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Take advantage of our best-in-breed logistics software development services and solutions to drive your business toward success via the shortest possible route.


Logistics Software Development Services We Offer

We provide the best-in-class IT services for logistics and transport companies, enabling them to maximize efficiency and drive business growth.

Transportation Management

By integrating cloud-based solutions and cutting-edge predictive analytics tools into a legacy transportation management system, we create robust software aligned with the latest logistics trends. With our products not only will you enhance supply chain visibility and enjoy real-time data interaction, but also optimize document management and freight tracking.

Routing and Mapping

The highly-skilled professionals from our logistics software company are ready to upscale multimodal route planning and your delivery services with digital twins technology, geofencing, offline mapping, 5G capabilities, and turn-by-turn routing.

Asset Tracking

Our logistics software development company offers various digital services to enhance inventory visibility throughout the entire supply chain. By leveraging radio frequency identification (RFID), smart beacons, and time-tested GPS technology, we create the best conditions for quality asset tracking and management.

Urban Planning

We advocate a promising future by supporting worthwhile urban planning initiatives and creating custom software for enhanced city logistics. Our teams can boast deep technical expertise in ride-hailing app development and creating feature-rich platforms for parking management and 3D visualization.

Fleet Management

Fleet management also belongs to the scope of work of our logistics software development company. We are ready to help proactive fleet managers decrease fuel consumption and keep track of driver performance by maximizing the use of engine monitoring and vehicle location data.

Shipping Logistics Management

Take full control over the shipping process and streamline supply chain management with our top-notch custom logistics software. We are ready to provide you with well-rounded consulting services, as well as automate logistics and freight analysis, billing upon shipments, and customer reporting.

Road Infrastructure

When building transportation management software, we always take into consideration road infrastructure. Our well-versed development teams do know how to adjust road networks, highways, and bridges to the 
day-to-day needs of your company with IoT sensors, cloud-first solutions, and smart alert systems.

Warehouse Management

Optimize revenue streams, enrich data capabilities, and better user engagement with our AI-powered warehouse management systems. We are ready to challenge your established practices with predictive analytics and automation to help you retain control over the inventory and cut operational costs.

Traffic Management

Hardly anyone gets excited about traffic congestion, and we are no exception. By choosing the right technologies and tools, our dedicated teams do the utmost to streamline traffic management, timely detect road incidents, analyze pedestrian movements, and increase urban safety.


We are happy to support eco-friendly service providers in their pursuit of building a sustainable world. With our highly functional EV platforms, not only will you easily comply with emissions standards but also enhance road safety and make a significant step toward a healthier future.


Alex Kovsh

Solution Architect

“Freight forwarding and routing control are intricate processes full of unpredicted challenges and pitfalls. Still, with the right logistics management software up your sleeve, the chances to eliminate bottlenecks and gain a foothold in the competitive market increase at a dizzy rate.

For over a decade, we have been working in the logistics software development industry, implementing from scratch complex, scalable solutions. And today, our development teams led by proactive project managers are ready to apply their hands-on experience and extensive technology stack to bring your innovative ideas to fruition."

Why Choose Our Transportation Software Development Company


When applying the Agile approach and the best industry practices to the development process, we do our best to stay on the same page with the clients. Considering their goals and preferences, our specialists are always ready to adjust the project workflow in compliance with the latest requirements.

Fair Price Tag

Our mission is to make top-notch software development products available to a wider group of customers. That is why we offer several cooperation models with different engagement levels so that every industry player can reap the benefits of upscale logistics solutions.

Data Protection

Strong cybersecurity mechanisms, as well as quality bug fixes and timely threat detection, are a competitive advantage that allows us to protect all the location data collected. Besides, to avoid project information disclosure and potential data leaks, you always get the right to sign an NDA.

Thorough Testing

We have over 20 years of experience with the best testing tools and practices up our sleeves and provide our clients with future-proof digital products. Make use of the timely services of our experts to reduce operation costs, boost the time to market, protect data, and enhance the scalability of your logistics software.

Timely Delivery

As a trusted logistics software development provider, we value your resources and do the utmost to ensure timely delivery and smooth software releases. When taking advantage of reliable tracking management tools, our teams stick to deadlines and create software that keeps businesses in line with the latest trends.

Latest Tools

Quality logistics software development services go hand in hand with quality tools and technologies. We understand that and handpick the best-in-breed tech stack to ensure the secure and stable performance of transport and logistics platforms.






years of niche
industry expertise

Our Clients

Supply Chain Companies aiming to automate operational processes

Urban Mobility Service Providers that want to streamline their projects

Fleet Managers planning to digitalize their risk management strategies

EV Innovators that seek new ways to increase road safety and sustainability

Logistics Software Providers looking for a reliable white-label

State-of-the-Art Transport Software Solutions

Our development teams have years of experience in creating impeccable logistics solutions like:

Transportation management systems

Cloud-based routing platforms

Smart city planning tools

Electronic toll collection software

Ride-hailing apps

Fleet tracking solutions

Road anomaly detection systems

Our Technologies


We know how to get the most out of each shipping and prevent fraudulent activity with the opportunities unlocked by distributed ledger technology and smart contracts. Moreover, by embedding blockchain algorithms into your systems, our engineers will easily streamline the document management and billing process.


