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The Role of Big Data in Finance – Software Vendor’s Overview

Dec 12, 2019 watch 8 min
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Big Data is more than a buzzword. Data-driven optimization is the major objective of the financial industry, so many companies are looking for opportunities to utilize Big Data and make a great step forward to digital transformation. Big Data helps to discover competitive advantages and reveal new market opportunities. 

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Mobile Apps Meet GDPR: How To Comply?

Jun 20, 2018 watch 3 min

Due to continuing growth of the Internet and mobile app usage, we have reached a point at which we don’t really know who has an access to our personal data. Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation that took effect last month is changing how businesses and public sector organizations can handle customers’ personal data. The Regulation…

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Fraud Detection: How AI and ML help to fight criminals

May 10, 2018 watch 2 min

Fraud attacks have become much more sophisticated. To combat the risks, fraud detection solutions have to be able to react quickly. Application of AI and Machine Learning allows keeping pace with fraudsters, increasing efficiency, reducing headcount in compliance and providing better customer experience. In fact, there are various types of fraud in the financial industry. An…

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Digital Twin: How The Technology Can Make IoT Even Smarter

May 3, 2018 watch 2 min

Digital Twin was named by Gartner as one of the Top 10 strategic technology trends 2018. Digital Twin represents a virtual copy of physical objects, processes and services that can be used to create realistic simulations for IoT. The digital copy provides both the elements and the dynamics of how an IoT device operates and…

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IT Outsourcing: Key Facts

Jul 27, 2017 watch < 1 min

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