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From requirements and sketches to a fully functional app published on the App Store or deployed within your company. That's when our iOS app development company comes into play.

iOS Development

Qulix is an app development company ready to implement cutting edge projects completely or undertake only specific tasks, such as UI/UX, adding new app features, or app support. Our clients are both fully evolved businesses and startups in various industries: banking and Fintech, real estate, telecommunications, e-commerce, digital marketing, media and entertainment, healthcare, education, and more.

We focus on the full cycle development of iOS apps for all Apple devices:





Qulix can deal with the A to Z iOS application development or make adjustments to the existing app.

What Our IT Company Can Do for You

Along with mobile tech growth, users expect a refined experience with web apps. At the same time, businesses can get lost in the abundance of frameworks, web app architecture, hosting, and deployment approaches when selecting an application development company.

Mobile UI/UX Design
for iOS

Highly skilled designers will create a UX concept, a navigation map, and interactive prototypes in Sketch and Figma according to Apple guidelines and app platform requirements. In addition, we create a UI Map for controls and demonstrate how we provide seamless user experience and develop top iOS solutions, which attract and retain user attention and have high scores on the App Store.

iOS App Testing and App Test Automation

Our iOS app development company carries out regression testing and UAT on real Apple devices instead of emulators. Qulix mobile testers assist in debugging, create test automation scripts to save your time and improve testing effectiveness.

Mobile Application Development — from Top to Bottom

iOS app development is just a part of creating a full-fledged mobile service. Our software development company creates the entire infrastructure, builds the business logic, deals with back-end development, integration, API design, and management, planning out the administration console, and implementing a number of other components. When working on iOS applications, we pay extra attention to their security, excellent performance, and well-crafted architecture.

We have enough resources and capacities to provide the full software development lifecycle, including design and development, QA, and business analysis. Make sure you are ready for the project's start.

iOS Project Takeover and Development

Our native iOS app developers are ready to take over iOS app development and implement new functions, eliminate defects, and deal with support. Our expertise allows us to set up the process and effectively deliver apps ready to be published on the App Store.

Migration from Objective-C to Swift

From planning to execution: our iOS developers are experienced in dealing with iOS app development obstacles and considering details of iOS app migration. Our iPhone app development company has engineers and project managers skilled in both Objective-C and Swift to meet any requirements.

Technologies and Competencies


We Know How to Address Potential Challenges

How to ensure hardware and software compatibility of iOS apps?

Simultaneous use of various iOS devices, each with its own screen resolution, supported features, and formats, makes hardware compatibility challenging for iPhone app developers. However, we have the necessary expertise and resources to suggest optimum solutions, avoid defects, and use the iOS device functionality in full. For example, iPhone app customization for iPads requires major adjustments. iOS app development for iPads is guided by different principles and designs, it is much more than just a "stretched" iOS app version. We inform our clients of such details in order to add or change components of full-service iOS solutions well in advance. It is crucial for timely releases of new app builds.

How do you work with app updates to make them comply with the new iOS versions?

Operating system updates always mean a couple of challenging yet manageable tasks for iOS development companies. Changes and adjustments should be carried out in a short time: app updates should safely comply with the older versions, so mobile QA specialists need to make sure everything works according to the plan. Mobile development teams at Qulix Systems proactively monitor update releases and carefully study the changelogs. Our approach includes testing on the beta of the major system version as early as possible. This way our iOS app development company compiles an approximate list of required alterations (approximate, because it is still beta), and simultaneously searches for possible vulnerabilities in apps.

Objective-C or Swift: what is your choice for iOS mobile app development?

Before answering the question of the most proper programming language for your iOS project, we need to review the details, analyze the goals, check out the functional and non-functional requirements for app development services. Our mobile app developers are experienced in both languages and can orient you on the appropriate option for a particular solution. iPhone app development companies consider Objective-C a rational choice for small-scale projects, while the implementation of a grand product development startup is most likely to require the use of Swift.

