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We develop custom mobile apps for Google Play, App Store, Huawei AppGallery, and internal deployment. So if you are looking for mobile application development services, we may be your perfect choice.

Experts in Building Mobile Ecosystems

Our mobile app developers know the related specifics and create solutions for:





We have production-proven development solutions and many reusable assets to avoid pitfalls of the mobile app development process and achieve business goals faster. With our expertise in rendering services, mobile development becomes much easier. No need to reinvent the wheel.


We deal with mobile application development.


Also, we know how to approach the full cycle mobile implementation with back-end development, API design, and integration of third-party data sources.

Tell us about your iOS/Android app, its design, and how it should interact with the back end and other systems.

Cooperation Models

Hire mobile app developers for team augmentation

For example, you need 4 mobile engineers to join your onsite technical staff and work on your mobile solution part-time or full-time.

Hire a dedicated app development team (Team-as-a-Service)

In addition to mobile software developers, it may include a UI/UX designer, a system analyst, quality assurance engineers, back-end developers, and DevOps specialists.

Develop a mobile app on a turnkey basis (fixed cost) and get a quote

If you want high-quality mobile app development services, they require a lot of analytical data and a full understanding of the integration types needed for both web and mobile apps. Otherwise, it may lead to underestimated or overestimated quotes due to undefined risks.

Ask for resumes of our technical specialists to consider their expertise.


Dmitry Yankovich

Head of Mobile Cluster

“To develop mobile apps, multiple technologies are used. We will help you find those which will match your project needs the best.”

What Our IT Company Can Do for You

Our mobile app development services include:

Android App Development

End-to-end Android development or development takeover to build a product with the best user experience for smartphones, wearables, in-car systems, and connected devices. We undertake the task of application development in full: from prototypes to working mobile applications published on Google Play, Huawei App Gallery, or deployed internally.

iOS App Development

We develop iOS solutions from scratch or can deal only with specific tasks, such as UI/UX, adding new features, or app support. Our app developers create the required infrastructure, build the app's business logic, develop the back end, provide integration, etc. We have enough resources and capacities to provide a full software development lifecycle, including UI design, UX design, QA, and business analysis.

Hybrid and Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Services

Depending on your budget and business goals, we develop hybrid and сross-platform mobile applications and consider all possible pros and cons of each approach. The hybrid tech stack decreases costs and improves time-to-market due to the common back-end code base for iOS and Android. It is great for simpler apps with just a few basic functions. We recommend cross-platform development when customers need to develop a highly functional app both for Android and iOS but have a limited budget for the development of native apps.

Back-End Development for Mobile Application Services

We deal with multiple back-end technologies and integration types and can advise you on the mobile technology that would suit you best at its initial stage.

Mobile App Development Takeover

You can ask us to take over the existing mobile app development process halfway to implement cutting edge features, fix defects, and deal with application support.

Mobile App Development from Scratch

Share your vision with us, and we will be more than happy to render you our full-cycle development services, including business analysis, project management, UI/UX design, etc.

Mobile App Test Automation

Our mobile testers provide regression testing and UAT on hundreds of physical mobile phones and tablets. We write test automation scripts to speed up mobile testing of the solution and increase its coverage.

iOS and Android Apps for a Multimedia Giant

iOS and Android Apps for a Multimedia Giant

An iOS and Android application development project for iHeartRadio, a multimedia service for all-in-one radio, music, and podcast streaming. From scratch till a stunning performance.

Mobile App Development: Industries and Categories

We have accumulated experience and technical assets for various types of solutions. At the same time, excellent expertise in certain domains helps us speed up and facilitate implementation and rollout processes, and build different digital (mobile, web) channels. Below are the industries where we provide value-added services and IT consulting for mobile application development.

Mobile Banking Apps

Decades of experience with large and medium-size award-winning banks helped us become experts in financial app development. The industry has a wide range of specific requirements, like PCI DSS/PA DSS compliance, NFC payments, certain caching strategies, security, big data, and more.

Multimedia/Entertainment Apps

We have created a lot of mobile apps, which involve media streaming (music or video), use various codecs, require a lot of optimization for fast performance, smooth user experience, offline & online content storage, etc.

