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Here at Qulix, our custom software development service is about delivering first-rate results that bring business value. We serve different businesses from start ups to fortune 500 companies. We deliver software of any complexity and architectural type, across multiple business domains and technology stacks.

Optimize Marketing Expenses
Expertise in Multiple Domains
Full Software Development Lifecycle
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Custom Software Development Services - Qulix Systems
  • Enterprise-level systems
  • Complex web systems
  • Adaptive applications
  • Single page applications
  • Cross-platform solutions
  • Rich internet applications

Our services

Enterprise systems development

  • Front end banking systems
  • Document management systems
  • E-procurement systems

Web application development

  • Websites and web portals
  • e-Carts, auctions, marketplaces
  • Rich internet applications
  • Social networks

Mobile application development

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • Cross-platform (hybrid) 

Industry Expertise

For more than 16 years Qulix Systems have been delivering custom software development services across different industries. During that time, we put in a great deal of effort to learn about bottlenecks and specifics of multiple industry domains. With that knowledge in our base, we have developed an approach that empowers us to deliver innovative solutions tailored to unique needs of our clients.

Technology Focus

our approach

At Qulix we provide a 360 degree software development process covering every stage of SDLC. We adhere to custom-oriented approach to meet client`s expectations. Qulix offers absolute transparency, clear processes, mature project management and  smooth communication along the process. Our software development scheme can be easily adapted to any project requirements.

Mobile Application Testing - Approach
Mobile Application Testing - Approach

How it works

Custom solution development requires a solid technical background and a clear understanding of Client’s business goals. Customer may plan to create an enterprise-level solution, an MVP or a mobile application; but regardless of the system purpose we can break down the implementation into following stages:



Whether you want to create an application from scratch, customize an existing program or to hire IT professionals to ‘save the day’, it all starts with project requirements. They can represent  a short description of app functionality or a detailed software specification.



Once we have the basic requirements, technical specialists of Qulix Systems will do a preliminary business analysis and clarify the details on a personal meeting and/or phone calls. Communication with the Client is critical to outline the project roadmap and it’s always a bilateral process.



As soon as we have enough information, Qulix team reviews recommendations and commitments and finalizes the commercial proposal. This document explains the approach to a project delivery, the choice of technologies, software architecture, and specifies commercial terms (development services rates, total pricing, duration etc.).



It normally takes from 3 days to 1 month to put together the project team. How fast the team gets down to work depends on the Client’s requirements, technical skills, development schedules and agreements.

Custom software development process depends on the Client’s expectations from a firm, preferred methodologies and previous experience in application delivery. We are flexible to take over Customer’s preferences and also can optimize the existing methods to boost project performance.

Some words from our clients

Chris Tava

VP Software Engineering, Timehop

“I have worked with Qulix Systems since 2011. The mobile dev team provides a great service. They are my preferred off-shore IT service specialists. Qulix engineers are exceptional problem solvers. They are frequently thrown problems to solve with little to no information. Since 90% of the cost in software engineering is maintenance, Qulix has been instrumental in both: delivery quality and keeping software engineering costs stable. This is critical for startups in NYC, where the cost for talent continues to go up and up. I can recommend Qulix engineers as exceptional off-shore team members.”

Nik Wahlberg

Founder of Scandiaconsulting

“We have worked with a diverse team of developers, designers, and analysts at Quilx since 2010. The team continues to exceed our expectations with the solutions to some of our most complex business challenges. They are definitely on our speed dial for the next project.”

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