Functional Software Testing Services

If you outsource functional testing services to our quality assurance team, you can be sure every single software function is working according to the plan. We cover all browsers and all popular mobile devices and use only real physical smartphones and tablets for the best testing results.

What We Test

Mobile Applications

Our functional testing services cover iOS/Android mobile apps and web apps for mobile browsers. We ensure that all software features are available for end-users and provide a high-quality user experience in accordance with the requirements.

Web Applications

In our functional testing approach to web apps, we ensure sufficient test coverage levels and complete test reliability. Our clients can be confident in the effective deployment and stable performance of their web applications.

Desktop Applications

Our functional testing services are provided by manual testing teams and automation testing teams, which allows for maximum coverage of your desktop application. With our software testing company, you'll get your product 100% ready to work on various devices, screen resolutions, OS versions, and system configurations.

What We Can Do for You

Installation Testing

This type of functional testing services is designed to ensure that all the required components are installed, and the end-user will enjoy high-quality software.

System Testing

Our software development company carries out functional testing to evaluate the work of integrated systems.

Functional Test Automation

Our automation testers write scripts to facilitate the execution of comprehensive tests, as automated functional testing ensures better test coverage.

Manual Functionality Testing

Your application may seem to be working absolutely fine, but without quality manual functional testing, you cannot ensure that it meets all business requirements.

Manual functional testing services are intended to safeguard you from reputational losses caused by errors and bugs that can occur during human-app interaction, but not a machine-app one. That’s why we do manual exploratory functional testing using only real devices in the process.

Moreover, this type of functionality testing will show how stable the software is under stress conditions (substantially increased calculated load, resource shortage, etc.).

Choose our software development and testing company as your contractor and enjoy our best manual functional testing practices and well-proven business workflows.

Configuration Testing

Our QA team verifies the proper system performance and functionality in case of different software and hardware combinations and helps you reduce time-to-market.

Cross-Platform Testing

We use this approach in testing to verify how your software is running on various operating systems, hardware, and networks.

Localization Testing

These functional testing services identify if your software fully conforms with the language, regional, and cultural context of the target audience.

Our Approach to Functional Testing Services


Set test limits, reveal risks, select QA/testing tools.


Plan test resources, team, roles, time, test scope, etc.


Select scripts and utility tools for test data creation and processing.


Design test methodology, risk elimination strategy, test scenarios, test planning, etc.


Set up a test environment, execute and control tests, monitor and report the results.


Update tests, testing documentation, and applicable tools.

Testing Documentation

We suppose that properly created testing documentation is one of the key reasons why our clients trust us.


Ekaterina Laptyuhova

QA Manager

“An ideal cooperation model for the functional testing project is a dedicated team. In this case, the team accumulates product expertise, which significantly increases testing efficiency.”


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