Valery Tikhonovich

Chief Operating Officer

“We’ve been refining our process framework for more than a decade. Now it meets 100% of our clients' requirements in terms of quality, safety, efficiency, and manageability.”

Learn About Our Key Process Areas

Our Methodology

Our teams generally follow Agile methodologies in their projects. We choose Agile as it ensures dynamic project advancement, transparency and helps us always stay on the same page with our clients through regular meetups.

How We Guarantee Security

To guarantee the security of our own assets as well as our clients' data, we apply a comprehensive security strategy. It includes physical security, hardware security, software security, and sensitive data protection measures.

Our HRM Approach

At Qulix, talent retention is of special importance. Keeping our teams solid is among our top priorities, for we believe that great teams make all the difference. To enable this, we have developed an efficient retention strategy (employee benefits, career growth program, mentorship, and more).

How We Ensure Quality

We are ISO 9001 compliant. Our quality standards meet the stringent requirements of our corporate clients, finance clients, and international banks.

How We Work

We offer 4 cooperation models to our clients – Team-as-a-Service, Team Augmentation, Dedicated Development Center, and Fixed Cost.