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With Qulix, you'll get a broad spectrum of Java development services to address your every software need — from designing startup Java solutions to implementing robust large-scale enterprise applications.

What Our Java Application Development Company Can Do

Our Java developers have long been at the forefront of this technology cluster, so we know how to deliver successful Java projects right on time and according to the plan.

Back End Implementation Based on Java

No front end works smoothly without the reliable back end. So if you want to approach the behind-the-scenes features of the development process like user authentication or database interactions in a tested way, Java may be your perfect partner.

Java for Implementation of Microservices

Applications are getting increasingly larger and more complex, and for this reason, the development world sees the constant rise in microservices. With all its benefits such as simplicity, robustness, scalability, and security, Java comes into play here.

Full-Stack Development

As a reliable Java development company, we can tend to the entire development process and take you through all those steps that are needed to deliver the best Java solutions — from business analysis and envisioning your idea to testing, launch, and support of developed apps.

We can offer you a dedicated team to develop and support your enterprise Java project that will include top-of-the-class Java developers, UI/UX designers, and QA engineers. We've got more than enough experience to best fit your every business need, whichever it may be.

With many years of custom Java programming behind us, Qulix can provide all the staffing and consulting services you may need to take the technical lead in the business.

Java Code Review / Audit

If you want your code to run smoothly and seamlessly at the first launch, you surely need some review by a third party (we mean us here). Waste no time, contact our expert team, and we will gladly provide you with professionals to check your Java apps for development errors, security leaks, and more.

Technical Support of Java Projects

Need some technical and consulting support for your third-party Java applications? Our Java development company delivers customized support services to attend to the overall performance, agility, and compatibility of your software.

These custom Java development services may be performed either by separate developers and architects or by a well-balanced team of professionals.


Pavel Mazko

Java Architect

“We have been in the business of custom Java development for many years. With us, you get a full-scale Java think tank that deals with such issues as architecture, code and system audit, integration tests, backlog tasks, etc. approached in accordance with best practices and Java coding guidelines.”

Team-as-a-Service for Your Java Project

No need for individual staffing. We have already assembled and balanced teams of Java developers ready for onboarding. With us, you get over 150 qualified Java engineers.

Minimal Team Structure

Generally, we seek to blend 1 senior Java developer with 2 middle engineers. Or the team may also include 1 QA engineer and such experts as a system analyst, DevOps engineer, etc. The team is well-adopted for separate back-end services, continuous support tasks, etc.

Back-end and full-stack developers may also be on the project team.

For large-scale projects, we create project teams based on a set of service teams thus making the whole staffing process easily scalable.

We may send you a couple of available team profiles within 3 business hours from your request time.

Need some samples of professional Java programming guidelines?

Need some samples of professional Java programming guidelines?

Our Java development company has designed dedicated rules for writing and overseeing Java code. We want to make sure the development process runs well and the resulting code is painless to maintain and debug, so we stick to these guidelines to develop top solutions.

Java Development Software

Our company has long been in the software development business so our Java applications are always built with the help of the latest technologies, tools, and Java frameworks.

Application Servers

Apache Tomcat, JBoss, IBM WebSphere


Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring XD, Spring Integration, Spring Security, Spring Cloud, Grails, JFX, JSF, Hibernate


JasperReports, Alfresco, AWS, Liferay, Swagger, iBATIS


SAP Omnichannel Banking

Our Spring Framework Expertise

Our Java developers have been using Spring since 2006, and since then it has become one of the core technologies for our numerous commercial Java applications. To develop our projects, we use the entire Spring tech stack.


Spring Boot, Spring Framework


Spring MVC, Spring WebFlux

data processing

Spring Integration, Spring Batch

data storage

Spring JDBC, Spring Data, Spring R2DBC

Why Java


No Signs 

of Losing Ground

Java has been in the game for over 20 years and is still popular among developers.




It is similar to the human language so Java code is easy to read, write, and maintain.

Java Virtual 


Thanks to the JVM, projects written in Java can run on any platform that supports it.




Using Remote Method Invocation (RMI), multithreading, and automatic storage management, our Java development company builds high-load distributed industrial systems.

All this adds up to the popularity and wide use of this programming language.

Front-End Development for Raiffeisen Aval Bank

Front-End Development for Raiffeisen Bank Aval

Development of front channels along with microservice architecture and business logic development, as well as integration with 20+ systems. All done seamlessly and within reasonable deadlines.

High Art of Project Assembly and Deployment in Java

The Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) process is widely used among Java developers to introduce automation of the build and testing of code and reduce feedback time. With our tech development company, you can set up the CI/CD pipeline properly and evade delays.

Principal Scheme

Benefits Our Engineering and Development Team Can Offer

We may use 

your tools.

We do not stick to one and the same tech stack or frameworks but are rather flexible in this regard. The primary importance goes to the way we arrange components and ensure their independent interchangeability. Surely we've got our default tools but can always use those of the customer if need be.

We may include 

integration testing.

Integration testing may seem expensive to clients if included in the project development cycle and done accurately and in a timely manner. On the other hand, it will cost you much more to perform debugging in the high-level architecture later on if you choose to omit it. However, the choice always lies with you.

We offer 

customized staging.

Depending on your project requirements, our team will offer you all the required expertise and tech management to set up, automate, and orchestrate the CI/CD pipeline. Using the latest technologies, we will guide you through the build, test, merge, release to the repository, and production deployment stages tailored to your needs.

We may deploy in 

the cloud or privately.

You may easily choose between the most common
options — to get a cloud-based project or to have it deployed on your private infrastructure. With a mature Java development company like Qulix, you can enjoy the simplicity of cloud computing services or opt to control and maintain the entire CI/CD strategy on-premises.


More Points to Consider in Java Development


Java technology is well-adopted for the development of solutions based on the microservice architecture. Our team of Java developers will do their best to deliver top apps for you.

Cloud Environment

When proceeding with your Java app, think ahead about where you are going to host it. Since in the case of cloud-based solutions, it's better to design them for cloud hosting at the very start.

CI/CD Process

To be successful with your Java project implementation, think hard about how your future system will be assembled and subsequently delivered to the test and production environment.

Integrated Test Automation

If your enterprise wants to conduct regression testing, you can let testers do their job more effectively by integrating automated test scripts into Java code which will also cut costs and time.


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 I’d like to get useful information from Qulix Systems

 I consent that Qulix Systems collects and processes my personal details according to Privacy Policy.*

 I’d like to get useful information from Qulix Systems

 I consent that Qulix Systems collects and processes my personal details according to Privacy Policy.*

 I’d like to get useful information from Qulix Systems

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