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Oct 13, 2021 7 min

4 Great and Powerful Debugging Techniques in 2021

The early computer programmers in the 1940s believed that programming would be a straightforward process: hard thinking, writing a program, and nothing else. The reality was revealed to them just several years later. In June 1949, the creator of the first stored-program computer EDSAC, Maurice Wilkes, could not have his code run due to 20…

Oct 8, 2021 8 min

Staff Augmentation vs Managed Services: What’s the Difference?

Staff augmentation vs managed services: what approach should choose the company that is aimed at successfully developing its business, meeting customer requirements, and withstanding high competition in the market? To deal effectively with all of these issues, you need experienced and skilled employees focused on their roles and responsibilities. However, it’s not easy to find…

Oct 5, 2021 7 min

Application Support Models: Our Building Guide

Why is Starbucks so popular? What has turned a small coffee retailer into a world-known brand? Was it because of the innovative La Marzocco Linea Machine or extra-quality Arabica beans grown at higher altitudes? Those factors were important, but the core idea of the brand was the special care and support of their customers. What do…

Aug 23, 2021 8 min

Bulletproof Programming Outsourcing: The Ultimate Guide 2021

Back in 1989, managers of Eastman Kodak Co. made a pivotal decision to cut down their internal IT expenses. They signed a contract with IBM Corp. and delegated it to create a new data center. Since that remarkable date, programming outsourcing has become a norm in practically every sphere of business. Moreover, the new reality…

Aug 16, 2021 7 min

IT Staffing Essentials

Development and transformation processes of current businesses face the growing demand for applying new advanced IT staffing services to hire professionals for modern digitalized markets. Whether they’re tech giants or tiny local companies — it’s impossible to follow changing market trends and fit into a new economic paradigm without specialists in different IT fields. Let’s…