Reap the benefits of our GPS-powered custom logistics software capable of gathering, storing, and processing huge data clusters taken from vehicles and user devices. After that, our specialists will share their expertise on how to turn this data into valuable insights and boost your decision-making process.


Add more transparency to all the operations and unleash the potential of your transportation management system by enriching it with smart sensors, 5G capabilities, and the latest IoT solutions. Our teams are ready to prepare your software for seamless integrations and bring your bold ideas to life.


Our company provides logistics software development solutions enriched with the algorithms of artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as predictive analytics tools. Thanks to these ultimate technologies, our clients can automate labor-intense processes, build data-driven routes, and get improved customer service.

Cooperation Models

Enjoy the optimal level of engagement that answers your requirements and capabilities by picking the right cooperation model.


Avoid the drudgery of the hiring process and save formidable resources with a pre-vetted dedicated development team ready for a smooth, hassle-free collaboration. By choosing this model, you get highly-skilled specialists with experience in relevant projects, fully involved in your product creation.

Dedicated Development Center

Let a fully-fledged team of professionals (designers, developers, architects, blockchain experts, QAs, BAs, PMs, content management specialists, etc.) in your project to boost the software development process. In this scenario, our specialists will work under your logo on the premises of our company with separate server facilities and dedicated infrastructure.


With this engagement model, you will extend your team with a lacking specialist for any desired period. This is a cost-friendly way to get access to the latest tools and technologies, as well as provide the in-house engineers with a highly-proficient mentor and retain total control over the development process.

We offer hourly/weekly/monthly-based payment options, as well as fixed-cost projects. Let's together discuss your business idea to find a perfect cooperation model.

How to Get Started

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Project Roadmap

  1. High-Level Consultation
    First, our transportation software development experts thoroughly analyze your business goals and ideas to provide you with possible development strategies and estimated costs.

  2. Project Requirements Analysis
    After that, we will scrutinize your requirements to assess the project scope and plan the logistics software development process in the most efficient and budget-friendly way.

  3. UI/UX Concept
    An intuitive design is an integral part of transportation software development, therefore, at this stage, our brilliant designers will pool their efforts around the UI/UX concept.

  4. Development Stage
    To cut extra expenses and avoid pitfalls, our team will first create an MVP version of your software.

  5. Testing
    After testing and auditing the source code in and out, we will fix the bugs and improve the security mechanisms, if necessary, to ensure a smooth delivery.

  6. Software Deployment
    This is the moment you've been waiting for: your solution becomes available to users on several platforms.

  7. After-Launch Maintenance
    Now, it's time to gather and analyze customer feedback and enhance your product in compliance with the latest trends.

This is an estimated project roadmap. The exact workflow may vary depending on your goals and requirements.

Answers You've Been Looking For

What is logistics software development?

Since logistics is a multistep process that involves order management, warehouse management, and transportation management, the aim of logistics software development consists in creating web and mobile platforms that streamline these steps and bring transparency across the entire supply chain.

What does logistics software do?

Transport and logistics software unlocks tangible benefits for transportation companies as its cutting-edge technologies automate and enhance an order-handling process, transportation operations, inventory management, shipment tracking, and many other industry practices.

What is the role of IT in logistics?

Technological innovation has turned the transport and logistics industry upside down, pushing it toward new heights. By embedding GPS-tracking, geofencing, IoT sensors, ERP management tools, EV-friendly solutions, and RFID/QR-based inventory management software into their systems, logistics companies optimize routes, monitor driver behavior, detect road incidents, reduce fuel consumption, and improve customer service.

What technology is used in logistics?

Successful logistics businesses are those that seek growth and innovation, never stop in their digital transformation journeys, and always keep abreast with newly emerging technologies. The list of such game changers encompasses cloud and IoT solutions, big data and predictive analytics, robotics and automation, blockchain and VR.

What is transportation management software development?

A transportation management system (TMS) is the backbone of the transportation industry that allows companies to keep track of the physical movement of their goods. Its must functionality embraces route planning, freight shipment and real-time tracking, dashboards with advanced data analytics, and custom reporting tools. Transport management software development is the process of creating such feature-rich platforms.

What software do transport companies use?

Depending on their needs, trucking companies make use of various transportation software solutions. Traditional software for a transport company is the one that target inventory storage and shipment, route scheduling and optimization, driver control and document management.

Which software is used for transport planning?

The endpoint location influences the choice of transportation modes required for freight shipping. To avoid incidental expenses and reduce delivery time, make use of upscale transportation logistics software capable to build the most convenient routes for multi-stop trips. Don't know how to find a perfect tool that will answer your demands? Contact our specialists and get strategic advice.

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