Software Migration Services

Our team offers most software migration services. As a trusted software development company, we offer our assistance in AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud migration, desktop to web app migration, migration to microservices, and a lot more.

What We Can Do for You

We're here for you to bring the best of software migration services so that enterprises could lead their field in innovation, keep up with the competition and add value to their projects.

Migration from AngularJS to Angular

There are two basic options available: Angular app development from scratch, which can lead to considerable downtime or building the Angular JS + Angular hybrid module to run and support the simultaneous performance of two frameworks within the project during the migration. It helps to implement new features with the help of Angular and gradually transfer the existing ones without downtime or affecting the product.

Desktop to Web Application Migration

It may not be as simple as it seems, to build a web app based on a desktop one. Depending on the app, we suggest the preferred approach: app migration as-a-whole, app migration piece-by-piece. In all cases, the development stage is prefaced by comprehensive UX research, interaction, and visual design followed by user acceptance testing (UAT).

Cloud Migration (AWS, Microsoft Azure)

We know how to minimize risks in moving to the cloud, although there is no universal solution to benefit from cloud-native opportunities. Our skilled engineers carry out Azure and AWS database migration services and will help you choose between the widely used cloud migration strategies that are currently available such as rehost, replatform, refactor, repurchase, retire, and retain.

Migration to Open-Source Databases (PostgreSQL)

We help our customers seamlessly move their data from popular fee-based DB options to open-source ones without compromising convenience, quality, and security. We know how to deal with database triggers for edits and removal and keep the entire functionality in place. Additionally, we may create necessary DB management scripts, configure the clustering environment, adjust monitoring, and support procedures.

Migration to the ISO 20022 Payment Standard

This migration type is especially relevant for banks and fintech businesses. We offer comprehensive assistance in all migration initiatives for financial industry software: apps for customers and digital products for internal use. It relates to data storage and cross-border payment processing.

Migration from Monolithic Architecture to Microservices and Decoupling

A monolithic architecture has several limitations when it comes to adding new functions. This is especially true for highly functional e-commerce or online banking platforms. Migration to microservices facilitates cloud deployment and information exchange. It improves system scalability and the availability of each service to avoid downtime during updates. Our team is at your service to carry out the migration to microservices and decoupling.

Migration of a Funds Management Application

Migration of a Funds Management Application

Successful migration of a complex application with multiple integrations. A better version of the system for efficient portfolio management available with minimum downtime.


Alexander Sliborsky

Head of R&D and
Innovations + Microsoft cluster

"For migration projects, we need to obtain the initial data in full: source codes, access to existing systems, and documentation. Lack of this data can make the project implementation more difficult. We will sign an NDA before exploring your infrastructure and help you plan out the software migration stages."

Additional Points to Consider

and Evaluation Criteria

Before starting a migration project, you need to clearly understand the goals and the evaluation criteria of the project's business success (such as reduced maintenance costs, increased stability or expandability of the system, etc.).


Any migration project should have a clearly defined QA strategy. Migration projects may have hidden business logic and non-obvious algorithms that will require detailing and careful verification later.


Software migration often requires a full audit of the existing system (in its migrated part) and the development of a specific migration roadmap. Be ready that it will require highly qualified analysts and architects.


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