HRM Approach

Revenues result from successful projects, successful projects result from competent teams. That’s why our people is our top priority.

Retention Strategy

We address staff development and retention issues by adhering to corporate Staff Retention Processes and Procedures and Internal HR Practices. Thus, we achieve low staff turnover and build and maintain meaningful relationships among all our people.

94% ~ Retention rate for 2017–2020.

We achieve low staff turnover due to:

Employee benefits

Language and professional trainings

Career development program

A well-defined system of bonuses

Clear mentoring processes

Internal HR practices

Additionally, to boost professional development and encourage personal growth, we

Arrange internal workshops from our seniors

Make our corporate knowledge base accessible to all our talents

Compensate our
employees for any
relevant training costs

Training and Competencies

At Qulix, we distinguish between 4 qualification grades of our talents. See their general certifications and competencies.


1–3 yrs

BSc (Tech)

Tech skills

Strong detail-oriented technical capabilities, work under the supervision of Senior Engineers or Managers

Communication skills

Ability to communicate in a professional manner, address the topic in a way any stakeholder can understand


3–6 yrs

BSc (Tech)

professional training

Tech skills

Capabilities to solve difficult technical issues and work independently

Communication skills

Strong interpersonal skills (negotiation and conflict management)


5+ yrs

BSc (Tech), professional

training (management

or specialized technical


Tech skills

Very strong technical engineering and SW architecture design skills

Communication skills

Capabilities to effectively communicate with a large group of project stakeholders and balance their needs 

Manager/Software Architect

6+ yrs

BSc (Tech), professional

training on Project

Management, Agile

workshops, etc.

Tech skills

Strong technical skills, focus on keeping up with technology trends and team leadership

Communication skills

Strong communication skills and emotional intelligence, capabilities to manage conflicts and keep team morale in challenging and stressful projects

Depending on the upcoming projects and market demands, we develop individual training plans for our employees.

Internal Knowledge/Best Practices Sharing

Internal corporate training for knowledge sharing, professional discussions, and problem-solving.

External Training

Certifications (e.g. SAFe, Agile, Microsoft, AWS, etc.), external training, and workshops from industry leaders

Onboarding Process

Let's Get to Know
Each Other

The project manager/supervisor introduces an engineer to his/her team, project, and work scope. During 3 months an assigned mentor reviews and comments on work results, provides the required training, and information.

Brief with a Supervisor/Mentor

After 3 months the employee has a meeting with the supervisor or the mentor during which both sides discuss the results, exchange feedbacks regarding the job duties, attitude, and challenges.

Onboarding Meeting with an HR Specialist

During an onboarding meeting with an HR manager, an engineer can specify the details of the company's processes, contact points and gets answers to FAQ.

Team Upscaling

Qulix applies two schemes of project team upscaling, if necessary.

Internal Screening/Interviewing

(a candidate from our internal talent pool)

Pros: HR specialists and Project Managers know well the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate, his/her technical + interpersonal skills.

Cons: It may take a while for the candidate to get done with his/her tasks.

Extra: In case you need specific skills that our talents don’t have, we arrange targeted training for them. Get access to our CVs, conduct interviews, and approve the candidates for your team.

Project-Specific Recruiting

(recruiting from the IT job market)

Pros: The engineers match the client’s requirements and are quickly available for the project.

Cons: Requires onboarding + supervision + extra attention to quality and attitude.

Extra: The candidate goes through two rounds of interviews: the 1st round with the Qulix HR manager and the 2nd round with the client after the 3-month trial period successfully passes.