White-Label Ad Exchange Platform

Innovate your targeting strategy and increase user engagement with our white-label ad exchange platform. Empowered by rich BI analytics and traffic fraud protection, it unlocks tangible benefits for all digital marketing players.


Alexey Kovsh

Senior Solutions Architect

“In recent years, the demand for quality adtech solutions has grown significantly, and the trend is likely to continue. By developing quality programmatic advertising platforms, we help media agencies and ad space owners reach exceptional outcomes. Our ad exchange platform provides open industry standards and custom communication protocols, as well as reliability and security, which makes it a valuable digital marketing tool”.

Ad Exchange in the RTB Ecosystem

An ad exchange is an innovative platform that functions as an intermediary between advertisers and publishers. It processes bid requests obtained from an SSP and sends them to its DSP partners. If DSPs are interested in such ad inventory, they place bids. The ad exchange, in its turn, chooses the best bidder and sends the bid response together with the ad content back to the SSP.

If you want to have a better understanding of all the intricacies in this process, look at the below picture that illustrates OpenRTB interactions between the ad exchange and its bidders.

What We Offer

The development of an upscale ad exchange platform from scratch is a real challenge, so we are happy to help you out. With our advanced solution, you won't waste time and money on the architecture & tech stack building. Instead, just embed the desired features into our
ready-made ad exchange and get a quality adtech platform in the shortest time possible.

BI-Powered Ad Exchange Data Platform by Qulix

What makes our programmatic solution so special? Well, it unites the functions of an ad exchange and a data platform in one product. 

The Data Platform (that can operate as a CDP and a DMP) stores, manages, and processes data on oRTB auctions, ad campaigns, and audiences. Also, by analyzing all ad events (bid requests, win notices, impressions, clicks, VAST events), the platform helps DSPs and SSPs make audience segmentation, build lookalike audiences, get deep traffic analysis, and maximize revenue.

The Ad Exchange is enhanced by BI tools, which gives managers the power to boost decision-making, increase operational efficiency, and identify new business opportunities. Some other benefits involve
real-time ad statistics per partner and daily/monthly reports.

BI Report Examples

Ad Exchange Dashboard

Demand-Side Dashboard

Supply-Side Dashboard

Technology Stack

Back end:


Front end:



MySQL ClickHouse Apache Kafka

Benefits of a BI-Powered Ad Exchange

Take advantage
of IAB OpenRTB

Pinpoint new
revenue potentials

market trends

genuine KPIs

Get inclusion/
exclusion list protection

Make API
integration easily

Get full ad fraud

Enjoy granular

Enter a private

Display ads
of any format

Whose Needs Serve Our Ad Exchange

Proactive Publishers

willing to effectively monetize their ad inventory

Media Agencies

that want to anticipate marketing trends

Dedicated Advertisers

looking for new ways to boost ad campaigns

Strategic Goals

We keep enhancing our solution to boost your ad exchange. At the moment, the strategic goals embrace:

The development of the Ad Management API

The work on the DSP/SSP Customer Portal

The enhancement of the Ad Exchange Admin Tool

Why Us

A Well-Knit Team of Professionals

Our senior-level team has already created successful adtech solutions.

5+ Years of Adtech Experience

We're experts in the ever-changing digital advertising industry.

Upscale Services Available

We offer quality adtech platforms with easy-to-use marketing tools.

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Call us at +44 151 528 8015
E-mail us at request@qulix.com