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three dogs analyze software with ai testing tools while a man with aperole shpritz surprisingly look at them
Jun 14, 2023 8 min

Top AI Automation Testing Tools in 2023: Expert Overview

How many AI testing tools do you take advantage of to enhance software quality? Or do you still think that the potential of almighty artificial intelligence is limited to creating unique artwork and pieces of content? In reality, the opportunities unleashed by AI/ML have already gone far beyond Midjourney or ChatGPT and spread to the…

otters diving and swimming into a pool being having they have devops outsourcing
May 4, 2023 11 min

Dive into the World of DevOps Outsourcing: Benefits, Pros, and Cons 2023

Is going through the process of DevOps outsourcing worth it? According to a study by Atlassian in 2020, almost all (99%) of respondents reported that DevOps outsourcing had hugely beneficial results for their company. Given these numbers, it’s very safe to say that DevOps will be an advantageous venture for your business. With the assistance…

a dam with a computer, gears flying around and two beavers in construction hats knowing how to build enterprise software
Apr 21, 2023 16 min

Skyrocket to Success: How to Build an Enterprise Software Application in 2023

Knowing how to build enterprise software in today’s business industry is the key to skyrocketing to success. By 2025, the Enterprise Software Market is expected to be worth $545 million, and for many good reasons. It is able to improve the efficiency of your employees, increase revenue, and enhance your customer’s experiences. In addition, enterprise…

hippo doctor looking at a virtual screen of patient data knowing it has a hipaa compliance checklist for software development
Apr 14, 2023 13 min

Get Hip with HIPAA: a Compliance Checklist for Software Development

Have you heard about the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)? If you’re a software development company who deals with medical records, we sure hope you’ve heard of it! After all, it’s been around since 1996 working hard to protect our sensitive data from anyone who might want to mishandle or misappropriate it. In…

cat in warehouse in front of conveyor belt full of milk bottles representing you should hire a dedicated qa team
Mar 28, 2023 9 min

Your Guide to Hiring a Dedicated QA Team in 2023

When you hire a dedicated QA tester, you are getting an expert who is worth their weight in gold! In 2020, the US software testing industry was projected to have a value of $13.5 billion, and there’s a reason why it’s worth so much. Quality assurance is an overlooked secret weapon to make sure your…