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Agile: Best Agile Methodologies Explained in Plain English. Part II

Nov 15, 2019

We continue our series of fresh Agile articles. This time we’ll be talking about Kanban, another Agile methodology which helps streamline work processes and ensures high quality performance of the teams. From Japan (where actually Kanban first saw the light of the day), with love.

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Agile: Best Agile Methodologies Explained in Plain English.

Oct 29, 2019

Has Agile become a common practice for your company yet? If not, see the first from our fresh series of Agile articles to get a better understanding of the Agile methodologies and why you most definitely have to start applying them. Each article is accompanied by clear infographics, so you won’t get bored by studying…

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Financial Services Ecosystem for SME: Start With E-invoicing

Oct 25, 2019
how can banks win in the sme market e-invocing blue

More than a decade of gathering insights in the field of fintech and banking helps us to reach out to other spheres: for example, to digital financial services ecosystems. In this article, we will focus on how e-invoicing solutions can build competitive advantages in SME banking. Also, we will answer the question of why multi-banking…

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DevOps: How to Develop a True DevOps Culture in Your Company

Sep 27, 2019

What can be improved about DevOps, is open for speculation. However, this trend brought about tremendous changes to the industry even in its infant stage, without sophisticated tools available to us by now. Given this, in this article we’ll be talking about the core of the DevOps culture – the people and the mindset.

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Cloud Automation: A Better and Faster Way to Do Business

Sep 20, 2019

IT industry never ceases to evolve. From clouds, to VMs, to containers… We never know what its next move will be like, but are instinctively ready to adopt to its beneficial transformations. Or not? In this article, we’re talking about cloud automation to introduce the newbies to its perks and remind the old-schoolers of what…

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