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Main Challenges of the Gaming Industry

People play to earn and spend while playing. This process is exciting and unsettling at the same time: when finances are involved, tensions are getting higher. Thus, the gaming industry presents two main challenges:


Virtual lives of gamers depend on a centralized platform: it possesses every bit of their gaming experience and has players' funds in its custody, i.e., owns every cent they earn. Such power distribution results in two threats: 1) if developers decide to shut the game down, players' assets will vanish; and 2) since centralized servers store all the money, they are a honey pot for hackers.


To buy in-game assets from a classic gaming company and/or other players, users normally spend fiat money: very few platforms support cryptocurrencies. Speed and transparency of these transactions are often an issue, and so is fraudulent behavior. There is a clear need for a safe environment where players can both trade blockchain game assets efficiently and securely and receive reliable protection for their funds when they are offline.

This is exactly why and where blockchain game dev steps forward: it offers ease, speed, and reliability in overcoming such challenges.

How Do Blockchain Games Win Players Over?

Only those who adjust to the ever-changing user demands will be able to survive and conquer the market. And blockchain game developers found just the way to deliver what gamers have been asking for. They introduced new, ingenious gaming opportunities and horizons to the audience, this way fully transforming the concept of gaming experience.

What is so appealing to users about blockchain games?


Since blockchain has a decentralized nature, no company can shut the game down, steal users' assets, or utilize their data for personal purposes. With blockchain game development, players become the true masters of both the gaming environment: they prevent the sudden change of rules, work with developers to improve the game, keep playing even if the dev team is out of the picture, pitch ideas for new in-game assets, etc. As long as blockchain networks remain online, the show
can go on.


Player ownership is recorded on a decentralized ledger. Every asset they purchase via blockchain technologies belongs to them. No authority can take it away, duplicate, counterfeit, or alter it. This prevents people from buying and selling the same goods twice and enhances the trade of in-game tokens and items between users.

The ability to explore and expand your virtual reality with the help of digital assets and a sense of complete ownership tips the players' scales to the side of saying "yes" to dapp games.

Improved User Experience

In traditional gaming, if a server is down, it'll drag a company and its players there with it: users will lose access to their money, and the company will lose their trust. But blockchain-based games don't have downtime. In addition, since the environment is safe and secure, players enjoy the process better and get a much more immersive experience. Blockchain game development allows them to experiment with character creation, build storylines, and download various games from anywhere without sabotaging the virtual journey.

Fast and Secure

Since there is no central authority to collect players' data and track their financial operations, people can engage in safe and anonymous trading on blockchain gaming platforms. Secure messaging and two-factor authentification guarantee that the only person who can complete a transaction is the assets' owner.

With blockchain game development services, players save money and time on trading operations: there is no third party to oversee them and additional fees are not in the picture.

Integrated Gaming

Any blockchain game can offer a unified way of playing: there's no need to create separate gaming profiles, blockchain game development enables us to use one account across multiple platforms. It also becomes significantly easier for players to purchase items since they can access anything, anytime, and pay for that in a fast and secure way. This time-efficient and very user-friendly opportunity prompts gamers to build their own blockchain multiverse.

What Can We Do for You?

If you want to introduce great dapp games to your audience, all you need to do is to partner up with our blockchain game development company.

Here is what we can craft for you:

In-Game Token Creation

Wallet Integration

Concept Creation

Smart Contract Development

Custom Blockchain Development Services

NFT Marketplace Creation

Game Development

Game Testing

Game Maintenance

Why Choose Our Blockchain
Game Development Company?

It is a real challenge to find a company that can deliver you top tier blockchain game development services and implement your idea in a way that would make both you and your players gasp. Luckily for you, we know exactly how to do that.

A collaboration with us is a great choice because we guarantee:


We will make sure at the very beginning of the development process that the game's architecture is built with expansion in mind. When you're ready to soar up even higher in the gaming world, the technical capabilities of your platform will allow you to do that rather than break the rules of tech gravity.

Blockchain Development Expertise

We know our way around blockchain: our competency allows us to make the most of it to ensure that players will feel safe about a) their personal data; b) funds; c) gaming experience. We have a proven record of working with crypto wallets, decentralized apps, NFTs, smart contracts, and more.

