UI and UX Design Services

Your product doesn't need a design. You need THE design where every web page or app button is elaborated to meet your business goals. Our design team produces top-functioning eye candies that users love to work with.

Which UI and UX Design Services We Offer

We are a UI and UX company majoring in design and development for web, mobile, and IoT apps and connected devices.

UI and UX Concept Development

To get sample software pages, only a few mockups describing a set of general approaches to UI design are required. These approaches should be developed with due care to your brand book requirements, have a fully-formed user interface kit, as well as standard design templates for later use with other screens and pages. Also, think about user interface adaptability as well as App Store/Google Play Store requirements for the software.

UX Adaptation for Mobile Devices

We have rich experience in design adaptability and surely know how to develop the best designs that behave equally well on any type of device, i. e. meet all the requirements of adaptive design.

UI and UX Design for Software Products

We can deliver catchy intuitive designs for any web or mobile app. Our design team knows how important it is to build a platform-compliant application. As for cross-platform applications, you can rest assured that your cross-platform apps will feel native to the fullest extent possible.

Qulix is also one of the best UI and UX companies specializing in IoT interface design and development. Need an interface for your wearables, connected cars, or any other IoT device? Our team will be happy to get started!

You may also need UI and UX concept development, UX adaptation for various devices, microfrontend UX design, development of visual design concepts for digital banking products, or UI and UX consulting services. Qulix is great at these, too.

Microfrontend UX Services

Monolithic app architecture is giving way to lightweight and efficient microservices. The front end is no exception. Yet, to implement a microfrontend architecture, specific approaches to the UI and UX process are required. We are adept at microservice engineering and know how to organize user experience design that will be a perfect match for deployment purposes.

UI and UX Consulting Services

Our designers will help you overcome your business bottlenecks by improving your app design. UI and UX talents from Qulix will help you fight low conversion, improve the onboarding scenario through deep research and prototyping (TA, personas, CJM, A/B testing).


Liza Starikova


“The success of a project depends not only on a well-thought-out software solution but also on a well-built visual concept that is based on business needs. The design must solve the problem of product-user interaction and create an ecosystem around the user that they don't want to abandon.Those are exactly the UI/UX designs that we create.”

Added Values

Apart from skills and techniques, an easy-to-use and stylish UI and UX application design requires solid industry experience and a strategic vision. We have them both and offer even more than that.

Strategy Built

with Business in Mind

You have your business vision of a problem/solution and need a developer to embody/resolve it? We will be happy to help you achieve your needs. Create commercial designs for your solutions with us, increase awareness of your end-user audience, and reach other business goals that are important for you — our designers are at your service.



Our UX/UI talents have great experience in delivering small, medium, and large online and offline projects for various industries. Qulix is a top UX/UI design company if you need web interfaces, branding, or mobile applications.


for Digital Projects

We have the 360-degree capacities required to deliver a digital project. Regardless of whether you need an MVP or a large-scale mobile banking system — we are 100% equipped to ensure for you best-in-class UI and UX prototyping, development, testing, and support.

UI and UX


You're uncertain that your app design is stunning and impeccable and you want to fix it, but don't know how. We do and are eager to give you a hand tackling this problem. Contact us and get the fullest list of what we can do for you: from auditing a user journey, checking the interface and look-and-feel, to competitive analysis and more.

Technologies and Competencies

We Know How to Address Potential Challenges

How do you address the needs of my target audience?

No product serves equally well for a youngster and a senior citizen. That is why before kicking off, we carefully study the market niche you're aiming at and identify your target audience. Our UX/UI design team builds mockups and considers the target audience that we've identified at this stage throughout the whole project life cycle.

Will you reflect my unique business vision in UI design?

Together, we will work out the concept design for the entire system to get the full UI and UX perspective of a to-be product and avoid concept variations later on. With all the visions aligned by the start of the project, we will create the product design that reflects your business uniqueness, looks catchy and stylish.

Mockups are impossible to develop. How do you manage to build development-friendly and stylish UI and UX designs?

The look and feel of the product often suffer due to the limitations of the development capabilities. To avoid that, our designers outline the client's vision to the developers, share the bottlenecks with the client, and reach the most optimum solution both in terms of UX/UI and functionality.

What if I don't like the results?

We know how difficult the decision-making process can be. That is why we make 2-3 variants of one and the same functionality, as it is sometimes hard for our clients to explain in detail what they want to see. Several versions give us more information and hence chances to hit the target. Sometimes, the client may choose an option that appeals most to him/her and we improve it till it is a 100% hit for the client.

I'm a newbie to UI/UX design services. How are we going to cooperate?

We're always open and eager to explain to you any aspects regarding UI/UX design services: how long it takes and why so, how many designers should be involved, how to reduce the costs, etc. We always stay in touch with our clients, keep them updated and even make some drawings in real-time.

UI/UX Services for an Ambitious Online Banking Project

UI/UX Services for an Ambitious Online Banking Project

New platform CX concept development for our long-standing corporate client. Read our case study to find how we achieved higher system efficiency, better user experience, and greater loyalty.

“The challenge was to rethink the existing user flows, renew them, optimize and make them more user friendly. The interface underwent a sweeping transformation. Our team — which has a wealth of experience in such kind of systems and is well-versed in UX design — was the main contractor for the project.”

Alex Kryshtal,
Head of Digital Hub, Raiffeisen Bank Aval

How We Deliver UI/UX

Read through this checklist to make sure you are familiar with the steps we'll make to track the work progress. Get a clear vision of how long UI and UX design development takes and who is involved in delivering a cutting-edge product for you.

Start with business analysis

Our BAs begin with working out user scenarios for you. This includes, among other things, the study of cross-channel behavior, thorough research of user stories, competitive analysis, investigating user feedback, and ends up with a radiant new UX strategy.

Continue with wireframing

At this stage, our UI/UX talents create wireframes, elaborate over task sequence, and navigation. This gives your potential users a smooth and enjoyable feeling from interaction with your system (and increases your conversion rates, respectively).

Finish up with development

A less emotional, but not less important part. Developers breathe life into your app and QAs test it. We have no problems delivering apps that require both front and back ends. We also have a strong grasp of mobile app technologies and deliver great native or cross-platform applications.

Our Experts Talk About the UI Map

Our Experts Talk About the UI Map

Our user interface design experts have assembled a set of best practices regarding UI map creation and usage in the design process. Learn more about what a UI map is, why you need it in your work, and how to create it properly to avoid UI and UX mistakes.


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