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Unlock your full potential with our software development company. Enjoy the vibe, creativity, and innovative approach of our technology experts. Come and see from the inside what makes us special!


Qulix at a Glance

We are an international software developer, a QA expert, and an established IT consultant with several European offices. Our teams have delivered impactful solutions to 200+ clients worldwide and let millions of users enjoy the stable performance of our products. Fintech, Adtech, AI, ML, Edtech, Banking, Insurance, Automotive, Entertainment — you name it! We've covered it all.

Learn more about our history, values, leaders, and tech stack at the About Us page.

What We Offer

We know how to make your days brighter and eventful and have fun along the way. Check these reasons why joining Qulix Team is always a good idea.

Competitive Salary

Benefit from our performance-based renumeration strategy and feel at ease with the figures on your paycheck.

Comfortable Office Space

We want you to feel at home and offer you a welcoming office space with fully equipped kitchens, fruit, snacks, coffee, and more.

Strong Mentorship Program

Newbies are welcome! Your mentor will lead you through the onboarding process and help you grow as a specialist.

Paid Professional Courses

Master your skills and get full or partial compensation of the courses you need professionally.

Flexible Working Hours

With us, you'll manage to have a good night's sleep, attend courses, and take care of your kids' issues.

Work from Home

You can always choose between two options — work from home or go to the office. Or you may have them combined.

Knowledge Sharing

Meetups, internal training, conferences — we share passion and knowledge, discuss ideas, and deal with challenges as a team.

Partner Discount Program

We've got many partners who offer pleasant discounts so you don't have to pay extra like others do.

Offices in Different Locations

You can find us in Poland and the United Kingdom. The choice is yours!

Friendly and Supportive Colleagues

No matter where we are located, Qulix members have a common goal, so we support each other and work together to achieve it.

CSR Projects

Help an orphanage shelter, take a dog from an animal shelter for a walk, join our eco initiatives, or do all of it at the same time.

Medical Insurance

We provide personal health coverage to make sure our employees and their close relatives feel good.

Grow with Us

Team boost and work productively when they fight for the common cause and their members feel like they belong. That's true for all of our six departments. Check them out and find the perfect match for you!

Who Works Here

Five production departments at Qulix are responsible for software development and testing, while the sixth one (comprising five separate administrative subdivisions) takes care of internal and external tasks related to the company's proper functioning. Waste no time and find your front-runner.

Java Solutions

Development of complex software and web/mobile applications

Mobile Solutions

Development of mobile applications

QA Services

Independent manual and automated software testing


Custom development of complex high-load systems

R&D and

Hardware and software development


HR, IT, Sales&Marketing, Office Managers, Lawyers, Accountants

We Are Hiring!

Our teams are always expanding, both geographically and professionally, and we are constantly looking for new members to join us. Feel free to send in your CV, and if your qualifications fit our requirements, we will contact you in no time.

For more info about open positions, please visit our dedicated page.

Our Offices


Braniborska 40,

Phone: +48 571 945 552


Oakwood, Dunstan Lane,
Burton, Neston,
Cheshire, CH64 8TQ

Phone: +44 151 528 8015


130 Mustakillik Avenue
Mirzo-Ulugbek District
Tashkent, 100077

Phone: +44 781 135 1374