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Jan 2, 2022 8 min

QA Best Practices in 2022: A Way to Success

The main purpose of any business is to prevent the release of a poor quality product. Even insignificant bugs and errors can result in huge financial losses for the project. For example, US companies lost $2.08 trillion due to poor software quality in 2020, according to the report published by the Consortium for Information &…

sdlc template 2021
Jan 1, 2022 8 min

Software Development Life Cycle Template 2022

SDLC templates have been changing with the course of history. Its modifications reflect the ongoing progress in the information technology sector. So, what does SDLC 2022 look like and how does it differ from its predecessors? Read on and find out! written by: Veronika Chizh SDLC templates have been changing with the course of history….

Nov 12, 2021 9 min

A Guide to Software Development Time Estimation. Our Tips

Many great ideas have failed due to the lack of time. “If only we had more time…” is a common regret that follows broken dreams and lost hopes. There are a lot of variables to take into account, not to mention unexpected factors and challenges. So no wonder that the exceptional talent of software development…

May 12, 2021 8 min

Quality Assurance Teams in Agile Development

In most professions, including IT, quality assurance teams are a given. Infrastructure, journalism, consumer goods — it is a common and valuable practice to quality check your end product. You avoid potential defects or errors that can damage your relations with your customer and, ultimately, impact your business. However, as the dynamics of IT have…

Apr 8, 2021 8 min

Inhouse Development vs. Outsourcing Software Development

Now and again every software development company wonders how to create a product: to use its own employees and tools or hire an outsourced team? Some businesses prefer to develop software products with the help of an in–house development team, believing that only in this case the problems will be solved quickly and efficiently. Others…