Workforce Automation Apps

This area of expertise is related to the automation of certain business processes in a mobile solution (for example, document management, delivery services, logistics).

Booking Apps

Our employees know how to build top-notch booking platforms from scratch and to optimize their work, add new features, ensure seamless UX, and effective interaction with the user.

These are just a few examples — we also develop for e-commerce, telecommunications, insurance, healthcare, etc.

Contact us to discuss your project and get estimates.

Technical Expertise

Android Apps

Kotlin, Android Java, Android SDK, Android Studio, Gradle, Jenkins (CICD), Retrofit, Picasso, Room, Realm DB, Google Play, Crashlytics, Facebook SDK, Social Network SDKs, Zendesk

Android Auto, AppLink, Chromecast SDK, Google AdMob, Travis CI, Fabric, Firebase, Zeplin, BitBucket, Git, BugSee, OkHttp, Dagger, Mopub SDK, RxJava, Butterknife, ReactNative, jUnit, Mockito, Espresso, Robolectric, Google ARcore

iOS Apps

Swift, Objective-C, Bash, SQL

Travis/Jenkins/Bitrise CIs, Git, JIRA, iTunes Connect, XCode Developer Tools, Cocoapods, Carthage, Firebase, Alamofire, SpriteKit, Social Network SDKs (like Instagram, Facebook, etc.), AVFoundation/AudioToolbox, CoreLocation, CoreData, SiriKit, Typhoon+Swinject, RxSwift, Realm, MVVM, VIPER, DDUI (data-driven UI), Push Notifications, IAP, AR, Apple Pay, Sourcery/GraphQL

Hybrid and Cross-Platform App Development

Xamarin, React Native, Cordova, Ionic, Flutter

Mobile App Development: Native, Hybrid and Cross-Platform

There are 3 ways to develop a mobile app: to use native, hybrid, or cross-platform app development technologies.

To choose the appropriate option, product owners evaluate budget and priorities, consider the app type and its requirements.

Mobile App Development

Development for Wearables

Apps for Car Head

Hybrid and Cross-Platform Apps development

Xamarin App Development

React Native App Development

Cordova App Development

We are experts in selecting the right mobile technology for the development of a mobile application. At the same time, we are flexible enough to meet specific customer requirements.

Let’s figure out which approach and framework are best for your solution and how to assemble a team for its implementation.

Additional Skills

Here are technologies we can also focus on for top-notch mobile app development:


Reality (AR)

Learning (ML)

Mobile Business Intelligence (Mobile BI)


Igor Sheverov

Chief Technical Officer, Partner

Hybrid vs. Cross-Platform Development. Check what our experts say

With all multitudes of mobile application development tools and technologies currently available, it is of vital importance to make a wise choice. We see clearly when you can apply the hybrid approach and when it is best to resort to cross-platform development. Contact our expert for more details and we’ll be glad to offer you a preliminary consultation.

Our Teams

There are more than 40 mobile developers available for you. We will eagerly help you choose the right ones for your mobile project and assist in selecting the best tech stack for your mobile app to be developed and delivered in the most efficient way.

No need for individual staffing. We have already assembled, balanced, and focused engineering teams ready for onboarding.

At least 2 projects in
common for every team member

Service Team (Micro-team) – group of engineers who already worked together and know how to do certain task/project.Service Team (Micro-team) – group of engineers who already worked together and know how to do certain task/project.

Established team process — task management, quality control, delivery of results, and so on

Ky-ky, я дропдаун

Team specialization and focus on certain task types

Ky-ky, я дропдаун

Existing business expertise for certain domains

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Service Team Structure

Service Team (Microteam) is a group of engineers who have already worked together and know how to do certain tasks/projects.

Examples: mobile app team, back-end team, front-end app team, microservice/feature team, and so on.

And for bigger projects, we create project teams based on a set of microteams, thus making the entire staffing process easily scalable.

QA, UX, DevOps, and other resources may be part of a microteam or may work as a separate team depending on the project staffing requirements.

We may send you a couple of available team profiles within 3 business hours from your request time.


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