Reach New Heights with Our Legacy Software Modernization Services

Seamless API

Target a wider audience and boost the loyalty of app users by empowering the existing functionality of your product with new features and integrations. Don't know where to start? Turn to our tech-savvy software engineers and learn how to integrate external systems into a legacy application without operational downtime and overpayment.

App Modernization

Feeling that certain components of your app have gone out of date and need enhancement, and don't know how to eliminate this technical debt? Take advantage of our application modernization services and get a free expert consultation. Our dedicated specialists will thoroughly analyze the source code and help you define the right solution.

Custom Software

Reenter the game and highlight the digital presence by enriching your legacy applications with cutting-edge technologies. Our specialists have dozens of successful transformation projects and vast accumulated experience under their belt. Don't hesitate to turn to us and get a modernized solution that will ensure your business continuity.

App Type Transformation

One of the legacy app modernization options is a timely change of its type. For example, by transferring a web application to a mobile environment, not only can you reach more users but also enhance business agility and boost revenue streams. As a trustworthy legacy modernization partner, we are ready to hop on such a challenge and show you the shortest digital transformation route.

Migration to Microservices

Split cumbersome monolithic components and simplify the deployment process with a robust microservices approach. This investment is always worth making, as it quickly pays off and brings such important benefits as accelerated time-to-market, improved performance & security, greater flexibility, and team efficiency. Still in doubt? Let us join your project and prove it in action.

Data Modernization

A database is a mission-critical software pillar, which makes its transformation an integral part of an application modernization strategy. By migrating a legacy database to the latest version, our expert team can boost the security and scalability of your app, as well as ensure its agility and compatibility.

AI/ML Integration

Say goodbye to dead-alive repetitive tasks and innovate your legacy app with the game-changing power of artificial intelligence. Analyze your product using our special checklist, define the functionality that requires automation, and avoid extra costs by integrating algorithms where they are really needed at the moment.

Legacy to Cloud Migration

Tired of scalability issues and infrastructure maintenance? Switch to a cloud architecture. Cloud migration is a truly wise, cost-effective step, if autoscaling and backup processes are set up right. We have years of hands-on experience with cloud infrastructure and can easily align your legacy application with current business goals.

Ellipse 51

Alexander Bas

Senior DevOps Engineer

“Legacy software modernization is a challenging yet worthwhile process that requires significant investments and competent specialists. Still, with a trustworthy service provider and a properly elaborated transformation strategy, this tricky adventure turns into a valuable experience.

For over a decade, we've been working on complex, large-scale projects, re-engineering and revitalizing even the most neglected cases. Our tech stack encompasses best-in-breed tools, while our development approach eliminates interdepartmental silos and enforces automation. This allows us to stay competitive and deliver high-end solutions.”

Why Partner with Our Legacy Software Modernization Company

Custom-Tailored Approach

We value our clients and do the utmost to ensure timely product delivery. Our dedicated teams are always ready to adjust the schedule to the required time zone and bring the solution aligned with the client's vision. We offer hourly/weekly/monthly-based payment options, as well as fixed-cost projects so that everyone can select an optimal cooperation model.

Diverse Talent Pool

An effective hiring process is our competitive edge that allows us to create a rich talent pool capable to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. We carefully handpick each specialist, considering both technical knowledge and interpersonal skills, to build fully-fledged teams ready for any challenge.

Latest Methodologies

Properly compiled teams and cutting-edge tools make up only half of success. The ability to effectively organize a workflow, uniting these two project pillars, is what ensures an excellent outcome. We understand that and leverage solution-based Agile methodologies to streamline development processes.

Strong Cybersecurity

When taking on a new project, we always put security first. By keeping a close eye on a code base and assessing software functionality & performance with trusted methods, we timely detect threats, fix bugs, enhance security systems, and deliver technically-sound solutions ready to enter the market.



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Technology Stack We Employ

Database Maintenance

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • MongoDB

CI/CD Tools

  • Jenkins
  • CircleCI 
  • GitLab
  • Docker
  • ArgoCD
  • Bamboo
  • Ansible
  • Puppet
  • Terraform
  • Kubernetes
  • Openshift

Configuration Management

  • Ansible (Red Hat)
  • Chef
  • Puppet
  • Terraform

Cloud Technologies

  • AWS
  • IBM Cloud
  • GCP
  • Azure


  • Python
  • TensorFlow
  • Apache AirFlow
  • Keras
  • scikit-learn
  • PyTorch
  • Shogan
  • RapidMiner

API Gateways

  • Ocelot
  • Tyk
  • Nginx
  • AWS API Gateway
  • Azure API Management
  • GCP API Gateway

Digital Transformation Journey We Offer

  1. Project Discovery
    First, we analyze your requirements and the initial state of the software and reveal all possible solutions. Then, you choose the option that matches your business strategy and financial capabilities, and our engineers get down to work.

  2. Strategic Planning
    This stage is dedicated to project roadmap elaboration. Our specialists rethink the architecture & business logic, and define the tech stack and software integration strategies, if necessary.

  3. Software Enhancement
    Once the plan is clear, we roll up our sleeves and pool the efforts around product re-architecting. Step by step, our specialists carefully build a new system with security in mind.

  4. Deployment
    After multiple tests and bug fixes, we finally deploy the upgraded product, gather feedback, and keep the software compliant with the latest trends and user expectations.

Answers You've Been Looking For

What does legacy software do?

Poor scalability potential and outdated software components increase the vulnerability of legacy systems and slow down their performance. As a result, certain business processes get complicated and infrastructure costs spiral up.

What is legacy application modernization?

Legacy modernization services revitalize outdated apps that lack support, have an obsolete tech stack or unorganized source code, hardly adapt to modern technology, and therefore, impede business growth. By taking advantage of such services on time, not only do you get a future-proof application but also save formidable resources.

What is legacy system modernization?

If your software has outdated components and still runs but does not comply with the latest requirements, it's time to make use of legacy system modernization services. In this way, you may boost system performance, enhance data consistency, and eliminate security breaches by migrating the product to cutting-edge technologies.

What is an example of legacy modernization?

Product transformation that involves migration of its components to modern technologies, microservices architecture, or a cloud is an example of software modernization.

What are the examples of legacy software?

Windows 7 or 8, Adobe Flash, and IBM mainframe systems are examples of legacy solutions.


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