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50+ people

dev team size

2.5 years

cooperation duration

100+ employees

client size

The client provides software and tech services to customers worldwide. Essentially, the company offers a SaaS platform that allows its users to collect analytical insights about apps in multiple app stores and see the potential and trends related both to these users’ own apps and those of their competitors, as well as the market performance in general.


The client had a network of products they added to the portfolio via parallel development or acquisitions. These software products have one and the same focus — advertising, mobile app management, monitoring of mobile app market trends, and similar. Software development was mainly carried out by outsourced development teams.

The natural expansion of the project pushed the client to search for extra developers, but with the extensive set of technologies and tools involved in the project, it has always been hard to find a suitable team. Since not every team is fit for the task. Our team was ready to hop on the challenge, because the high professional level of our architects and technology evangelists ensured that some of our team members managed to switch to another programming language or to a different architecture approach when needed in a smooth and quality manner.


The products in the client's network we were involved in include the Data Solution, the Media Solution, and the Unified Platform. The main purpose of these products is to assist developers in designing their products, follow app market trends, monitor the competitors’ development path, and sell advertising within the product.

Data Solution

An upscale solution for app optimization and analytics


Major functions implemented by our team:

Competitor Monitoring

Analyzing the competitors/publishers, their development, search request optimization, added features, growth metrics and timeline. This is of special importance for investors seeking new opportunities.

Market Trend Analysis

Keeping track of top performing apps & publishers and analyzing market size.

Tracking of App Performance

Monitoring of the business performance of benchmark and new apps on the App Store and Google Play Market (downloads, DAUs, MAUs, ARPDAUs, usage metrics, retention cohorts, etc.).

Keyword Intelligence

Keyword comparison and ranking to boost organic downloads for apps.

Predictive AI Models

Building accurate growth forecasts and market trends with sophisticated AI-powered tools.

ML Algorithms

Through connecting their apps to our platform, clients may share the info about it in an anonymized form, which serves to clarify and extend our ML models to make better forecasts.

Media Solution

A digital solution that unites app owners, ad buyers, and ad sellers. By leveraging various ad formats (video ads, push notifications, interstitial ads, in-app banners) as well as OpenRTB integration, the Media Solution enhances mobile ad targeting & optimization, user acquisition, and branding.

Major functions implemented by our team:

Data-Driven Solutions

Development of data algorithms (including AI/ML) that identify the most valuable audiences for ads.

SDK Implementation

Support & implementation of SDKs to be integrated into apps by respective app developers.

SDK Development

Development of our own SDKs for further integration into third-party apps.

API Creation

Development of high-load APIs that unite numerous ad formats and their ongoing support.

Unified Platform

A top-notch b2b & b2c solution for app monetization, user growth, publishing, and intelligence. It unites the capabilities of the Media Solution and the Data Solution and creates perfect insights for placing more targeted ads.

Its major functions embrace:

Strategy Optimization

Marketing strategy enhancement through extracting and analyzing valuable insights.

App Monetization

Revenue stream optimization by increasing user engagement & growth.

Ad Publishing Tools

Development of the tools that help to run ad campaigns, increase app installs, and manage launch support.

Main Challenges

During the back-end and front-end development as well as working on the mobile components of such a comprehensive project, we had to professionally address the following issues:

Big Data optimization

Extensive tech stack

High-load systems

ML algorithms

Frequent updates

Cloud use & storage

The work on the unified platform posed its special challenges since we need to integrate different platforms that have different sets of users, different functions, large databases, etc. and apply approaches that were typical for one platform into another and vice versa. Also, we should take into account a lot of interaction going on between clouds if we want to cut down corresponding expenses, as well as interaction with third-party APIs.

Technology Stack


Java Go Python Ruby PHP Microservice architecture


React Ruby


MySQL Google BigQueryClickHouseAmazon RedshiftApache KafkaVerticaPostgreSQLMongoDBRedisAerospike


AWS (Amazon Web Services)GCP (Google Cloud Platform) On-premises (hybrid cloud)


Python Apache Airflow

Mobile SDK Solution:

iOS (Swift) Android (Kotlin)

Strategic Goals

Enhancement of
prediction models.

Further development of a wider array of SDKs for various platforms.

Unifying the Media and Data solutions.

Project Main Advantages

Larger Databases

Competitors are rather segmented (some work with app data only, some are responsible for ad monitoring). We offer a platform uniting Big Data and a place where you can trade in ads.

Integrated Strength

The Media Solution and the Data Solution are already powerful tools when alone, with their capabilities exponentially rising when they are combined.

Flexible Nature

Some users may exploit the full functionality of the products, some may stick to weekly reports only. It is all up to end customers.

Global Nature

The solutions have access to app data globally.


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