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Sep 10, 2021 9 min

iOS App Development Process in 2021: Tips and Tricks

The mobile application market has significantly grown recently. Sensor Tower revealed that consumers had already spent $41.5 billion on iOS apps in H1 2021 (up 22% compared to the same period last year). It’s a great time for every app development company to take advantage of the situation and meet customer demand. However, developing an app is…

design pattern
Feb 26, 2021 12 min

Developing in Swift: In Search for the Best iOS Design Pattern

There are about 4.4 million applications one can download from the Apple App Store, according to Statista. iOS apps are usually written in Objective-C and Swift, with the latter being one of the most rapidly growing programming languages today. However, developing apps is a tedious job, although programmers don’t have to reinvent the wheel because…