.NET Software Development

Our dedicated .NET development company uses .NET core advantages to create a wide range of web, mobile, and desktop applications. We are ready to engage with your team and deliver best-in-class custom .NET development services.

Our Palette of .NET Services

Our .NET development company is passionate about the .NET tech stack, and this technology is one of our core clusters, with dozens of hardened experts at the forefront of software development.

Team Augmentation with .NET Developers

Need some extra help to deploy your .NET development project right by the deadline? We have developed the art of providing our customers with highly-efficient .NET developers at rates that will surely fit the bill but won't stretch the budget. Get some top-level .NET expertise for your enterprise!

Implementation of Microservices

The microservices architecture is focused on uniting autonomous components with the help of APIs. This approach is rather demanding, so why not implement microservices in .NET? Thanks to the variety of .NET tools and frameworks, our developers can cut down plumbing code to a minimum.

Technical Support of .NET-Based Products

Our .NET experts will be able to provide you with technical support for third-party applications.

Implementation of .NET-Based Back End

Depending on your requirements, we may build a customized back end from scratch or rely upon ready-made solutions.

Web Implementation with the Use of .NET-Based CMS

We have great experience in the implementation of web applications on the basis of the Orchard CMS and Umbraco CMS.

.NET Code Review/Audit

It is better to prevent than cure security issues. Here is when code review kicks into action. Our .NET experts will help you improve the end-quality of your code by checking for all possible issues such as security breaches, architectural errors, memory leaks, development bugs, business logic flaws, etc.

Full-Stack .NET Development Services

Qulix is a seasoned full-stack .NET development company that performs an in-depth analysis of all aspects to make sure you get a robust quality web, mobile, or cloud application. Hire .NET experts from us to see the best practices successfully implemented in the .NET ecosystem.

You may have these services delivered either by independent .NET developers and architects or by a well-balanced team of .NET experts.


Alex Kovsh

Solution Architect

“Within our company, there is a well-established and large technical community with expertise in Microsoft technologies and digital transformation. We may surely say that dot net is one of our top technology clusters with dozens of successfully completed projects proving it.”

Dedicated Team for Your .NET Development Project

No need for individual staffing. We have already assembled and balanced .NET teams ready for onboarding. At Qulix, there are over 120 qualified .NET engineers at your service.

Minimal Team Structure

Usually, we try to combine 1 senior developer with 2 middle engineers. Optionally, the dedicated team may also include 1 QA engineer and potentially such resources as a system analyst, DevOps engineer, etc. as the requirements may be. The team is well-adopted for the implementation of separate back-end services, continuous support tasks, and many more.

The team may include both back-end and full-stack developers.

And for larger projects, we create project teams based on a set of service teams thus making the entire staffing process easily scalable.

We may send you a couple of available team profiles within 3 business hours from your request time.

Want to see an example of professional .NET coding guidelines?

Want to see an example of professional .NET coding guidelines?

Our software development company has created a set of consistent rules for writing and monitoring .NET code. To ensure it does its job well and will be easy to maintain and debug, all our developers strive to conform to these guidelines in their daily work.

Technologies and Competencies

We have deep experience in delivering full-cycle .NET development services and will help your enterprise choose the most suitable .NET technology and opt for the right .NET framework.

Why Make .NET Your First Choice

Speed of Development

Our software developers can build .NET applications faster with programming becoming more simplified and smooth. This framework enables us to add value to your business by making integration of .NET projects way more rapid which saves companies time and money.


This point is of vital importance for large enterprises showing considerable growth. With the expansion of your business, you will surely face an increase in load on your IT infrastructure. In this case, .NET applications will support the extra load with no dedicated development.

Ease of Deployment and Maintenance

With .NET technology, you don't have to hire third-party developers to rewrite the project code, since it allows you to modify configuration settings. In addition, it takes care of locating and loading of components of your desktop application, so all of them are at hand before its execution.

Security and Reliability

Our .NET company knows pretty well that this technology is well-suited to develop safe and secure .NET solutions. All this thanks to built-in checks and balances that maintain the operability of your project and help dodge system failures and major code issues.