How do you deal with iOS app security issues?

Our top mobile app development company follows Apple guidelines on iPhone app development, emphasizes server-side security, provides transport layer protection, secure data storage, reliable authorization and authentication, and session handling when providing iOS app development services. For the past decade of competing with other iPhone app development companies, our engineers have successfully managed to prevent flaws and app vulnerabilities in compliance with global standards.

Additional Points to Consider

prototypes should be created early

In the iOS app development process, prototypes are a must-have at the initial stage if you want to get top mobile applications. Later, designers can proceed with design development and customize the details if the requirements for the iOS application change.

the scope
of requirements

A list of functions is a major input element in custom software development. The requirements matrix enables us to share adequate quotes and estimate the project in general. Our clients can deal with reverse engineering of requirements with or without the help of a software developer from your development agency.

Plan out
the integration
ahead of time

Top mobile services are based on various integration types: major apps require data for payments, authentication, verification, accounting, and so on. Our iPhone app development company suggests that you consider the integration plans for in-house systems as well.

What about hybrid development?

Hybrid technologies are a good tool if a mobile app development company works with less demanding applications with simpler functions and interface elements (for example, forms). Instead of dealing with Android app development separately, clients can get both Android and iOS apps at a better cost.

Learn more about metadata-driven UI

It is used for easier changes of forms and fields in future app updates, for example, in banking and financial iOS apps. Our team can explain the details in a simple way for you to evaluate the benefits of this type of UI for iOS app development services.

Consider trying the microfrontend UI

Microservices are becoming widely used in iPhone app development for creating high-quality apps. When rendering iOS app development services, our team engineers have tested a number of solutions and picked the most appropriate ones for microservice-ready mobile UI development.

Keep an eye on the back-end design

It is needed to outline the content management system, the administration system, and additional back-end parts. Our mobile app developers can deal with back-end development as well as improve your iOS applications.

Consider app localization

In order to match user needs and expectations, localization is used in iOS application development. Compared to translation, it also keeps in mind geographical, legal, and cultural aspects, making your mobile apps best in class and contributing to the success of your digital marketing strategy.

Note offline app performance

For an iPhone app development company, it is important to know all about the functionality for offline and online app use: specify the key features and the desired offline app behavior to make the development process easier.

An iOS App for the World's First Crowd Promotion Platform

An iOS App for the World's First Crowd Promotion Platform

We did our best so that MNFST users could create and share engaging branded content with the help of augmented reality and stunning graphics. 


“Great experience working with Qulix and their mobile developers. They do their job with a lot of enthusiasm and show great results. Also, they are flexible to work with and well-organized on their end keeping track of project progress.”

Andrey Deryabin

Select Your Mobile Team

There are more than 40 top mobile developers at your service.
Also, we have ready-to-go, balanced, and focused top mobile app teams waiting for onboarding. Our best iOS team members have already worked together and could be a perfect fit for your mobile software development project.

Service Team (Micro-team) – group of engineers who already worked together and know how to do certain task/project.Service Team (Micro-team) – group of engineers who already worked together and know how to do certain task/project.

Ky-ky, я дропдаун

Ky-ky, я дропдаун

Ky-ky, я дропдаун

Additional resources:

  • UI/UX designer
  • Back-end developers
  • More mobile developers

Cooperation Models


You may need a team of remote full-stack technical specialists to maximize project growth or outsource certain tasks for your company. As an award-winning iOS development company, we provide scalable teams of several developers or testers, depending on your needs at any software development stage.


Our software company may provide you with a dedicated team of full-time iOS app developers, mobile testers, analysts, designers, and managers. With a reliable communication model, reports, and regular updates, we help clients monitor the process and see real results in time.

Dedicated Development Center (DDC)

For long-lasting projects with certain security and marketing demands, we create dedicated development centers located at Qulix offices. A DDC is a branded office room equipped according to the customer’s needs with a special access system.


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