Smart Mobility: TOP 5 Technologies That Will Blow Your Mind

Feb 22, 2018

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The future has arrived: the science fiction transport vehicles are becoming a reality. Soon, noisy and congested cities will be a thing of the past. Here is a look at some inventions that will fundamentally change how we travel.


This transport system uses capsules that circulate at a height of about 7 meters. The capsules work with a magnetic levitation technology. It is a silent, fast, safe, and low-cost system. Each capsule is designed to carry 2 people and will reach a speed between 100 and 200 km/h. This system has been developed by the company SkyTran which is related to NASA and has access to various technologies. SkyTran aims to incorporate its transportation system worldwide, and the first lines are planned to be built in Israel, France, and India.



This intelligent transport system uses modular vehicles of autonomous conduction. The vehicles measure 2 meters and each can carry up to 10 people (6 sitting and 4 standing). They can join and separate in motion while they are travelling. Passengers can freely walk among coupled modules. It works collecting passengers when they request the transport through an app. The system has been designed by Italian engineers to optimize energy consumption and reduce traffic in cities.



This electric vehicle is designed to operate autonomously. Passengers request it by pressing a button on a touch screen before departing. The vehicle measures almost 4 meters, reaches a speed of maximum 40 km/h, and carries 4 passengers and their luggage. All vehicles are modern and have several safety systems. It has been already successfully used at Heathrow airport in London and currently being tested on streets of England in order to use them on roads.

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Drone Ehang 184

This autonomous vehicle is designed to transport passengers on short and medium distance journeys. It can reach 100 km per/hour and has autonomy of 23 minutes. It works with 8 propellers and has an electric motor. It goes to the desired destination by simply entering the address and has automatic security systems. Ehang is an eco-friendly aerial vehicle that was designed to be a 100 percent with green technology and is powered by electricity only. Its developers expect the drone to be used as an air-taxi transporting people across dense urban environments.

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The company Virgin Galactic has created the first commercial spaceline in the world. Its space plane called SpaceShipTwo is a reusable suborbital vehicle made for space tourism. It is designed to carry people up to a height of 110 km. It uses a hybrid rocket engine and reaches a speed of 4200 km/h. Some 700 people have already booked their trip to space. At the moment, this vehicle is in a test phase and the company expects to realize the first commercial flight at the end of 2018.


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