Adtech Software Development

Enhance your digital marketing experience with our omnichannel & programmatic tools. We are ready to offer you cost-effective adtech solutions for targeting the right audience and getting the most out of every ad campaign.


Alexander Sliborsky

Head of R&D and
Innovations + Microsoft cluster

“Today, the businesses effectively promoting their products and services are more likely to stay afloat and beat the competitive market. That’s why the demand for innovative digital advertising solutions keeps growing.

By leveraging AI predicting models and data-driven tools, our company helps proactive market players achieve exceptional outcomes. Over recent years, we’ve been developing top-notch ad tech software for the companies striving to reach more customers and the ad publishers aiming to effectively sell the ad space. We are experts in the ever-changing marketing field ready to offer you quality, reliability, and security".

Solutions and Services

Demand-Side Platform (DSP)

With this powerful ad tech solution, marketing and advertising agencies can say goodbye to spam-like banners and attract more clients by positioning their ads when and where they are needed most. A DSP is a perfect option to buy ad inventory, reach the relevant audience, and raise the awareness of any brand.

Supply-Side Platform (SSP)

When employing SSPs, publishers can create a positive customer experience and boost their revenue by offering advertisers the ad spots that efficiently target potential buyers. Also, this digital marketing tool will help you sell advertising inventory across various ad exchanges.

Ad Exchange

A programmatic advertising model of this technology platform enables all market participants (DSPs & SSPs) to buy and sell digital ad inventory. An ad exchange supports banner, video, audio, native, and other ad formats that can be sold across all device types.

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

By analyzing first-party audience data from various resources, a CDP creates a unified customer profile and makes it available to SSPs, DSPs, and ad exchanges. Knowing their customers enables companies to streamline the targeting and personalization strategies.

OpenRTB Integration

With this AI-powered real-time bidding technology, it becomes possible to buy and sell ad inventory at a reasonable price in less than a second. Therefore, both publishers and advertisers can take advantage of the RTB option to avoid wasteful spending and upgrade their digital marketing experience.

Data Management Platform (DMP)

This is the backbone of digital marketing that helps businesses better understand their clients. A DMP gathers, processes, and stores all types of audience & marketing data, which enables companies to target specific user groups and enhance ad campaigns.

Ad Server

Enhanced by data analytics, performance tracking, and sophisticated AI algorithms, this omnichannel ad serving platform allows advertisers, ad publishers, and ad networks to optimize advertising campaigns. An ad server is a central component that determines the time and placement of a particular ad.

Why Us

Dedicated Team of Professionals

Our senior-level team has already created an immense number of successful adtech solutions.

Upscale Services Available

We are ready to offer you quality adtech platforms with easy-to-use marketing tools.

5+ Years of Adtech Experience

We are experts in the ever-changing digital marketing industry.


Expert-Level Engineering Team for Your AdTech Project

Qulix proudly offers you services to be delivered by our top-level ad tech team. Our specialists have years of experience in creating ad software solutions, so we do know how to target the relevant audience and push your business forward.

Team Structure

Depending on the client s project needs and requirements, the team structure may be altered or extended with such professionals as data engineers, data science engineers, QA engineers, UI/UX designers, DevOps engineers, business analysts, etc.

Why Choose Our Adtech Team

All the team members have worked together on a number of projects, including adtech projects. The team applies well-established processes and can surely be categorized as a well-knit tactical unit.


Our team can join your project development as a proper delivery unit or serve as a key element for further scaling.

Meet Our Team


React Developer

Level → Regular

Tech stack

  • ReactJS, webpack, Enzyme, Redux, JavaScript/TypeScript, CSS, HTML and front-end languages, Mocha, Jest


Experience in front-end production development. Good knowledge of JavaScript/TypeScript, React, Nest.js, HTML/HTML5, CSS, SASS.


Java Developer

Level → Regular

Tech stack

  • Java, Java SE, Spring Framework, SQL, AWS, CI (GitLab), MySQL, Apache Kafka


An easy learner, hard-working. Capable of working under time pressure and stress conditions. A committed team player with high self-motivation.

Get a detailed team profile with the tech stack and adtech experience of each specialist.


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