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Foxes play Uno and game is metaphor for SQL Server data masking types.
Jul 6, 2023 10 min

SQL Server Data Masking: Dynamic vs. Static in 2023

SQL Server data masking: is it absolutely necessary? Judging by the IBM report, it is. The company writes, “Reaching an all-time high, the cost of a data breach averaged USD 4.35 million in 2022.” IBM also found that 60% of breaches led companies to increase their prices. Sounds quite unpleasant and very troublesome, doesn’t it?…

A bear with a magic wand is chilling because a DevOps transformation journey that he has conjured is going well.
May 24, 2023 10 min

DevOps Transformation Journey: Ultimate Guide in 2023

If you’re here, then you are familiar with the term “DevOps transformation journey”.  We bet it has your fullest attention — and for a good reason. As Markets and Markets reports, the global DevOps market size is projected to grow at a CAGR of 19.7% to reach USD 25.5 billion by 2028 from an estimated…

a laptop with clouds and coding numbers around it. three sugar gliding around it happy to be knowing what is saas in web development
May 19, 2023 11 min

What Is SaaS in Web Development? Discover the Cloud Space

Let’s answer this burning question, what is SaaS in web development? This is a cloud-based model that made its debut in the 1990s and has been revolutionizing the software industry as we know it ever since. It has brought about significant changes in the way software is delivered and consumed, making it more accessible and…

otters diving and swimming into a pool being having they have devops outsourcing
May 4, 2023 11 min

Dive into the World of DevOps Outsourcing: Benefits, Pros, and Cons 2023

Is going through the process of DevOps outsourcing worth it? According to a study by Atlassian in 2020, almost all (99%) of respondents reported that DevOps outsourcing had hugely beneficial results for their company. Given these numbers, it’s very safe to say that DevOps will be an advantageous venture for your business. With the assistance…

squirrel climb ladder to cloud where lemur in glasses sit with laptop and try to use devops for saas applications
Apr 27, 2023 9 min

DevOps for SaaS Applications in 2023: How to Make It Work?

Planning to use DevOps for SaaS applications and don’t know how to get started? Stop panicking, as you’ve come to the right page, buddy. The DevOps approach is a real life-saver for dead-alive workflows and overloaded servers. And here, not only do we unleash its most essential concepts but also share with you expert-level insights…