Web App Development Services

Our company takes care of custom web application development in full — from consulting and R&D to front-end and back-end development of web-based applications, QA, and ongoing support.

What Our IT Company Can Do for You

Along with mobile tech growth, users expect a refined experience with web-based applications. At the same time, businesses can get lost in the abundance of new frameworks, web application architectures, hosting services, and approaches to custom software deployment.

Development of Custom Web Applications from Scratch

Our web application development company has full capacities in business analysis, UI/UX web design, project management, front- and back-end application development, DevOps, QA, etc. It allows us to provide your business with a high-quality web app and reduce time-to-market to its minimum.

Front-End Development

Qulix app developers know everything about new frameworks and tools to create interactive and intuitive front-end solutions and contribute to the most pleasant user experience with custom web applications.

Web Application Development Takeover

We are ready to take over the development of your existing web application: support its operation, develop new custom features, or attend to the technical debt of your web and mobile solutions. We also work with various types of web application integration and can help elaborate documents and requirements. As soon as our app developers join the process, their role is to help clients reach the required team velocity and boost it.

Our web application development company can help you select the proper technology and steps in web service development, migration, and expansion.

Back-End Development

Our application development agency knows how to implement back-end systems with complex business logic, multiple integrations, and high requirements for scalability, data security, etc.


We undertake migration to new technologies, microservices architecture, and cloud migration. Our development company analyzes the existing custom infrastructure, detects application issues, and offers top solutions for your business.

Our Teams

With our web application development services, companies have no need for individual staffing. We have already assembled, balanced, and focused engineering teams ready for onboarding and work on your website application.

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Service Team (Micro-team) – group of engineers who already worked together and know how to do certain task/project.Service Team (Micro-team) – group of engineers who already worked together and know how to do certain task/project.

Established team
process – task management, quality control, delivery of results, and so on

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Service Team Structure

Service Team (Microteam) is a group of engineers who have already worked together and know how to do certain tasks/projects.

Examples: mobile app team, back-end team, front-end app team, microservice/feature team, and so on.

And for bigger projects, we create teams based on a set of microteams thus making the whole staffing process easily scalable and optimizing the entire web application development process.

QA, UX, DevOps, and other resources may be a part of a microteam or may work as a separate unit depending on the staffing requirements.

We may send you a couple of available team profiles within 3 business hours from your request time.

Real Estate Enterprise App

Real Estate
Enterprise App

Business analysis, development, support, and maintenance of a web application for the Corcoran company. A great app with broad franchise functionality and a comprehensive data collection system.

Technical Expertise


JEE, Spring Framework (Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring Integration, Spring Security, Spring Cloud, Spring XD), Hibernate, JSF, JAAS, JasperReports, Swagger, Grails, iBATIS, Velocity


C#, .NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, ASP.NET SignalR, WPF, StimulReports, NHibernate, Entity Framework, Unity, StructureMap


Angular, React, Vue.js, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery, Kendo, Redux


Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Amazon SQS, Azure Service Bus, Azure Queue, Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Azure SQL Database, Amazon DynamoDB, Azure DocumentDB, Azure Table storage, Azure Blob storage, Amazon ElastiCache, Azure Redis Cache, Amazon CloudSearch, Azure Search


Kentico, Orchard, nopCommerce, Umbraco, Sitecore, Liferay, Alfresco


Scala, Python (Django, Flask, RQ, Celery, Pylons), PHP



 Experts in Digital Banking and Fintech Solutions

As a software development company, Qulix has been assisting in the digital transformation of top banking and financial companies since 2007. Dozens of successfully completed and ongoing projects that run on millions of PCs and mobile devices help us develop in accordance with the industry's strict requirements for data security, stability, and reliability of software solutions while focusing on delivering seamless experiences for the end-user.


Web Apps

Due to the dynamic rewriting of the web content, single-page applications (SPAs) are secure, fast, and responsive while providing an excellent user experience. Thanks to the advancements in JavaScript technology and a number of successful custom web projects, our software development company knows how to leverage the opportunities of the SPA model in web application development.


Security Audit

We consult our business clients on the best practices and trends of web app data security and offer cutting-edge technologies and services, which can be implemented in accordance with your marketing and digital strategy. Our client can select one or several methods to enhance app security and improve its value for end-users.


Web Apps

What if we could combine the flexibility of a web application with a mobile-first experience? A Progressive Web Application (PWA) allows us to create custom systems that combine the best features of web services and mobile apps (fast performance even on slow networks, push notifications, offline work, and more).

Cooperation Models

Managed Team

Our web application development company offers the TaaS model when our clients need a fully functioning team, capable to independently deliver the expected business result.

Specific roles and responsibilities of each team member create synergy and allow us to develop added-value competencies. By ordering web app development on a turnkey basis at our company, you can get a higher overall performance when compared to hiring several developers to augment the existing unit.


Team augmentation is an efficient way to scale up your web app development resources by adding only specific tech employees to your pool.

Make sure you select the right developer, QA engineer, or business analyst to fill your project gaps. Stay flexible when choosing a web app development company: expand or cut your team resources as you need and pay as you go.

Development Center

You can have your own Dedicated Development Center on the premises of our web application development company. The DDC outsourced workspace implies that a large team of architects, design and development specialists, QAs, BAs, PMs, content management specialists, etc. work for you as if they were your own remote employees.

The office works under your logo. It has separate server facilities and dedicated infrastructure.

In addition, we work with fixed-cost projects and provide an in-depth analysis of your case at the initial stage of web development.


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Feel free to get in touch with us! Use this contact form for an ASAP response.

Call us at +44 151 528 8015
E-mail us at request@qulix.com