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Complex Ecommerce Development Services We Offer

Complex Ecommerce Marketplace Development

A multifunctional marketplace is an excellent opportunity to gather all participants of a value chain (vendors, customers, buyers, sellers, logistics experts, warehouse and shipping managers, etc.) in one place and streamline their interaction. Our adept specialists can effectively build such complex ecommerce solutions from scratch and bring your most ambitious ideas to life.

B2B & B2C Online Store

Dreaming of a technically-sound and highly responsive online store that will raise your brand awareness and target wide groups of customers? You've come to the right page. We have a number of successful ecommerce projects under our belt and know how to build an easy-to-navigate online store enriched with automated price management and strong payment security.

Complex Ecommerce Mobile
App Development

The ability to reach a product or service in several clicks is what makes e-commerce businesses truly attractive to inquisitive users. The best way to ensure such a pleasant customer experience is to develop a highly-functioning app easily accessible from any mobile device. And we are happy to offer you our leading-edge mobile app development services.

UI/UX Design of Complex Ecommerce Solutions

A compelling user experience starts from the first button pressed on the login page. Colors, themes, fonts, navigation menus, and other tiny interface details do matter and contribute to the overall customer impression. We always keep this in mind while elaborating ecommerce website design concepts and can easily prove this in action.

Complex Ecommerce
Web Development

An appealing, feature-rich website is a backbone of e-commerce and a stepping stone for many undertakers. If you hunt for a trusted web development company capable to ensure a perfect starting point for your enterprise, turn to us. Our fully-fledged teams are always ready to roll up their sleeves and take on your project.

Support &

Constant innovation is one of the key success pillars. It's not enough just to build and launch an ecommerce solution. It's essential to collect customer feedback and keep your product compliant with the latest technologies to withstand tough competition. That is why, in addition to complex ecommerce development services, we also provide high-quality product maintenance and support.

Software Testing & QA

Meticulous software testing is an integral part of the development process that ensures an excellent outcome and lets product owners keep calm. As a trustworthy ecommerce service provider with over 20 years of hands-on QA and testing experience, we are ready to take responsibility for your software and boost its security and performance.

Migration Services

To gain a foothold in the competitive market and enjoy a seamless scaling process, don't forget to timely modernize your software. Not sure whether the software complies with the latest tech trends? Resort to our well-versed specialists who will help you define the necessity of migration to the cloud, microservices architecture, or other cutting-edge technologies.

Integrations & API

How many unique features can your ecommerce solution boast? Does it support several languages and multi-currency payment options? Can it provide customers with a user-friendly chatbot and unleash data-driven insights to product vendors? If you want to stand out among the competitors, brand-defining functionality is a must. And we can help you create it in the most efficient way.

SEO Optimization

Being able to ensure a digital presence that matches the expectations of your target audience is the highest reach of a successful ecommerce strategy. And it's possible to achieve it with the right set of AI-powered & big data tools and SEO techniques. Get in touch with us to reap the benefits of search engine optimization, raise your website visibility, and grow revenue.

Kickstart Your Business with Our High-End Solutions

As a well-established software development company with time-tested experience in the ecommerce field, we are happy to offer you the following solutions:

easy-to-navigate websites

EasytoNavigate Websites

easy-to-navigate websites

FullFeatured Marketplaces

easy-to-navigate websites


easy-to-navigate websites

AIDriven RTB Platforms

easy-to-navigate websites

DataEnriched Aggregators

easy-to-navigate websites

Ecommerce Stores


Alexander Arabey

Director of Business Development

"Here, at Qulix, we do understand the intricacies and pitfalls associated with e-commerce website development but never shy away from the challenge. Our highly-skilled specialists are always ready to come to your aid and create cutting-edge solutions aligned with customer preferences and your business needs."

Why Partner with Our Complex Ecommerce Development Company?

NDA-Protected Projects

When choosing our company as an ecommerce development partner, not only do you get future-focused, hacker-proof solutions but also protect the project-related data via a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Best-in-Class Tools

A robust, technically-sound ecommerce platform goes hand in hand with top-class tools. And so do our developers. Therefore, when hiring them, you tap into a diverse talent pool and automatically get access to cutting-edge technologies.

Quality-First Approach

We value our reputation and always put quality first and pay attention to details while working on projects. Our teams never hesitate to start a process all over again, if something goes wrong, and do the utmost to avoid downtime.

Rich Talent Pool

Our hiring experts carefully handpick each specialist, analyzing both the technical background and interpersonal skills of potential employees. Besides, we spend huge resources on their further education and training. This allows us to provide clients with perfectly-balanced teams.

Fair Price Tag

We offer truly client-oriented development services, easily adjustable to the goals and possibilities of each customer. Just select the level of engagement and payment plan in compliance with your budget and current business needs and enjoy a smoothly running development process.