Full-Cycle Blockchain Game Development

We will provide you with the best blockchain developers to expand, design, implement, deploy, and deliver your games to players. In other words, our blockchain game development company is ready to take on both the business and technical parts of the process and support the products afterward.

Unique Gameplay Experience

Our designers and tech experts know how to create a captivating gaming experience that will impress players with enticing visuals, wide capabilities, and daring challenges. Rich expertise of our team and the usage of the latest technologies will ensure gameplay's quality performance at all times.

Games that Run Anywhere

You do not need to worry about the preferred system of your target audience: whether it's Android, iOS, macOS, or Windows they usually go for, we will craft a cross-platform solution with a native feel and skyrocket speed. No matter the device, players will be able to submerge into the gaming world of your creation.

Privacy and Security

Blockchain makes all transactions confidential and secure. There are no third parties to oversee them or set their own rules. Additionally, users' personal data stays intact, and no developer has the power to suddenly pull out the plug and turn off the fun, like it might happen with a regular gaming company.

Cryptocurrency Support

Most businesses work only with fiat money. Our blockchain game development company offers you to stand out in the gaming market since we provide cryptocurrency support. With us, players can convert their gaming assets to crypto and gain real profit from their virtual journeys. The money will belong solely to users, and the users' hearts will belong to you.

Blockchain Game Development Lifecycle

Our blockchain game development process is transparent, straight-forward, and is based on mutual trust between you and us. We're going to keep you in the loop of what the team is up to and make sure that your vision for inspiring blockchain games gets the best possible implementation.

Our workflow includes 6 steps:

  1. Settling on a Game Concept
  2. Game Planning
  3. Game Development & Game Design
  4. Quality Assurance & Testing
  5. Release
  6. Technical Support & Maintenance

Technology We Use for Blockchain Game Dev

Our blockchain developer team has all the skills and tools to get the job done brilliantly:

Blockchain Platforms

Ethereum BitcoinHyperledgerRippleQuorumGrapheneEchoStellar

Programming Languages

JavaJavaScript PythonSolidityGoC++AngularReactSwiftKotlinNode.js

Cloud Platforms

AWS Oracle


Is blockchain used in games?

Traditional games do not use this technology, but the trend for game development on top of a blockchain has been gaining traction in the past few years.

What is blockchain game development?

This term refers to the creation of games based on blockchain technology, which in this context means a decentralized platform. Such an approach allows players to gain full control over the gaming process and assets they earn online.

What does a blockchain game development lifecycle look like?

In our company, this process consists of 6 main steps. First, we settle on a game concept. Then, we proceed to game planning. The third step is game development itself, alongside game design. Next, we work on quality assurance and testing, release the product, and provide technical support and maintenance afterward.

Why do players go for blockchain games?

That is because blockchain game development changes how they interact with the gaming industry and allows them to enjoy their virtual reality to the fullest. People can play not just for the sake of playing, but also to earn. Blockchain gaming facilitates efficient and highly secure transactions and grants players control over their virtual experience. Asset ownership, great UX, and integrated gaming profiles are too vital components of a dapp game. Who can say “no” to this?

Which blockchain is best for gaming development?

That would be Ethereum. It is one of the oldest, thus, time-tested, trusted, and reliable blockchains out there. It was also at the forefront of offering NFTs and smart contracts, which means it's flexible and compatible with many kinds of applications. All these factors make Ethereum a perfect candidate to build blockchain games on.

Is blockchain good for gaming?

That's a solid fact. Due to blockchain, players can truly own their gaming journey and every earned asset. Thus, they are able to enjoy a pure gaming process with no limits.

How much does blockchain game development cost?

The cost depends on the list of your project requirements. The more complex the job of blockchain game developers is going to be, the more expensive the game will be. To receive a consultation and a quote from our blockchain game development company, contact us!

Is crypto gaming profitable?

It sure is. Any classic gaming business offers just in-game assets that you cannot monetize, whereas a crypto game development company allows you to earn real money every time you win. For example, most blockchain platforms have in-game tokenization, which means you can exchange native tokens for stablecoins later on. You can also earn NFTs and/or crypto there.

Are blockchain games free?

You can play most games with no financial strings attached from your side. Nevertheless, they might still provide the play-to-earn features to help you earn all kinds of digital assets.


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