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Jan 10, 2022 8 min

How to Build a Stock Trading Platform: Helpful Hints

The New York Stock Exchange, one of the leading stock exchanges in the world, reached an exciting equity market capitalization of over $28.4 trillion in September 2021. And the three followers in the race to success — the NASDAQ, the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and the Euronext — are very close to the champion position. So,…

Jan 10, 2022 7 min

Software Delivery in 2022: To Boost or Not to Boost?

The ability to release quality software products quickly helps a company to stay afloat and retain its competitive power. But when it comes to successful software delivery, it’s essential to keep in mind the entire development process. According to Statista, the number of software companies that managed to deliver their products on time during the…

Jan 8, 2022 9 min

13 Good Coding Practices: What to Know in 2022

Good coding practices are a set of rules that helps developers write clean code. High-quality code, in turn, ensures that applications will run smoothly and software projects will be successful. Stripe and Harris Poll did their research and found that programmers spend 13.5 hours solving technical problems and 3.8 hours fixing bad code. The researchers…

Jan 8, 2022 11 min

Choosing the Best Server-Side Language in 2022

What is the best server-side language? If you are a startup or software development company that plans to launch a project, you’ll definitely ask this question when choosing a programming language. In our article, we’ll talk about the most popular languages for backend web development and explore their strengths and weaknesses to help you decide…

Jan 7, 2022 7 min

4 Great and Powerful Debugging Techniques in 2022

The early computer programmers in the 1940s believed that programming would be a straightforward process: hard thinking, writing a program, and nothing else. The reality was revealed to them just several years later. In June 1949, the creator of the first stored-program computer EDSAC, Maurice Wilkes, could not have his code run due to 20…