Insurance Software Application Development

We are a trusted insurance software development company with 20-year experience in the market.

What We Can Do for You

Qulix is committed to delivering ground-breaking insurance software solutions. Drive digital innovation in your company, provide a unique user experience for your clients, and enable 100% security of your digital assets with our teams.

Digital Sales for Insurance

Qulix knows how to implement a comprehensive digital sales system for the insurance sector (sales of insurance policies and other products) and how to integrate it into client servicing channels.

Upgrade of Legacy Systems

To update the existing back-end and front-end systems, your company may make use of our migration services.

Claims Management Software

Reduce claims management costs, timely identify fraudulent claims, and enhance customer experience by launching high-quality claims management software for insurance companies. Our solutions provide thorough claims and settlement support, enable accurate risk assessment of claim complexity, and more.

Digital Insurance Platform Implementation

We create up-to-date digital online platforms for insurance companies. Such projects require deep expertise in the implementation of various business processes, integration with a set of internal and external services, and new-age communication channels (portals, mobile apps, etc.). Our teams are well-versed in all of these tasks.

Accident Reporting

We are experts at such processes as accident registration and processing (along multiple channels).

AI/ML in Insurtech

Our innovative solutions based on AI, ML, and Big Data will help your company take advantage of the emerging technologies. Find out new intelligent ways of policy management, fraud prevention, claims management, and more.

Electronic Document Management

We're adept at document management systems. Automate document management processes, eliminate human factors, and stop wasting time on routine tasks.

E-archive for Insurance

E-archive is crucial for an efficient insurance business. It allows storing tons of photos, video,s and documents in a neat and convenient manner. Let's do it for you!

Integration of Third-Party Services into the Ecosystem

We're back-end development and insurance software integration craftsmen, for this has been our major for 20 years. We also know how to develop APIs to enable 100% safe and solid communication between your app and 3rd-party services.

As a mature insurance software provider, Qulix has a proven record of successfully implemented insurance software development projects. Utilize our deep domain knowledge and development expertise.


Valery Tikhonovich

Chief Operating Officer, Partner

“Our deep expertise in the digital transformation of many businesses perfectly matches today's business needs of the insurance industry. We offer unique solutions that will help propel your company to a new level within quite short timelines. Qulix is a reliable provider of insurtech products.”

Technical Expertise

We are top experts in digital transformation and have tons of experience in building modern online insurance platforms. Our teams both do platforms from scratch (based on the existing platform components) and update the existing systems (through decoupling into microservices, for example).

The omnichannel insurance platform for building efficient digital interaction with B2C and B2B customers should include:


EDS integration

User & role management

External API

Smart wizards

Claims management

Tariff/policy construction

Analytics & Reporting

Product catalogue management

User segmentation

User personalized content

InTouch Insurance

InTouch Insurance

The main goal was to create a new digital system for online insurance including a web channel (portal), a mobile channel, a set of back-end components (like e-archive, EDMS, etc).

“The Qulix project team did a great job and proved its high professional status. Engineers did their best to meet our needs and find solutions to the urgent issues. Above all that, the quality of their work always remained at the highest level.”

Ivan Karpov,
Head of Information Technologies Department, InTouch Insurance


67% of drivers are willing to install a sensor into their car to get a discount on their insurance. This would allow flexible pricing for car insurance, improve driving, decrease breakdown rates, and trigger immediate help in emergency situations.

Device in a Car

A little sensor device is installed into a car and measures the way of driving (road traffic regulations, accidents, etc.).


Real-time reporting on driving.

Save Money

Significant savings on further insurance, discounts for disciplined drivers.

We Need This for Assessment of Your Project

No worry in case you do not have the listed information. Our architects will be able to define how to deal with it.

You'd like to improve your clients' experience

Say yes to native, cross-platform & hybrid mobile applications. We have a strong grasp of up-to-date mobile trends and technologies. Our teams deliver applications of various sizes and complexity, with the UI/UX design tailored to the demands of your target audience.

You are ready to digitize your daily office routine

Qulix is adept at desktop insurance software development that will enable workflow automation, elimination of human factors, and cost reduction. Our business analysts will thoroughly check your existing workflow so that we could build an effective digitization roadmap for your business together.

Your business needs a targeted marketing strategy

We offer you to integrate smart geolocation services, apply AI and ML capabilities for smart audience segmentation and intelligent promotion. Leverage our big data services for demographic/location/age/profession-based research.

You want a reliable forecast of future costs and revenues

Try out our predictive analytics to build a data-based strategy for your future growth. Manage marketing campaigns, upcoming revenues, and expenditures correctly based on accurate calculations using our smart algorithms.


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