Cloud App Development

Opt for scalability, high performance, and low costs of cloud application development, and our team will help you achieve that using only the best practices of the industry.


What Our IT Company Can Do for You

We can provide you the following cloud-based application development services:

Testing of Cloud-Based Applications

Like any on-premises system, a cloud application needs to be checked. Qulix testing and QA services in the domain of cloud application development ensure total control over the operation, data security, and third party dependencies of your cloud applications.

Cloud Consulting and Strategy Planning

Get a bird's eye view of your system after a thorough analysis of your in-house capacities. See how cloud development can help you tackle your existing on-premises bottlenecks, and how to approach cloud migration safely while saving time and resources. Pick the right cloud services for your business and apply our insights on how to utilize them to build the most efficient cloud applications based on success stories from our developers.

Custom Cloud Application Development

Qulix has a strong grasp of modern-day cloud application development technologies and knows that cloud software is the future. We provide a vast array of cloud-related services for our business clients so that they are able to take advantage of these innovative tools right now. Enjoy smooth and fast application delivery using top-notch cloud-native techs.

Our team can provide cloud application development services at any cloud platform of your choice, while our own favorites are such industry leaders as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Among our cloud services are custom cloud application delivery, testing of cloud applications, Software as a service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) development, and more. Our team can undertake 100% of tasks and stages or take over your cloud application project to add new functionality, fix defects, migrate to a new cloud platform, or reduce technical debt.

Cloud Migration

We’ll help you safely move your every asset to the cloud. No matter what you choose — a private, public, or hybrid cloud option, refactoring or replatforming — we guarantee an impressive added value for your business and outstanding performance of your cloud apps.

Cloud-Based Integration

We use cloud resources to integrate your in-house systems with external SaaS solutions and make sure you've got a highly affordable and reliable architecture. Our cloud-based integration services may include custom development of brokers and integration adapters for data interchange across heterogeneous systems, monitoring, configuration management, and tuning.

SaaS Development

Use our cloud application development expertise and command of top-class technologies to design an impressive cloud-based application. Give your users an easily scalable, high performing product, where each detail is carefully considered: from envisioning, to development, to subscription and post-production maintenance.

IaaS Development

Tired of managing hardware, physical servers, storage capacities, and data centers? Hire our team to build a reliable cloud computing infrastructure, easily provisioned, and managed. With us, you’ll enjoy the cost-efficiency and customization capabilities of the IaaS approach.


Igor Sheverov

Chief Technical Officer, Partner

Multicloud Challenges and How to Surpass Them

“Multicloud allows playing with various services from various providers. However, writing a healthy code that will unite particular services from even two competing cloud providers to manage your portfolio can be a tough thing.”

Technical Expertise

We are mostly focused on the following clouds where we keep and develop very deep engineering expertise.


In terms of technologies, we have a vast set of options. It could be Node.js, Python, Java, C#, Scala, and some other languages.

AWS-Based Financial Application for Portfolio Management

AWS-Based Financial Application for Portfolio Management

A complex application boasting multiple valuable integrations for accurate forecasts of the future dynamics of asset portfolios. 300+ types of statistics and measurements.

Added Values

Why do we implement cloud development better than other companies? Because our vast talent pool boasts multiple rare or unique competencies that significantly facilitate cloud application development, deployment, and support. See below for the details.


of Microservices

Our developers have an excellent command of microservices, so you can enjoy the flexibility, maintainability, and autonomy of components in the cloud to the fullest extent.


of Architecture

We are experienced architects of complex large-scale projects. We know how to take the most advantage of VMs, containerization, microservices, etc. to deliver a fault-tolerant and clear project.



Qulix implements cutting-edge DevOps practices in its teams, thus ensuring ultimate automation, more frequent deployments, faster time to market, and lower failure rates for its clients.


Security Standards

We are ISO 27001 compliant. Additionally, Qulix ensures rigorous hardware/software and physical security on its premises. With these measures in place, the system that we build for you will be thoroughly protected both in the cloud and on the ground.


Pavel Yaroshik

Solution Architect

“It is a common option to locate the back end in the cloud. Our rich expertise allows us to deliver high-quality distributed systems embracing the best cloud technologies for our clients. We'll choose an optimum work model corresponding to your business needs. Make the best use of scalability and performance from top cloud vendors.”

Things You Need to Know About Cloud Computing

What makes cloud computing services so efficient?

Regardless of the provider, we guarantee that you'll be impressed by the efficiency typical of cloud application development. Quick service deployment, 100% availability, pay-as-you-go model.

Is cloud app data really easily recoverable in case of data loss?

Backup and mirroring allow keeping your resources easily recoverable at any time, regardless of the geography.

Is there a risk of vendor lock-in?

With the new multi-cloud option available today, you can combine cloud services from multiple vendors to manage your cloud portfolio and secure your business from vendor lock-in.

Will I easily find the option that suits my needs and budget?

Choose from IaaS/PaaS/SaaS, a private, public, or hybrid cloud option, scale up or down anytime anywhere. Plan your budget and company growth accordingly.

Does moving to the cloud mean I will need fewer energy resources?

Cloud capacities eat up to 30% less energy than on-premises capacities.

Get to Know Our DevOps Services

Get to Know Our DevOps Services

We mastered DevOps long before it has gone mainstream. Choose us as your business partner for reliable configuration management and automation, smooth CI/CD processes, release management, and much more.


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