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Our clients choose to outsource automation testing services to facilitate testing and cut overall testing time and costs in the mid- and long-term perspective. Our QA team provides the full range of automation testing services: from test design and planning to the implementation of automation frameworks, running tests, and full app support.

What Our IT Company Can Do for You

We are ready to meet the challenges of test automation services and bring long-term benefits to your business.

Test Automation for APIs

By automating API testing, our software development company checks the quality of app programming interfaces directly or replaces manual testing at the stage of integration testing. Our QA team performs automated testing of non-GUI applications and interactions to check if they fully meet API business requirements regarding software security, functionality, reliability, and quality performance. The most popular API test automation type is REST API testing, but we deal with more interactions, such as web services, FTP, TCP, HTTP(S), mail protocols, messaging standards (like ISO 8583), and database access.

Test Automation for Web Solutions

Companies can resort to our automation testing services to ensure the quality of their web application and web-based administration tasks, cut turnaround time and bring product reliability to the top level. Let us know more about your software product, and we will provide either an all-in-one test automation solution or offer automation of several core process stages, taking care of your budget and service capacities. For automated testing of web apps, we use the best test automation tools that integrate with bug management tools, build services and source control systems for fast and stable testing results.

Test Automation for Desktop Solutions

We accelerate desktop software testing services by writing and running automated test scripts on desktop apps including those with dynamic pages or custom controls. We consult clients on the most effective test automation tools and technologies for desktop software keeping in mind costs of test automation services, required skills, and the team size, as well as app function support.

Test Automation for Mobile Solutions

To automate mobile software testing, we provide smart scalable test automation solutions to meet business demands in full. A careful study of the application under test, writing requirements, and selecting metrics help us choose the right tests and tools for test automation. It is the best cost-effective option for large-scale mobile software testing services, which helps to save QA team efforts and cut costs.

We follow our default automation testing approach


QA Technologies and Competencies

Enabling Automatic Interaction with EDS

Enabling Automatic Interaction with EDS

See how we prepared the test bench for automatic interaction with the Electronic Digital Signature. The EDS was used by OTP Bank for their online banking project.

Staffing Options


Expand your core team with several automation testing engineers to solve specific tasks. We are ready to share our expertise in both software development and application testing and train your testers.


As a testing company, we may surely say that a dedicated automated testing team working on your project full-time is an effective option for fast and notable results and higher productivity.


Get a tailored fixed-cost proposal for your automation testing services project.

Why Choose Us When Outsourcing Test Automation

We offer

a comprehensive evaluation of automated testing effectiveness due to predefined metrics.

We integrate

our testing solutions with bug tracking and test management systems to facilitate the QA team's work.

Automated testing

can be performed with the help of cloud solutions and executed within CI systems (TeamCity, Jenkins, etc.).

We virtualize

the test execution environment using Docker containers.

We use

multiple approaches to automation testing, such as the keyword-driven, data-driven, and BDD approaches.

Contact us to learn more about the business workflow, building a team, and kicking off your test automation project.

How We Work

  1. At the initial stage, we research the expected benefits for our clients from test automation services and their applicability.

  2. Our team plans test coverage according to the testing requirements and guidelines.

  3. We select automation testing tools and technologies for the task.

  4. Test automation is provided in full.

  5. QA experts support and update automated test scripts and set up the environment.

  6. If possible, we provide integration with test management systems.

  7. Tests are automated and scheduled according to the timetable or upon request.

We Know How to Address Potential Challenges

How do you ensure cross-platform/cross-browser compatibility?

Our automation engineers have accumulated enough experience to predict app or test behavior in different environments and select the proper configuration parameters. It helps to smoothly transfer tests from one environment to a different one, with no changes needed.

Do you use an isolated environment for running automated tests?

Our company's test automation team is aware of the importance of an isolated environment for executing automated tests. Generally, we implement automated tests by using its own pre-installed data or data initialization scripts within the test to minimize the problematic impact on other tests.

How do you ensure the transparency of test results?

The team is ready to provide reporting content to enhance the level of understanding of the error by each engineer in order to properly handle it and show the results of automated test execution to the client.

Is it necessary to update automated tests?

Even the most detailed test coverage planning for regression tests doesn’t help to fully avoid regular updates. However, we optimize the work: at the stage of designing and implementing tests, we consider data management, environment management, separation of logic, GUI, and much more.

Which tests do you automate?

Test automation is always based on preliminary research on how cost-effective automation can be in certain cases. Most often we write scripts for regression testing, integration testing, performance testing (including load testing), functional testing, i.e. for different test types within these categories.


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