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Jul 18, 2022 9 min

Financial App Design: What to Know in 2022

Digital banking services have significantly grown in recent years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to, the global mobile banking market is expected to grow to $30.1 billion by 2026. People use banking apps because it allows them to make all transactions without leaving their home, save time, and avoid long queues in the…

Feb 25, 2022 9 min

How to Create a Banking App: Strategies of the Pros

What were you doing on July 27th, 2017? While many of us were enjoying a quiet summer Thursday, a supernatural event happened in South Korea— the launch of the Kakao Bank mobile app. On its first day, the banking app was downloaded 652.000 times and the bank registered 300.000 new accounts. In August 2021, Kakao…

Jan 6, 2022 11 min

Payment Ecosystem 2022 Explained: Current Overview

In the year 2022, we value simple pleasures, like eating out or visiting a football match, much more devotedly than we used to. Our behaviors have changed greatly. Within a period of just a year, we have witnessed a great shift in the payment habits of the whole world. Such innovations in the payment ecosystem should…

Nov 16, 2021 8 min

Mobile App Architecture: Guide to Being Practical

What does your usual morning routine look like? Some yoga and meditation, or jogging and dancing? All these are great ways to start the day. But let us be frank — it is almost impossible to imagine a morning without checking our messengers and social network updates and turning to applications for health, fitness, banking,…

Jul 19, 2021 9 min

Design and Development Process: Why Is It Important?

The design phase is one of the most important steps in creating any product, be it a web application or a website. There are 3.48 million Android apps and about 2.22 million iOS apps in the market in 2021. If you open the list of the most popular applications, you’ll see that they are different…