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Group of cats and dogs in glasses with laptops stand behind squirrel that wear blue headband and explain how to hire dedicated devops developer
Mar 21, 2023 10 min

Why Hire a Dedicated DevOps Engineer? Expert View

Still looking for a sign to hire a dedicated DevOps developer? Stop wasting your time, buddy, and listen to our advice. Since DevOps engineers are well-versed professionals capable to bridge the gaps between siloed teams, their services are pricey. That is why, when making such decisions, trust IT consultants and reliable information sources (like this…

Lamb is busy with cloud development and surrounded by sun and rainbow.
Jan 27, 2023 11 min

Cloud Development: Your Dream Guide 2023

Cloud computing is everywhere. To translate the scale of its presence to the money language, we have numbers from the GlobeNewswire report that says, “The global cloud computing platform market size is expected to grow from USD 545.8 billion in 2022 to USD 1240.9 billion by 2027.” Seeing these impressive figures and being convinced that cloud…

microservices advantages and disadvantages
May 21, 2021 8 min

The Ultimate Truth: Microservices Advantages and Disadvantages

“Disadvantages of microservices? Seriously? Oh, c’mon! There are none.” Yet they exist. And today we’re going to tell you the whole truth about microservices. The good, the bad and the ugly, all in one article. written by: Alexander Sliborsky Head of R&D and Innovations Department, Qulix Systems “Disadvantages of microservices? Seriously? Oh, c’mon! There are…

DevOps implementation
Jan 28, 2021 9 min

6 Steps to Implement DevOps from Scratch

These days, in order to stay competitive companies, have to follow continuously changing trends and adapt to rapidly transforming consumer behaviors, wants, and needs. On top of that, products and services are expected to be developed and delivered faster and with timely marketing campaigns preceding. All that is only possible with help of a strategy…