DevOps as a Service

Leverage the benefits of DevOps as a service in your business project. Enjoy quality infrastructure automation, efficient deployment and continuous delivery pipelines, smooth deployment of an automated environment, and much more from our DevOps team.

What We Can Do for You

Our DevOps team is here for you to bring the best of continuous delivery and automation, design efficient CI/CD processes, smoothen monitoring practices, and help you make the most of your operations, environment, and infrastructure.

Configuration Management and Automation

DevOps talents from our software development company implement management tools to give your servers, storage, and network consistent performance, scalability, and take advantage of the automation approach. With proper infrastructure management, you can also enjoy the visibility of your system, cost and time reduction due to duplication elimination, efficient change management, higher software security, and much more.

Release Management

Our DevOps experts keep a close eye on smooth CI/CD implementation and test automation processes. They immediately respond to the issues within their project capacities or contact any responsible team member for issue resolution, thus merging the competencies to get a 360-degree control over the release process.

DevOps as a Service

Instead of separating the pool of activities for DevOps implementation between your team and our end, you can resort to DevOps as a service to complete tasks that your system may need. With us, you'll get an array of top-notch services and DevOps tools at a competitive price and save your talents for more creative and demanding operations and tasks. See below the DevOps services we provide on a separate basis or as a package.

DevOps Consulting Services

We are DevOps experts with a proven track record of success. Ask us any questions regarding server orchestration and support, system virtualization, security, and more. Our extensive knowledge of complex systems and operations, the ways to manage them and resolve multiple types of infrastructure issues will give you access to tried and true methods of issue mitigation and real-life scenarios that you can leverage.

Monitoring and Backup

We'll build a proactive system monitoring strategy for you, which will allow minimizing downtime and improving customer service. To do that, we use Zabbix, Nagios, Graphite, NewRelic, and other infrastructure monitoring DevOps tools. We pay great attention to data backup to ensure fast restoration of the system in case of failures.

Continuous Integration and Deployment

For you to safely build, test, and release your system, we'll design and implement CI/CD procedures based on our best practices in this service domain. We will employ reliable CI platforms enjoying high popularity among DevOps practitioners (Jenkins/Hudson, etc.) and make the best use of Ansible, Chef, Puppet, and other orchestration tools for CD. Eliminate problems at early stages and enjoy more consistent quality control.

Added Values

Get in touch with Qulix to find impressive DevOps competencies that add value to your project and enable smooth and efficient app delivery.

Experts at migrating to microservices

The DevOps approach works out better if accompanied by microservices. Our DevOps team members have a strong grasp of the microservice architecture, while our architects will be happy to help you in refactoring or rebuilding your system to leverage the new power of microservices.

We easily master complex apps

Our DevOps specialists will rearchitect your application to enable the innovative and efficient use of cloud platform functionality, containers, and other new features to add maximum clarity, manageability, and scalability to your project.

Great environment managers

We know how to unite multiple environments (development, testing, integration, production) into a single efficient whole. We standardize and automate these complex environments through an extensive set of DevOps tools, cloud sandboxes, etc.


Anton Pechinsky

Senior Solution Architect

Why DevOps Services Are a Universal Must?

DevOps culture brings enormous benefits and it is only up to you to decide which of them you'd like to leverage for your software. Let’s discuss your project and its needs together. I and my team will be happy to share with you our DevOps insights.

Technologies and Competencies


Additional Points to Consider

Infrastructure Automation and Monitoring Skills

Being one of the top DevOps companies, we have experience working with comprehensive large systems, and DevOps experts from our team are confident in handling server provisioning, log management, build automation, code release, continuous delivery, and monitoring of large-scale systems where a thousand things may go wrong at the same time.

and Scripting Skills

Our team of DevOps professionals has strong coding skills in top DevOps languages — JavaScript, C, Ruby, Python. Though writing scripts does not require deep programming knowledge, our DevOps selection criteria include this parameter which in the future will help developers, quality assurance specialists, and DevOps engineers stay on the same page when resolving project conflicts.

Command of Automation Resources

As automation is essentials of DevOps as a service, we pay utmost attention to ensure maximum possible automation for your project. Therefore, the automation skills of our DevOps engineers are constantly updated through the introduction of new tools, in-house training, seminars as well as internal studies on the subject, e.g. webinars on Amazon Web Services (AWS), cloud infrastructure, code security, etc.

Customer-Centric Mindset

Our DevOps talents always direct their best efforts towards the delivery of better services for our clients. They are collaborative, easy-to-contact, and eager to help.


When hiring DevOps engineers, we also prioritize system administration skills as these help strategize the entire management process of the delivery pipeline, covering integration, deployment, continuous delivery, project security, and other operations that are crucial for DevOps.

By choosing us as your DevOps implementation partner, you are free to select the cooperation model that will suit you perfectly, take advantage of our efficient project delivery frameworks, established HRM practices, methodologies, and much more.


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