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To outsource or not is a key strategic question for many enterprises.  

In fact, there are great reasons to engage skilled specialists for the realization of particular processes or even entire company areas, it especially concerns IT services.

What are the main benefits of outsourcing?

  • Costs reduction

Cost reduction is the most obvious benefit. As a rule, delegating an enterprise’s business process to a third party enables to achieve significant savings.

Such issues as idle time remain the area of responsibility of the service provider and do not unnecessary affect your company.

  • Concentration on the core business processes 

Outsourcing releases the core business from irrelevancies. It allows effectively using all the available resources and energy for other purposes.

  • Technology and IT infrastructure savings

Outsourcing helps to eliminate regular investments in relevant areas. The service provider carries the responsibility for the business process as well as the requirements for maintenance and development.

  • Access to technical skills

It is not necessary to spend financial resources for recruiting and training of expensive specialists who actually do not pertain to the core business of the enterprise. Outsourcing companies provide their services performed by highly qualified experts.

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Why Outsource to Belarus?

  • Competitive prices

Developer rates in Belarus are among the lowest in Eastern Europe. Competitive prices are one of the major factors making Belarus an attractive IT outsource destination.

  • Strong technical education system

The high level of Belarusian IT education is worldwide known. Software engineers in Belarus regularly take part and win various international competitions.

  • Top IT professionals

As a result of the world-leading technical education system, Belarus produces top IT specialists that are capable to realize projects of any complexity.

  • Cultural ties

Belarusian culture has a lot in common with the western mind. People in Belarus share the same traditions, lifestyle, and values. It significantly simplifies smooth cooperation.

  • Geographic proximity

Belarus has a favorable geographic location. For example, it takes only 2 hours to Minsk from Frankfurt or Vienna by airplane.

  • State support

The Belarusian ICT sector receives a strong governmental support in form of preferential taxation laws (incl. exemption from VAT, profit, and real estate taxes). Belarus Hi-Tech Park, established in 2005, provides its resident-companies with a special business environment.

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