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Microservice Architecture in Digital Banking: A Fair Assessment

Jan 12, 2021 watch 7 min
digital micro services

Creating a more responsive and sensitive customer experience — that is exactly what the present-day digital banking industry is striving for. Obsessed with the idea of delivering new digital services at an unprecedented speed and scale, many banks were quick to say good-bye to the ‘monolithic’ IT environments, and say hello to the brand-new microservice…

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Banking Domain Testing: What Is It and How to Do It Right?

Dec 24, 2020 watch 7 min
test cases for banking application

Banking applications operate with customer funds and sensitive personal data, so no wonder that the testing approach, in this case, is completely different from regular software testing practices. Poorly and incompletely performed testing leads to serious incidents (such as unauthorized transactions, app operation errors, data breaches, and a high bounce rate) that a financial service…

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RPA in Banking: Best Use Cases That You Can Apply Today

Dec 4, 2020 watch 6 min
rpa use cases in banking

As SSON Analytics states banking is one of the leading industries actively focused on software robot implementation to improve business results and customer service standards. Given that the cost of human error in banking and financial services can be extremely high, creating intelligent bots definitely seems a smart decision. Today we’re going to describe some…

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Fintech Trends: What is Going to Change the Future of the Industry

Nov 26, 2020 watch 6 min
fintech trends

Fintech has already brought multiple revolutionary solutions to our daily activities. At the same time, the industry players are not going to stop there – growth prospects for the market are immense. This time, we will reveal some of the hottest fintech trends so that you have a clear picture of how exactly this rapidly…

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Inspired by Microservices: Micro Frontend in Digital Banking

Nov 13, 2020 watch 6 min

With the rise in popularity of digital banking, usability issues have become extremely relevant for banks. To ensure maximum engagement from customers, mobile apps, and online front ends should be modified and improved all the time. To be able to constantly deliver modern online experiences banks divide backend systems into microservices. The idea extends to…

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