Software Integration Services

Our software integration company builds connected business applications. Our development team will help your businesses to integrate solutions across different areas, various complexity levels, both legacy and up-to-date.

Software and System Integration

When we deal with software integration across applications, systems, and platforms, we work with the best business-specific, open-source and proprietary software, and SaaS solutions. We know how to integrate with:

ERP/CRM (SAP, Oracle, Siebel, Salesforce, etc.)

Gateways (payment, messaging, etc.)

BPM Engines/ESBs (MQs, Kafka, Oracle, Sonic, etc.)

Custom IT systems (different in-house software)

What We Can Do for You

Decades of experience in software integration services make us top experts in selecting the proper technology and building effective business processes to meet our client's needs and cut time spending.

IoT Endpoint Integration

Our software integration enterprise has a separate IoT cluster at the RDI department, which works with IoT software development and connects IoT endpoints, such as devices, applications, and services. The company offers enterprise-level and consumer-level IoT solutions, business software for data integration and analytics, real-time device and security management, and system configuration.

Data Integration

Our technology expertise allows creating automated integration services in order to merge big data, provide data integrity, and consolidate business processes. Software integration engineers from our tech group merge data across separate applications, which has different file formats and is stored in different DBMSs. Using the best practices of ETL (extract-transform-load) and reliable version control protocols, we can access multiple business logic schemas and data types.

Legacy System Integration

A separate type of integration services we offer our clients is integration with legacy systems, which don't support API. For such cases, we develop system integration software: custom adapters for data exchange (like shared data, via databases, or with the help of an individual custom solution).

End-to-End Integration Implementation

We completed dozens of implementation projects for banks, insurance companies, and telecom enterprises. Skilled technical specialists carry out the integration of auth servers, notification servers, asset control systems, core systems, or SMS gateways.

Our talents offer such services as consulting and planning, technology and tool selection, implementation of integration logic, orchestration, managing adapters, and test scripts, thorough QA, ongoing service support, and monitoring.

Integration Testing

Our QA team works out the appropriate integration testing strategy according to the project complexity and expected deadlines. For a larger system, we advise to use incremental integration testing, while a smaller system will benefit from the big bang integration testing approach. Also, for independent testing, we work with integration stubs to emulate the operation of external systems according to predefined algorithms. We can add a proprietary methodology to develop new test stub management frameworks.

Integration with External APIs

Integrating the system with the external API is quite a typical task. Here is what we do to integrate your software or apps with third-party data systems. First, our team examines the system our client uses. Then, our task is to build an integration prototype and verify it works as intended. Finally, we develop a necessary integration adapter based on this API.

Integration Architectures and Approaches


It implies a direct connection of systems or services via the predefined and implemented API.

Using Middleware

In this case, our software integration experts build an additional new layer, which is responsible for messaging and routing (e.g. ESBs or message brokers) services.

Via a Shared Database

We implement information exchange via shared database/messaging tables.


Alex Kovsh

Solution Architect

“A huge percentage of our projects imply third-party services integration. We are great at it and know how to do it fast and in a right and secure manner. Our company has its best practices and know-how for multiple integration patterns.”

Technologies and Competencies

Mobile Banking for Business by ATF Bank

Mobile Banking for Business by ATF Bank

A software integration project for a comprehensive online banking system with rich functionality and broad integration capabilities. Fast and nice delivery.

Additional Points to Consider


If the applications support no API, it becomes a critical problem for rendering application integration services. However, being a mature software development company, we have enough experience to integrate custom software with no API via file transfer, shared database options or to deal with business app modernization.


Some scenarios may lead to a longer response time. To avoid this, we offer performance testing, load testing, take care of network issues, priority queues, and carefully implement the middleware. Contact us for more details.

Single-Sign-On (SSO)

It becomes crucial to use the same user credentials for different integrated systems at the enterprise. We know very well how to implement SSO in software integration services.


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