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Aug 11, 2022 7 min

What Is CTO-as-a-Service and Is It Worth Trying?

Ever reached a deadlock when creating a digital product and couldn’t break it? Or maybe, inspired by the tremendous success of unicorns, you dreamed of launching your own startup and didn’t know how to get started? In both cases, CTO-as-a-service would become a lifesaver. Don’t know what it is? Well, below you’ll find the ultimate…

Jul 22, 2022 10 min

How Much Does CRM Software Development Cost in 2022?

As any business expands, eventually there occurs the need for tools that would help to efficiently manage the growing number of customers and to provide a more personalized experience to them. Customer relationship management (CRM) software is exactly such a tool. As each business is unique in nature, ready-made SaaS solutions provided by the industry…

Jul 21, 2022 9 min

Introducing 15+ Top Data Management Platforms for 2022

Data is the living force of modern businesses as we produce an overwhelming amount of it every day. No wonder effective solutions for data management are all the rage. According to Built With, more than 37 thousand among the Best 1 Million Sites are using top data management platforms in July 2022. With such platforms, businesses…

Jul 20, 2022 9 min

Gamification: Fintech Companies Play with Clients

Every business strives to popularize its products and services and attract as many customers as possible using various tools. For example, gamification is one of these instruments that is widely used in many areas today, including the banking industry, stock market, e-commerce, education, healthcare, insurance, and others. In this article, we’ll tell you how financial companies…

Jul 19, 2022 7 min

Predictive Analytics in Finance: The Ultimate Guide 2022

Today, we collect more data than ever. Clients are generating data with every interaction they have with your company. With the right technology, such as predictive analytics, we can now leverage that information to foresee what to expect in the future. Surely, every industry can benefit from it, but let’s focus on predictive analytics in finance….