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Multicloud: Multicloud Challenges and How to Surpass Them

Dec 30, 2019
Multicloud Challenges

Cloud computing has brought a whole array of new opportunities for the IT companies worldwide as availability, performance, redundancy, etc. were taken to a higher level of quality. Furthermore, security – by far the most speculative aspect of cloud adoption – seems to be leaving the top cloud challenges list, as 85% of enterprises keep…

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DevOps Skills: What Makes a DevOps Engineer a Great Asset to Any Company

Nov 22, 2019
DevOps Skills

  While a half IT-world is on the hunt after a decent DevOps engineer, the other half is still guessing what it is and whether they need it. If you belong to the latter category, this article will be like a birthday present for you, as here we talk about what DevOps is, why we…

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Cloud Automation: A Better and Faster Way to Do Business

Sep 20, 2019
cloud automation

IT industry never ceases to evolve. From clouds, to VMs, to containers… We never know what its next move will be like, but are instinctively ready to adopt to its beneficial transformations. Or not? In this article, we’re talking about cloud automation to introduce the newbies to its perks and remind the old-schoolers of what…

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Continuous Testing: 3 Things You May Have Missed About CT

Aug 22, 2019

No matter how many efforts you apply to ensure Continuous Testing runs smoothly in your company, you may be a little disappointed by its results. What did you do wrong? Read our article to find what points you may have missed when you started applying Continuous Testing practices to your processes.

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Testing and QA: Major Impediments to Continuous Testing

Aug 6, 2019
Continuous testing

Along with Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing enters the game. The notion started spreading a good five years ago, yet today Continuous Testing is not ubiquitous. Why so? Read our article to find more about a not-so-easy transformation of the testing universe.

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