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We offer bespoke software development services that
can turn your idea to a full-fledged business solution.

Why Is Bespoke Software Application Development Worth It?

The truth about software solutions is that their development never comes to an end. After you release a product, you have to support and maintain it, and it is not limited to bugs and customer feedback.

  • The process entails the growth of your project, expansion of your user base, and definition of new business objectives.
  • Knowing that it might happen isn't enough: you have to make sure at the dawn of your project that implementing changes and scaling the product up will be technically possible.
  • With off-the-shelf solutions that apply the “one-size-fits-all” strategy, catering to your unique business requirements will not be possible. Such flexibility and commitment to excellence are something that bespoke software development services provide.

Why Off-the-Shelf Software Might Not Work for You

The truth about software solutions is that their development never comes to an end. After you release a product, you have to support and maintain it, and it is not limited to bugs and customer feedback.


Such products are general-purpose. They contain features you
do not necessarily need and might not have required functionality. You will have to purchase more software or hire a development team to adjust the system to your needs. This will significantly add on to your expense list.


Off-the-shelf software is highly popular and affordable.
Consequently, many businesses use it. This makes it easy
for hackers to locate security breaches in code and steal
your data, leaving a spot on your reputation and a hole
in your wallet.

on third-party vendors

With commercial solutions, you depend on third-party platforms
and applications. You do not own the code, so if anything goes
wrong, or you decide to make an adjustment, the course of action and timeframe will not be up to you. The company money and customer loyalty are put at stake.

of scalability

We've mentioned this before, but off-the-shelf solutions
can cover your current business needs. They do not hold
space for rapid expansion and new implementations.

Reasons to Choose Bespoke Software Solutions

Partnering up with a bespoke software company will help you create your own brand — 
something that customers will recognize and crave. Business analysts, legal counselors, 
development team — everyone will dedicate their best effort to making your business strive.

Together, you will go through market research to find a niche you can fill, clearly shape your idea 
and unique offer to a target audience, formulate business objectives, create a thought-through 
strategy, and build a top-notch product that will grow and evolve with you.

As a result, a collaboration with a bespoke software development company 
will bring you the following benefits:

of the product

The product will be custom-made, thus, it will reflect solely your vision and contain all the features you need. You will not have to adjust your idea to the capabilities of the product: the product will be adjusted to you. To stand out in the ocean of commercial lookalikes, that is exactly what your business needs.


No two businesses are the same, and bespoke solutions really tap into the unique needs of each company. With a commercial product, you risk paying for security features that do not suit your product and will sabotage your data. But a bespoke solution built with the latest technologies will help you manage security better and get personalized insights into it.

Scalability and flexibility

With bespoke software services, you are not limited by technical capabilities of your services providers. You are free to grow your business in any direction. Also, during the software development process, you can alter functionality. Opinions change, and with bespoke software development projects, there is space for that.


With an off-the-shelf solution, you are very likely to pay for a couple of useless features, since commercial product providers utilize the all-purpose approach. However, if you go for custom software development, you will buy a product that consists of solely the features you need — nothing more, nothing less, which allows you to budget better.

Full control

Bespoke software code is your property. You can modify it as you please with no need to reach a compromise with third-party services providers. Also, when your code is written with precision by trusted developers, it is safe to make adjustments: they will not turn the whole system upside down. You become a master of your business.

Competitive edge

Unlike a generic product, a bespoke software solution is built with up-to-date technologies and tailored to your business. It has a distinct personality and key functionality like no other. You will win over the hearts of customers, get a brilliantly working app, exceptional security, and, consequently, gain a competitive advantage in the market.

What Can Our Bespoke Software Agency Do for You?

We offer such bespoke software development services as:

Why Choose Us?


We offer over half a thousand vetted, highly skilled professionals that can craft a top-notch product for your particular business. Our developers know what they're doing: after all, they've spent years helping companies in various domains worldwide to strive. Our team's excellent soft skills will make the collaboration a frictionless and positive experience.

Unique technical

We can create all kids of bespoke software solutions. Our team's skills cover the exuberant diversity of languages, frameworks, and libraries. We are particularly experienced in the financial industry (80% of our projects focus on that field), insurtech, adtech, and work with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IoT.


Unlike many companies in the market, we understand the financial intricacies of bespoke business software development and how delicate this topic is. We make sure our clients invest in projects that are going to work by utilizing the prototype approach: before a full-fledged development process, we first implement a PoC (Proof-of-Concept), and then work on an MVP (minimum viable product) scope description.

