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raccoon in flying saucer explore space and look through binoculars at dark-headed man in white t-shirt and blue shirt staying in dandelion field and holding saas security checklist
Jul 19, 2023 8 min

SaaS Security Checklist & Best Practices in 2023

Surfing the internet space in search of a time-tested SaaS security checklist that can help you launch and protect your cloud app? Stop skimming through an infinity of web pages. Instead, linger here for a couple of minutes, as in this article, not only do we explore the SaaS universe but also share unique, expert-level…

Fashionable old lady feeding sparrows with bread as if they were developers suitable for outsourcing saas development. Wroclaw old city in the background. Pigeon on the bench
Jun 30, 2023 13 min

Outsourcing SaaS Development: How to Get Started in 2023

Outsourcing SaaS development may seem like an endeavor that’s not worth the effort because isn’t hiring an in-house team simpler? Wrong! Imagine all the costs you would have to bear for their training, onboarding, medical insurance, corporate events, sick leaves, and so on and so forth, all for the sake of complete control over their…