Great Flexibility

Our teams do their best to stay on the same page with the customers. They adjust the schedule to the required time zone, carefully listen to the client's suggestions, and apply various methodologies (Agile, Scrum, Kanban, etc.) to the project until defining the perfect one.

AdTech Experience

By taking advantage of top-notch programmatic advertising platforms and OpenRTB integration, we can help you get the most out of your e‑commerce website and boost the ad selling process.

Thorough Audit

When taking over an existing project, we always meticulously audit the initial code base. This allows us to define the most relevant development strategy and avoid security breaches and data leakages.




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Our Complex E-commerce Development Toolkit

Ecommerce Platforms

Our specialists can boast a hands-on experience with such ecommerce platforms as Magento, Drupal Commerce, SAP, WooCommerce, and other open-source solutions. They do know how to turn these industry-leading technologies into a solid foundation for a digital marketing project.


Shift the burden of infrastructure and server maintenance to a thirdparty service provider and unleash the scaling potential of your software to the fullest with our skillful cloud engineers. We have dozens of successful migration cases up our sleeves and are happy to apply our expertise to your e-commerce project.


The DevOps approach is the new black in today's digital world, and we may proudly say that Qulix keeps abreast with this trend. Our development teams are enriched with top-class DevOps engineers who break down interdepartmental silos, automate deadalive operational processes, optimize configuration management, and boost the time to market.

Artificial Intelligence

We had been scrutinizing the potential of deep learning, artificial intelligence, and machine learning before these technologies became mainstream. By leveraging the power of algorithms, not only can our competent developers streamline marketing campaigns and predict customer behavior, but also enhance brand safety and get the most out of every ad strategy.

Our Customers

Ecommerce Businesses aiming to boost their digital presence

Retail Companies & Wholesalers striving to keep abreast with innovation

Ecommerce Software Providers  looking for a trusted white-label partner

Cooperation Models

To build an effective digital transformation process, pick one of our partnership models that better answers your requirements and capabilities.


With staff augmentation, you may skip the drudgery of the hiring process, even if you lack only one or two specialists. Just tell us about your development needs, and we will help you extend the team with the right expert. Moreover, after working in close collaboration with our professionals, your team will inevitably get upskilled and gain a valuable experience with the latest tools.


Team assembling is a complicated process that requires huge resources and steals away precious time. If you want to get down to the development stage without a minute wasted, hire a pre‑compiled team of our adept specialists. No red tape, no overpayment, no headache, just seamless, hassle‑free collaboration at the most tempting price.

Development Center

If you search for more close cooperation or want to avoid infrastructure sharing, take a look at dedicated development. This model presupposes that the team of our experts (designers, developers, architects, testers, BAs, PMs, content management & SEO specialists, etc.) will employ separate server facilities and dedicated infrastructure while working under your logo on the premises of our company.

We offer hourly/weekly/monthly-based payment options, as well as fixed-cost projects. Let us together discuss your business idea to find a perfect pricing model.


Complex E-commerce Development Tips

Modern & Intuitive Design

A leading‑edge ecommerce solution starts with a catchy, customer‑oriented design. That is why, when working on a complex product, we pay special attention to interfaces, making them easy to navigate and appealing.

MVP Approach

To avoid unsuccessful and pricey development iterations, we recommend e‑commerce startups to begin with a cost-effective MVP approach. A minimum viable product is the simplest version of a digital solution with basic product features sufficient for launching and offering it to early users. With an MVP, not only do you quickly test the viability of your idea but also save huge resources.

Result-Driven Attitude

Complex ecommerce development is an exciting, yet challenging process that requires a lot of time and effort. Before plunging into it, you should evaluate your abilities and get ready for possible pitfalls. Remember that a slight change of plans is an inevitable part of the development process and keep pursuing your goals, no matter what.

Complex E-commerce Development Process We Build

  1. High-Level Consultation
    An industry-leading ecommerce product starts with a breakthrough idea. Still, since sometimes even unique projects may seem unappealing to users, we always conduct market analysis before proceeding to the implementation stage. Our business analysts scrutinize the competitors, evaluate their products, and define your target audience and possible monetization strategies. After getting a clear vision of a future product, we do all the calculations.

  2. Project Requirements Analysis
    At this step, your idea of an ecommerce solution turns into a detailed plan. The developers define whether it is possible to implement all the desired features, functions, integrations, and payment gateways. Also, they select third-party service providers and optimal subscription models, as well as estimate the product's capabilities in the long run.

  3. Design & Architecture
    After that, our teams pool their efforts around design and architecture elaboration in compliance with the predefined requirements. While the UI/UX specialists pick design concepts and wireframes that will make your ecommerce website stand out among the competitors and ensure a stellar, eye-catching user experience, our engineers decide on the architecture pattern.

