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Jan 2, 2023 6 min

7 Top Web Development Companies in the USA: 2023 Edition

In September 2014, Tim Berners-Lee tweeted that the number of websites had reached the milestone of 1 billion. This impressive World Wide Web success has almost doubled so far, with top web development companies in the USA contributing a lot to this achievement. They’ve given us plenty of well-known web services like Google, YouTube, and…

microservices docker
Jan 2, 2023 9 min

Advantages of Using Docker for Microservices in 2023

Microservices bring many benefits to the project, but ooooh! tricky they are, those microthings! Here is when Docker will be of great use for you. As the leading containerization platform globally, it helps you a great deal when it comes to microservice-based architecture. So what are the real advantages of embracing the Docker philosophy and letting…

Jan 2, 2023 7 min

How to Build a Customer Data Platform for Cheap

Do you know how many people there are online? As things stand now, 6 out of 10 people worldwide have access to the internet. What an impressive audience, huh? It would be insane to miss this advantage to extend your reach for your business. So, the correct answer to the challenge “how to build a…

Jan 2, 2023 11 min

Payment Ecosystem 2023 Explained: Current Overview

In the year 2023, we value simple pleasures, like eating out or visiting a football match, much more devotedly than we used to. Our behaviors have changed greatly. Within a period of just a year, we have witnessed a great shift in the payment habits of the whole world. Such innovations in the payment ecosystem…

golang and node
Jan 2, 2023 9 min

Golang vs Node.JS in 2023

NodeJS vs Golang? What a pretty controversial comparison that is, don’t you think so? These two beasts are two different development tools. They belong to different classes of technology — a runtime environment and a programming language, respectively. But people on the Internet keep asking “What’s the difference?”. And we are no exception. So, this…