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Jul 23, 2021 9 min

Top 8 Cloud Computing Languages to Know in 2021

The global cloud computing market is growing rapidly, as evidenced by the report provided by MarketsandMarkets. It reached $371.4 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow to $832.1 billion by 2025. Both large and small companies engaged in various industries avail of cloud solutions today. These services can be used for a wide variety…

Jul 19, 2021 9 min

Design and Development Process: Why Is It Important?

The design phase is one of the most important steps in creating any product, be it a web application or a website. There are 3.48 million Android apps and about 2.22 million iOS apps in the market in 2021. If you open the list of the most popular applications, you’ll see that they are different…

why use go
Jul 13, 2021 9 min

Why Use Go for Your Project?

If you’re planning to start some new project with high performance and scalability demands, this article is a must-read for you. Why? Here we talk about the language that allows high performance, impressive scalability and perfectly meets other demands of the modern distributed systems. Find out why use the Go language for your project and…

Jul 8, 2021 9 min

Gathering Ideal Web Development Team in 2021

What will make my project successful? Every development company asks this question before launching its website, product, platform, service, or any other solution. The answer is obvious – it’s the right web development team. You may have a wonderful idea, a huge budget, tons of resources, cutting-edge technologies, and effective tools, but you’ll just waste…

golang and node
Jul 5, 2021 9 min

Golang vs Node.JS in 2021

NodeJS vs Golang is a pretty contoversial comparison, as those two are two different development tools. They belong to different classes of technology – a programming language and runtime environment, respectively. But people on the Internet keep asking “What’s the difference?”. So, this article is the Node.JS vs Golang comparison (however weird it may sound…