Testing Services

The global goal of performance testing services is to ensure the reliable work of your software (application, website, etc.) in case of real-life overload, to figure out its maximum and daily load, and to check for possible performance issues.

What We Can Do for You

There are multiple testing options to choose from depending on your project requirements and priorities, with their own performance testing tools to help deliver the best services for the client.

Load Testing

This type of performance testing services helps to test the maximum load that the application can handle without losing or notably declining in functionality or end performance. Gradually increasing workloads help to best detect and prevent system bottlenecks.

Volume Testing

We provide volume testing of the software product to check the interdependence of the system performance and the amount of data circulating in the system operation. This software testing reveals the ability of the system to withstand loads of data that usually accumulates in the real world.

Stress Testing

Our company provides stress testing services to verify stable operation of the application or website under stress conditions, such as substantially increased calculated load, shortage of resources, and so on.

Scalability Testing

By resorting to scalability testing tools, we evaluate possible changes in the system/application performance after adjusting hardware configurations, for example, improving memory resources or adding more nodes to the system cluster.

Recovery Disaster Failover Testing

This test helps to predict an unexpected failure of the entire system or its separate modules and to check the backup systems for service availability, recovery time, failure response time, recovered data accuracy, etc.

Reliability Testing

This type of performance testing services covers prolonged tests executed to check for possible performance issues in case of the continuous 24/7 operation of the system.

How We Work

  1. Analysis: determine the scope of performance testing services and typical performance test scenarios, reveal limitations and risks

  2. Scheduling: figure out and describe testing tasks, risk management activities, test bench requirements

  3. Design: create user scenarios, include them in the testing process, specify the load model and the requirements for working with the DB

  4. Implementation: write performance testing scripts, fill out the DB scripts, include emulators of third-party systems, monitor, debug tests

  5. Execution: set up the test environment, run performance tests, analyze application performance, and report testing results

  6. Support: eliminate detected problems, the project is complete

QA Technologies and Competencies


We evaluate such application performance indicators as:

Response time under load

Overall software stability


Use of hardware resources

App recovery in case of failures

Cooperation Models


Load and performance testing services are usually carried out on a fixed-cost basis: our QA engineering experts estimate the scope of testing, agree on quotes and report completed tasks. Thus our clients receive maximum transparency and can easily trace the testing progress and plan their company's budget.


Customers can also hire one or more testers to render performance testing services of their system. Our company has top quality assurance engineers with expertise in various performance testing tools and performance testing solutions as well as in software development, hardware engineering, functional testing, testing of critical applications, user experience, cloud applications, etc.


Our client can also hire a dedicated full-time QA team for performance testing or other testing services to establish a continuous quality assurance business process, balance costs, and speed up the time-to-market of the software product.


Alexey Rakitsky

Head of Performance
Test Cluster

“To be able to do high-quality testing of complex systems, the team should know how to emulate the operation of the external system properly. To do it, stub frameworks are used. Qulix is proud to have our know-how to deal with this issue.”


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