Full development

If you decide to choose us for bespoke development of your application, we can start from the very beginning, i.e., your idea, and move that mountain all the way up to its peak. Business objectives, strategy, team assembly, prototyping, product development, deployment, quality assurance, maintenance, and support — you name it, and we will deliver.

All-in-One Streaming Cross-Platform App


The business goal was to build a free,
easy-to-use app that enables rapid
customer growth and distinguishes iHeartRadio
in the market as the go-to application. The mobile
development team had to create and support
a technically complex large-scale product
for both iOS and Android in a limited timeframe.

The Price Models We Offer

Based on the type of an agreement you would like to sign, we offer two pricing models for custom development:

Fixed Price

It is based on a budget you're willing
to spend on your project. We make an
agreement specifying the tasks and
timeframe for the team. Consequently,
such an approach doesn't hold
space for project alterations.

Time and Materials

In an agreement, we set hourly rates of the dev team and confirm that our specialists will work on the tasks assigned to them by either the client side, or our own Project Manager. We send monthly invoices for the hours worked. Since there is no specification, this pricing model enables flexibility, which means you are free to alter the project as we go.

Our Process of Bespoke Business Software Development

  1. Preparation

    This stage of building bespoke software includes the business analysis part (market research, definition of key users, budget estimation, team assembly, etc.) and the technical architecture part (settling on the main functionality, tech stack, and creating an MVP scope description).

  2. Proof-of-Concept Implementation

    PoC is all about rapid prototyping: the goal of this stage is to ensure that developers can realistically implement key functionality of your product.

  3. MVP Implementation

    The goal here is to confirm whether key features of your bespoke app have the potential to attract early adopters and provide you with market reviews. If those are not good, there will be time to make necessary adjustments.

  4. Initial Release

    Here, you can submit the product for reviews on relevant websites, decide on the release plan, and gather feedback to grow the business further.

Our Technical Expertise

Our technology stack includes the following languages, frameworks, libraries, and other tools that
guarantee the success of your bespoke software development project:


C# .NET CoreASP.NET MVCASP.NET Web API ASP.NET SignalRWPFStimulReportsNHibernateEntity FrameworkUnityStructureMap


JEE Spring Boot Spring Data Spring Integration Spring SecuritySpring CloudSpring XDHibernateJSFJAASJasperReportsSwaggerGrailsiBATISVelocity


TomcatJBossGlassfishOracle ASWebLogicWebSphereRabbitMQApache CamelKafkaApache ActiveMQMSMQActivity BPMCamunda

Cloud Techs

Amazon Web Services (AWS)Microsoft Azure, Amazon SQS Azure Service BusAzure QueueAmazon RDSAmazon AuroraAzure SQL DatabaseAmazon DynamoDBAzure DocumentDBAzure Table storageAzure Blob storageAzure Redis CacheAmazon ElastiCacheAmazon CloudSearchAzure Search




Kentico OrchardnopCommerceUmbracoSitecoreLiferayAlfresco


KotlinSwiftIonicReact NativeXamarinObjective-C

Enterprise Techs


Data Techs


Oracle MySQL PostgreSQL H2 MongoDB Apache CouchDB Apache Cassandra HBase Firebase



Search techs:

SolrApache LuceneElasticsearch


ScalaPythonDjangoFlaskRQCeleryPylonsPHPDrupalYii FrameworkZend Framework


What is bespoke software development?

That is development of any kind of application for a unique purpose of a certain business.

What are the examples of bespoke software?

Amazon and eBay are classic examples of such software solutions.

What is the difference between bespoke and off-the-shelf software?

Custom-made software caters to the specific needs of a certain company, while commercial software providers apply the "one-size-fits-all" strategy.

Why would a business use bespoke software?

Going with the services of a bespoke software development agency shapes a company brand and, consequently, gives businesses a competitive advantage.

What are the advantages of bespoke software?

It helps you remain competitive and gives you uniqueness, full control over the product, scalability, flexibility, better security, and cost-efficiency.

What are the disadvantages of bespoke software?

Since such solutions are custom-made, it's their cost. However, commercial products are not cheap either: most likely, on top of an off-the-shelf program, you will have to pay for the services and applications that it does not include.

Can SaaS be bespoke?

It can definitely be bespoke. Software-as-a-Service is a cloud-based application that serves as a brilliant alternative to an on-premise or desktop solution for your company.

Even though the market is filled with great SaaS options (and you can rent them on a pay-as-you-go basis), it is best to build your own to make sure that every need of your business is met. Plus, your bespoke SaaS will be scalable and compatible with any platform. A few examples of SaaS are Netflix, Microsoft 365, Canva, and others.

Where can bespoke application software be used?

In absolutely any industry, since it is possible to build an application for any platform, of any scale and complexity.

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