make Your Transactions More Pleasing

Generation of country-specific
payment documents
and linking
them to the blockchain transaction

Scoring of payers (accumulation of
data on the timeliness and trouble-free payment of invoices)

Wide API for external services,
e-commerce, etc. to enable
trading with legal entities

Payments in the selected fiat or

Providing liquidity to pay invoices
via crypto factoring

Quick registration with EDS
or Wallet Connection & KYC

How Much Is Invoicing Solution Development?

The issue of development costs is vital for any business, but we would advise you to contact our experts to get a better and detailed estimation depending on what solution you have in mind. The price can significantly vary in sync with the number of features you want to have, so any figure without studying your specifics may be misleading.

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