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Lemur sits on branch with drone remote control in its paws and is excited about drone software development.
May 11, 2023 15 min

How to Develop a Drone Control App (and Why Should You Be Interested)?

Right off the bat, a few drone software development facts for you. Statistics show that by 2025, a) the global drone revenue is expected to grow to $63.6 billion; and b) drones are likely to create over 100,000 jobs. Additionally, the U.S. can boast of more than 800,000 registered units of the said aircraft, while…

Quokkas chill on beach and help you hire dedicated Java developers.
Mar 1, 2023 8 min

Perfect Fit: How to Hire Dedicated Java Developers?

How to hire dedicated Java developers? Is there a magic spell you can cast at midnight, or perhaps, tea leaves at the bottom of a cup may direct you to LinkedIn profiles of ideal candidates?.. Unfortunately, no. Instead, we have some great pieces of advice for you! They will help you unravel the mystery of…

Two flamingo designers working on fintech UX UI web design for app, one with stylus and the other with color palette
Feb 10, 2023 11 min

Where Will Fintech UX/UI Web Design Be a Year from Now?

You won’t find the words “overdraft”, “accrued interest”, or “mortgage” on the home page in today’s banking software. Now, when you want to check your account balance, you open the app, and it greets you with a caring “Hello, Alex! How are you today?” A change like this is significant progress for traditional banks, which…

Polar bears stumble across sign that reads how to start a neobank.
Feb 7, 2023 12 min

Time to Catch Stars: How to Develop a Neobank from Scratch in 2023?

As Statista writes, in 2023, the transaction value in the neobanking segment is projected to reach $4.5 trillion, and by 2027, the number of users is expected to amount to 380 million. This information raises many questions — from “What is so special about neobanks that people leave traditional banks and rush to use them?”…

Robot dog and two common dogs sitting at airport and seeing off plane with AI Airlines written on it, illustrating use of AI in travel industry
Jan 31, 2023 9 min

AI in the Travel Industry: Benefits and Use Cases

If you open your inbox, chances are you’ll find several emails with personalized travel recommendations. Most likely, artificial intelligence compiled them (travel agents were hardly involved) based on your search queries and travel history. This is not the only application of AI in the travel industry. Smart chatbots, virtual assistants, customer service automation, and much…