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Need top-class blockchain software development services? Then you came to the right place, since our developers have accumulated vast expertise in launching successful solutions and always focus on the business needs of our customers.


Blockchain Solutions We Deliver

Qulix is committed to delivering ground-breaking blockchain-based solutions. We provide wide expertise in custom software development, blockchain-based systems, cryptocurrency exchanges, smart contracts, and more.

Blockchain Wallets

Want some blockchain wallets tailored to your very needs and flavored with high-level security, support in multiple languages, and a variety of payment gateways? You have certainly chosen the right blockchain development company. We will make sure your users perform their cryptotransactions in an easy and fast way.

Rest assured your wallets will get rich built-in features including blockchain tokens, trading in multiple currencies, online purchases, participation in ICOs, auto-generation of private and public keys, etc. Our top blockchain development team will add such services as data history check and hypermedia examination alongside strict security measures using multi-signature confirmation.

NFT Development

Do you need the fullest range of services linked to the development of non-fungible tokens (NFT)? We offer you all you need and more of that covering token, exchange, and marketplace development, white paper creation, NFT staking and lending, etc. Our design team will create a customized design for you while the development team will tend to marketplace development with the help of the OpenSea SDK, using which you don't have to deploy your own smart contracts. Thus you'll get innovative functionality to sell items using your own ERC-20. We help companies set up marketplaces and generate ERC-721 or ERC-1155 items.

With us, companies get proprietary NFT marketplaces and offer a smooth experience to buyers. No matter what it is — a software license, real assets, a gaming card — with the assistance from our software development company you will be able to tokenize any asset.

Smart Contracts

Owing to our expertise in working with such platforms as Ethereum (ETH), TRON, and EOS, you will get only the best smart contract development services. Smart contracts we deliver empower our clients from across industries (e-commerce, gaming, financial services, etc.) to solve tasks efficiently and to the point.

Why do you need smart contracts developed by Qulix? We will help you save time, money, and efforts, optimize cryptocurrency turnaround, and take care of fraud activities.

DeFi Solutions

Blockchain app development has plenty of use cases for the fintech domain. Examples are cryptocurrencies, micropayments, crypto wallets and exchanges, crowdfunding, and a lot more. So if you need efficient, fast, and secure application development for your startup or large-scale enterprise, you came to the right page, since we deliver highly demanded protocol-compliant software powered by a multitude of blockchain-based features.

You will certainly shake the ground under the feet of your competitors by making use of our blockchain development services.

Integration with Existing Business Processes

Apart from blockchain software development as such, we also perform seamless integration of our blockchain-based solutions into the client's infrastructure. Your corporate processes may be way too complex with the newly-born solution too peculiar, but rest assured — our blockchain development team will discover the best approach to make sure all works well.

Decentralized Apps (dApps)

Looking forward to unlocking tangible benefits for your future loyal users? To assist you in that, we offer consulting services and custom and cloud development in the domain of dApps and MVPs including app porting, upgrade services and more. Our expertise in blockchain development services enables us to utilize the complex nature of blockchain technology and create a smooth custom blockchain experience.

All this combined will ensure your apps are unique and stand out from the crowd thanks to their impeccable transparency and the highest level of resistance to attacks.

Custom Blockchain Development Services

Looking for a development team with more than enough experience in blockchain technology? That's who we are. With our quality blockchain apps tailored to your industry, you will secure your data exchange and sharing thanks to cryptographic algorithms and maximize business opportunities blockchain technology offers.

Customized public and private blockchain solutions will encourage you to offer services that go beyond your companies. All you need is to contact us, take control over user account credentials and permissions and proceed to payment management, data transfer, and risk reduction.

Blockchain technology empowers us to craft solutions that will help you put your business idea to the test, build a prototype, and have your software aligned with the requirements.

As a blockchain development company, Qulix has a proven record of successfully implemented projects. We offer our clients a wide range of blockchain software development services that increase profits, cut expenditures, and propel customer loyalty. Utilize our deep domain knowledge and development expertise..

Mask Group

Andrei Kvasov

Senior Software Developer

“Blockchain technology offers a wide range of benefits
for both startups and enterprises. The most common
among them are trust, transparency, costs, and
development speed. Its security aspects enable
blockchain developers to use it for the storage of
sensitive data. We are looking forward to sharing with
you our insights on the issue.”

Our Cross-Industry Expertise

Plain innovations are no longer enough for the digital age that is upon us. Experts from our blockchain development company who have worked on many projects for various domains and industries will usher you into new ways of doing business — smoothly and efficiently.


Our blockchain development team brings the technology's benefits to your every transaction be it banking, payment reconciliation, or trading. Multi-factor authentication, data tracking, analytics, digital identity, standard compliance —
we will cover it all for your blockchain solutions.

  • Investment & wealth management
  • Encryption of digital payments
  • P2P lending & insurance


We all know that patient data needs strict protection to comply with relevant guidelines. So we make use of the most technically advanced tools to take care of that. By selecting only the best blockchain platforms and arranging an efficient development process, we make sure you get the best-of-breed software.

  • EHR data protection
  • Healthcare insurance
  • Supply chain control

Retail & eCommerce

Modern-day clients are getting more sophisticated in their requirements. To help you in satisfying their ever-evolving needs and prop up customer loyalty, we create blockchain solutions enabling you to manage supply data and monitor the multi-role process.

  • Implementation of crypto payments
  • Chain-of-custody data access
  • Reduction of transaction costs

Supply Chain Management

With our blockchain software development company, you will easily detect bottlenecks in the current workflows while we will be working on a robust solution to tackle them. We will have you covered in anything — from security to fuel expenses management or goods provisioning.

  • Digitization & automation of document flows
  • Counterfeit detection
  • Logistics tracking & digital certification

Social Media

Want to avoid content theft and identity hijacking and become an independent influencer? With blockchain development services we offer, user rights will become your very own engagement mechanism. Our blockchain applications will cover copyright protection, freedom of speech, and personal data confidentiality accompanied by smart payment mechanisms.

  • Digital identity verification
  • In-app token implementation
  • Unbiased licensing & royalty management


Blockchain Platforms

Ethereum, Bitcoin, Hyperledger, Ripple, Quorum, Graphene, Echo, Stellar

Programming Languages

Java, JavaScript, Python, Solidity, Go, Angular, C++, React, Swift, Kotlin, Node.js

Cloud Platforms

AWS, Oracle

Our Engagement Models

 Team-as-a-Service (TaaS)

Get more than just a few individual talents. Enjoy a blockchain development team that will deliver the expected technical result and enjoys an established balance of team roles and responsibilities.

Team Augmentation

Prop up your team by hiring only specific players for your in-house team and blockchain development project. This can be a developer, QA expert, BA, or another professional that you require.

Dedicated Development Center (DDC)

In plain words, the DDC is your blockchain development center located on our premises. It has its own dedicated workspace with your logo, separate server facilities, and strict security policies.

Fixed-Budget Approach

This option fits those who need planning of the blockchain project budget at the very start. For this, you need a detailed specification with a clear deadline and no significant changes planned.

For more info about our engagement models and approach to work, please visit this page.


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