The technology extends across various platforms and tools and can run on a multitude of gadgets. So you can see the information from any device no matter when and where. In addition, it is language-independent, so be it C#, C++, IronPython, IronRuby, or any other, you've got your support.


.NET with such tools as ASP.NET Web API or ASP.NET MVC is a good example of open-source technology that enjoys the support of a large community. Our .NET team always has tools, environments, etc. at their disposal to do the best with the ongoing project.

MS Azure for .NET Development

We use the Microsoft Azure platform in many projects as it has proved to be a reliable, cost-competitive, and flexible constituent of comprehensive solutions. Our .NET engineers have an in-depth understanding of the platform and may provide you with valuable insights on logical and deployment architecture, scalability, and troubleshooting.

Azure Service Bus

Azure Queue Storage

Azure SQL Database

Azure DocumentDB

Azure Table Storage

Azure Blob Storage

Azure Cache for Redis

Azure Search

Why We Trust Microsoft Azure

It's scalable.

If we need to scale the app from 5 users to 5 million users and not to worry about additional coding, we know that Azure Storage will be the perfect fit here as it ensures efficient and secure storage services and enables us to alter settings and engage more processors.

It's highly available.

Thanks to data centers located all over the world, Microsoft ensures better redundancy. So if your business needs to migrate the data and solutions to the desired location, it becomes way easier to do so.

It's secure.

Thanks to decades of software experience, Microsoft surely knows how to deliver security and protection for the information stored on its Azure cloud. The platform meets both international industry-specific standards and country-specific laws.

It has IaaS and PaaS capacities.

With MS Azure, your company will be able to deploy both simple virtual machines and complete app stacks across the well-adjusted cloud environment. For developers, it creates a comfortable environment for rapid deployment, quality assurance, and remote monitoring.

Know-How in .NET Project Assembly and Deployment

The Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) process is widely used among .NET developers to introduce automation of the build and testing of code and reduce feedback time. With our dot net development company, you can set up the CI/CD pipeline properly and evade delays.

Principal Scheme

Benefits Our Team Can Offer

We may use your

technology stack.

Our developers do not stick to one and the same technology or .NET framework/platform. The primary importance here is the way we arrange project components and ensure their independent interchangeability. Surely we've got our default tools but can always use yours for custom .NET development.

We may include

integration testing.

Integration testing may seem expensive if included in the dot net development cycle and done accurately and in a timely manner. On the other hand, your business will pay much more for debugging of the high-level architecture later on if you choose to omit it. However, the choice always lies with our clients.

We offer 

customized staging.

Depending on the requirements of your .NET solutions, our developers will offer you all the required expertise and tech management to set up, automate, and orchestrate the full-cycle CI/CD pipeline. We will guide you through the build, test, merge, release to the repository, and production deployment stages tailored to your business.

We may deploy in 

the cloud or privately.

You may easily choose between the most common
options — to get a cloud-based project or to have it deployed on your private infrastructure. With a mature .NET development company like Qulix, you can enjoy the simplicity of cloud computing services or opt to control and maintain the entire CI/CD strategy on-premises.


Migration of a Funds Management Application

Migration of a Funds Management Application

Successful migration of a complex application with multiple integrations. A better version of the system for efficient portfolio management available with minimum downtime.

Additional Aspects to Consider in .NET Application Development


.NET technology is well-suited for the implementation of the microservice architecture allowing us to create highly scalable and independently deployable services. Our professional teams are excellent at the implementation of microservices using .NET code.

Cloud Environment

You should always think ahead and take into account where exactly you are going to host your .NET application. Sometimes it is reasonable and efficient to design your app in a way that would allow its further deployment in the cloud.

CI/CD Process

If you want to implement your .NET project effectively, you should think in advance how exactly the system is going to be assembled and delivered to the test environment and — later — to the production environment.

Integrated Test Automation

It is important to think about regression testing beforehand to make life easier for QA engineers who will conduct it. That is why we make efforts to integrate automated test scripts into .NET code which will considerably cut costs and time later on.


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