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Jul 1, 2022 8 min

Web App vs. Desktop App: What Is the Difference?

Many apps play a huge role in our everyday and business lives, allowing us to make payments, manage meetings, create and edit content, analyze data, and much more. In 2021, users downloaded 143.6 billion applications, and this is just the beginning. This figure is expected to grow to 184 billion in 2024. In spite of…

how to build react spa
Jul 1, 2022 12 min

React as a Library to Build Single-Page Applications

Good news! According to Statista, in 2021, React.js became the most widely used web framework among software developers. The survey revealed that 40.14% of respondents relied on it. React.js is a fantastic library for front-end development. No steep learning curve, user-friendly interface and great possibilities – that’s how we can quickly describe React.js. Today we…

Apr 26, 2022 7 min

Fintech Onboarding — Are You Ready for Embedded Finance?

Do you know what your next purchase of a smartphone will be like? We can foretell the process for you. You will scan the latest models and reviews and find the best offers online — who needs brick-and-mortar stores these days, right? Then you will order the phone in just a few clicks and decide…

Apr 13, 2022 6 min

7 Top Web Development Companies in the USA: 2022 Edition

In September 2014, Tim Berners-Lee tweeted that the number of websites had reached the milestone of 1 billion. This impressive World Wide Web success has almost doubled so far, with top web development companies in the USA contributing a lot to this achievement. They’ve given us plenty of well-known web services like Google, YouTube, and…

Mar 23, 2022 7 min

Our Expert Outlook of Insurance Trends for 2022

According to Amara’s Law, the effect of technology is usually overestimated in the short term, but in the long term, it is underestimated. Meanwhile, insurers are becoming more dependent on innovations and technologies for efficiency, security, and expanded capabilities. So, how can you define which insurance trends are the best for 2022? And which of…