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Apr 16, 2021 7 min

Exploring Nearshore Outsourcing: Benefits and Pitfalls

Are you still choosing between insourcing and outsourcing software development? If you are confused by cultural gaps, language issues, time zone differences, and management difficulties, but you don’t have enough money and time to build your own team, there’s an intermediate option. Let’s talk about nearshore outsourcing that is able to solve the above–mentioned problems.

React websites
Apr 14, 2021 7 min

Top 10 Websites built with React

React is a great framework for building great websites. It’s popular among the developers all over the world not without  a reason – React-based website is easy to code, test, and it boasts great performance. User interfaces of the React websites are easily recognizable, which does not make them somewhat mainstream. On the contrary, they…

Apr 8, 2021 7 min

Inhouse Development vs. Outsourcing Software Development

Now and again every software development company wonders how to create a product: to use its own employees and tools or hire an outsourced team? Some businesses prefer to develop software products with the help of an in–house development team, believing that only in this case the problems will be solved quickly and efficiently. Others…

Apr 2, 2021 7 min

How Much Will Web Portal Development Cost You?

Every successful business is continuously looking for ways to enhance its efficiency and profitability, whilst also improving its customer experience. For most businesses, web portal development is the way to do it, as it allows automation of numerous dull processes and leads to the increased engagement of customers, employees, and even business partners. In this…

Mar 31, 2021 11 min

Top 9 Most Common Website Problems and Their Solutions

It’s impossible to imagine today’s company without an online presence. The World Wide Web spurs development of any business, which is why every organization should have a corporate website. But it’s not enough just to run it, your resource should gain the confidence of the audience and search engines. How to stand out of almost…