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May 28, 2021 9 min

How Much Does CRM Software Development Cost in 2021?

As any business expands, eventually there occurs the need for tools that would help to efficiently manage the growing number of customers and to provide a more personalized experience to them. Customer relationship management (CRM) software is exactly such a tool. As each business is unique in nature, ready-made SaaS solutions provided by the industry…

May 14, 2021 8 min

Going Totally Smart. The Future of mCommerce

mCommerce has experienced an immense increase in popularity in the last decade and especially in the year 2020, with the COVID-19 pandemic being the focus of our attention and forcing many businesses to bridge online and in-store experiences. And since the year of the rat is gone and we are still experiencing its consequences, let’s…

app onboarding best
Apr 28, 2021 9 min

Mobile App Onboarding: Best Practices

According to Statista, 25% of mobile apps are deleted after being accessed just once. Moreover, on average, applications lose around 80% of their daily active users just three days after the installation. These statistics prove that keeping the new users’ interest is one of the most challenging tasks. And one of the most crucial factors…

sales and customer service
Feb 10, 2021 9 min

3 Types of CRM Software Systems to Use in 2021

There is no business without customers, which is why it is essential to build a relationship with them and consistently maintain that relationship by creating an ever-improving experience. Moreover, with the changes brought into the world during 2020, it is now especially critical to give your customers a personalized touch to retain them. This, in…

Artificial Intelligence
Apr 16, 2020 7 min

Artificial Intelligence: How It Shapes the Future of Business Today

We all live in the digital era, with many innovations easing both our daily lives and business activities thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this article, we tried to cover a few major points which benefits can digital mind bring to us all and how we may profit from the synergy effect of introducing AI…