Insurance Software Development

Today the insurance industry faces a daunting and contradictory situation - companies have to reduce costs, increase service quality and at the same time meet stakeholder's expectations.

"New digital technologies are irrevocably changing the way consumers engage and interact with insurers. Traditional operating structures are being disrupted, driving insurance executives to reassess their business model. It is time for insurers to re-evaluate their future direction and make the digital agenda a high priority".

EY Global Insurance Digital Survey

Qulix services for insurance companies

We create new improved and personalised products for insurance companies.
Insurance apps development
  • Online portals
  • Document management systems
  • Billing and payment solutions
  • Claims management software
  • Solutions for HR
Mobile apps
  • Native and hybrid mobile apps
  • Push-notifications
  • Accident reporting
  • GPS tracking
  • Payments
  • Claims management
  • Document management systems
  • Electronic archive systems
  • Financial and accounting data
  • Regulatory and legislative documentation
  • CRM

Value-added Services

Customer Loyalty Programs

Only 1% of insurance companies are currently using customer loyalty programs. Whereas the integration of a customer loyalty program can increase overall customer satisfaction, stimulate existing clients to purchase more insurance products and optimise marketing expenses.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Engaging new customers and retaining current ones

Maximise Sales

Increasing sales of insurance products to existing customers

Optimise Marketing Expenses

With an integrated DMS and CMS the majority of marketing activities will be automated


67% of drivers are willing to install a sensor into their car to get a discount on their insurance. This would allow flexible pricing for a car insurance, improve driving, decrease breakdown rates and trigger immediate help in emergency situations.

Device in a car

A little sensor device is installed into the car and measures the way of driving (following rules, accidents, etc)


Real-time reporting on driving

Save Money

Significant savings on further insurance, discounts for disciplined drivers

Qulix insurance software solution

A front-end omni-channel insurance platform for building efficient digital interaction with B2C and B2B customers

Online portal / Mobile App
  • Assistants in insurance products selection
  • News & articles
  • Customer support
  • Office locations
  • User account log in
User Account
  • My policies
  • Insurance cases
  • My claims
  • My goals (gamification)
  • Special offers
Digital Marketing System
  • User personalized content
  • Targeted marketing offers and campaigns
  • User segmentation
  • Analytics & reporting
  • Customer service scenarios
  • Insurance products
  • Customer support
  • Banners
  • News and articles

Providing partners with external API for cross-selling


step 1
Online portal and virtual office deployment
step 2
Launching mobile applications (iOS, Android, WinPhone)
step 3
Functionality extension (gamification elements, social networks and other 3d party integration)
step 4
Connecting external agents

Platform Advantages


Flexible Integration

  • Branding adjustment
  • 3rd party solution integration
  • Open API for external partners

Adaptive Design

  • Composite interface
  • Widget-based store
  • Automatic page rendering 
  • Graphic themes support


  • Clustering support
  • Caching
  • Messaging architecture
  • Traffic minimisation
  • Stateless services


  • Cryptography
  • Audit and protocol
  • Multifactor authentication
  • Policies
  • Session timeout

Digital Interaction

  • Customer data analysis and segmentation
  • More relevant tailored offerings
  • Digital distribution via mobile apps, social networks, etc.
  • Reporting & analysis on customer behavior

Super Support

  • Source code provided
  • Flexible vendor support system
  • No hidden costs
  • No extra license or per client fees
Some words from our clients

Ivan Karpov

Head of Information Technologies Department INTOUCH INSURANCE

“Qulix project team has done a great a job and proved its high professional status. Engineers did their best to meet our needs and find solutions to the urgent issues. Above all that, the quality of their work always remained at the highest level.”

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