  4. Ecommerce Solution Development
    As soon as all the concepts are ready, our development team rolls up the sleeves and gets down to the e-commerce product creation. To streamline the process and save your resources, we stick to the MVP approach and automate all the processes that allow for automation.

  5. Software Testing
    The testing stage is a crucial one, as early users or beta testers finally get to see the preliminary product version, while testing engineers analyze its quality and security. After testing the functionality and performance of the solution, our specialists document all the results in a detailed report.

  6. Product Deployment
    Once the bugs are fixed and security mechanisms are boosted, the developers roll out the software to a wide group of users. A bit later, they collect and analyze customer feedback to define further development strategies.

  7. After-Launch Maintenance
    To stay afloat and not fall victim to hackers, it's essential to keep the product compatible with the latest technology updates. That is why, after the software launch, our teams keep a close eye on the product components and ensure timely support.

This is an estimated project roadmap. The exact workflow may vary depending on your goals and requirements.

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Valuable Insights

What is an eCommerce development company?

A complicated e-commerce development company is a technology-powered enterprise responsible for designing, creating, testing, and support of various types of digital marketing software. Armed with breakthrough tools and technologies, ecommerce development teams can build from scratch web and mobile apps, as well as online stores and marketplaces, that ensure a consistent shopping experience.

What is the most popular e-commerce company?

Among the most well-known and successful ecommerce companies, you may find Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, Allegro, and AliExpress.

How complex is e-commerce as a business industry?

Ecommerce is an all-encompassing and complicated business field, as it targets each part of the value chain. It is not just an eye-catching ecommerce site or digital sales, but also procurement, logistics, distribution, warehousing, data analytics, and much more.

What are the 4 different types of e-commerce presence?

The four major types of online ecommerce presence are:

  • Business-to-Business (B2B);
  • Consumer-to-Business (C2B);
  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C);
  • Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C).
What are the stages of e-commerce development?

Complex ecommerce development solutions are the outcome of a well-thought project strategy that involves such stages as planning, business requirements analysis, architecture and design elaboration, implementation, testing, deployment, and product maintenance.

Is building eCommerce hard?

The ecommerce website development process is worthwhile, yet challenging. It requires tech-savvy specialists with hands-on experience, as well as state-of-the-art tools. Still, with a reliable provider of ecommerce development services, the process turns into a lucrative investment.

Which is the best eCommerce development platform?

When planning the development process of future-oriented, multifunctional ecommerce websites for large and small businesses, take a closer look at such platform providers as Squarespace, Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, and

What is headless eCommerce?

Headless commerce is a relevantly new approach (the term was coined in 2013) to software architecture. It presupposes that the back-end functionality is separated from the frontend, which allows developers to edit and update the frontend without changing the backend. Shopify, Magento, Bigcommerce, and Swell are examples of headless ecommerce platforms.

What methodologies do you employ for eCommerce development?

When working on complex ecommerce solutions, we stick to the Agile approach. Instead of analyzing the entire code base, our specialists split it into small parts, test them, fix the bugs, and automatically integrate the updated pieces of code into the base. It boosts the efficiency and flexibility of the development process.

Besides, we can boast experienced DevOps engineers, who are responsible for cross-team collaboration and repetitive task automation.

What challenges does ecommerce face today?

Today's consumers are digitalized more than ever and prefer online storefronts to their brick-and-mortar counterparts. That is why, no matter how demanding and appealing the goods are, you won't get the most out of sales, unless your store is visible and easily reachable on the internet.

Severe competition is the major challenge website and marketplace owners face. Therefore, not only should you keep abreast with innovation and constantly enhance your customers' shopping experience, but also be able to stand out among the rivals. Catchy marketing slogans, multiple payment options, enhanced security, or unique user interface — are several out of many options you may employ to boost sales and gain a competitive edge.

How much does it cost to develop a complex ecommerce website?

The exact cost of ecommerce web development services depends on your project vision, the complexity of features and functions, the number of integrations and payment gateways, security mechanisms, and many other factors. On average, the ecommerce website development process takes 2–12 months and requires $100–3000 of monthly investments.

What specialists should I hire to build an ecommerce platform?

Depending on the type of desired ecommerce development services and your business goals, the team structure may vary. As a rule, the most common pool of specialists involves ecommerce web developers, UI/UX designers, QA and testing engineers, business analysts, and project managers.

Also, you may resort to the professional assistance of mobile developers, DevOps engineers, blockchain experts, content managers, and SEO specialists, if necessary.

May I turn to Qulix, if I'm not sure about my business idea?

Feel free to contact us, even if you doubt the feasibility of the project idea or consider it too complicated. We always start the development process with a thorough consultation and project evaluation. At this stage, our ecommerce developers and analysts scrutinize clients' business needs, test the idea's viability, and share valuable tips and technical expertise.


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