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Nov 26, 2021 7 min

Predictive Analytics in Finance: The Ultimate Guide 2021

Today, we collect more data than ever. Clients are generating data with every interaction they have with your company. With the right technology, such as predictive analytics, we can now leverage that information to foresee what to expect in the future. Surely, every industry can benefit from it, but let’s focus on predictive analytics in finance….

Nov 23, 2021 9 min

13 Good Coding Practices: What to Know in 2021

Good coding practices are a set of rules that helps developers write clean code. High-quality code, in turn, ensures that applications will run smoothly and software projects will be successful. Stripe and Harris Poll did their research and found that programmers spend 13.5 hours solving technical problems and 3.8 hours fixing bad code. The researchers…

Nov 19, 2021 7 min

How to Make an App Like Uber and Estimate Its Cost?

Have you ever taken an interest in application development? Or maybe, inspired by the tremendous success of the ride-sharing giant Uber, you’ve dreamt of creating your own app? In fact, Uber is considered to be the best taxi application on a global scale, and despite the harsh competition, the company remains the dominant player within…

Nov 16, 2021 8 min

Mobile App Architecture: Guide to Being Practical

What does your usual morning routine look like? Some yoga and meditation, or jogging and dancing? All these are great ways to start the day. But let us be frank — it is almost impossible to imagine a morning without checking our messengers and social network updates and turning to applications for health, fitness, banking,…

Nov 12, 2021 9 min

A Guide to Software Development Time Estimation. Our Tips

Many great ideas have failed due to the lack of time. “If only we had more time…” is a common regret that follows broken dreams and lost hopes. There are a lot of variables to take into account, not to mention unexpected factors and challenges. So no wonder that the exceptional talent of software development…

Nov 9, 2021 8 min

What Is Application Development and How Does COVID-19 Affect It?

Numerous apps and technologies surround us in everyday life. Checking the news, ordering food, buying tickets, meeting incredible people — thanks to mobile applications it has become much faster and easier to manage all these daily tasks. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected application users and pushed application development to a new level. So, what is application…

Nov 2, 2021 8 min

Our Application Management Outsourcing Guide 2021

How many apps are there in the world? If we look at the latest statistics, the leading app stores in 2021 contained more than 6.8 billion applications available. There is an app for almost everyone in the world! Only a tiny bit of them has perspectives to come close to the success of such loud…

Oct 29, 2021 11 min

Choosing Best Server-Side Language in 2021

What is the best server-side language? If you are a startup or software development company that plans to launch a project, you’ll definitely ask this question when choosing a programming language. In our article, we’ll talk about the most popular languages for backend web development and explore their strengths and weaknesses to help you decide…

Oct 27, 2021 8 min

Top 5 Trends and Challenges for AI in Automotive

Have you ever dreamed of working in the automotive business? Creating new luxury limousines, self-driving or autonomous cars? Then you’d better upgrade your CV and send it to the HR department of Tesla, Toyota, or, maybe, Daimler. Practically all giants and indie brands are rushing towards implementing new horizons that AI in automotive applications promises…

Oct 21, 2021 8 min

Enterprise Cloud Solutions: Do You Need Them?

The global cloud computing market stood at $250.04 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $791.48 billion by 2028 with a compound annual growth rate of 17.9%, according to Fortune Business Insights. Today, enterprise cloud solutions are used in almost all industries, including retail, banking, healthcare, education, and others. Why are these technologies so popular? Cloud…

Oct 18, 2021 9 min

JavaScript versus PHP: What to Choose?

JavaScript versus PHP: what’s the difference between them and what programming language should you choose for your project? Both languages are constantly taking high positions in the rankings of the most in-demand instruments. They are powerful, flexible, and object-oriented languages that are used in many companies. In this article, we will compare PHP and JavaScript…

Oct 13, 2021 7 min

4 Great and Powerful Debugging Techniques in 2021

The early computer programmers in the 1940s believed that programming would be a straightforward process: hard thinking, writing a program, and nothing else. The reality was revealed to them just several years later. In June 1949, the creator of the first stored-program computer EDSAC, Maurice Wilkes, could not have his code run due to 20…

Oct 8, 2021 8 min

Staff Augmentation vs Managed Services: What’s the Difference?

Staff augmentation vs managed services: what approach should choose the company that is aimed at successfully developing its business, meeting customer requirements, and withstanding high competition in the market? To deal effectively with all of these issues, you need experienced and skilled employees focused on their roles and responsibilities. However, it’s not easy to find…

Oct 5, 2021 7 min

Application Support Models: Our Building Guide

Why is Starbucks so popular? What has turned a small coffee retailer into a world-known brand? Was it because of the innovative La Marzocco Linea Machine or extra-quality Arabica beans grown at higher altitudes? Those factors were important, but the core idea of the brand was the special care and support of their customers. What do…

Sep 28, 2021 8 min

HIS and RPA: Benefits of Automation in Healthcare

Automation in healthcare can solve a lot of problems. Hospital visits are most often accompanied by additional stress due to long queues, inconvenient appointments to the doctor, searching for the necessary documents, and much more. As a result, patients are dissatisfied with the work of healthcare workers, who, in turn, quickly burn out due to…