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Lion with Led Zeppelin hairstyle walks on staircase that leads to digital building with word neobank on it.
Oct 14, 2022 12 min

Stairway to Neobank: Fintech Product Development Guide for 2022

If fintech product development were a parent, it could be a proud one: neobanks, its children that first saw the light became known in the early 2010s, today are among the most famous stars of the IT universe. There are over 200 neobanks worldwide, but the hunger for more will always be a part of…

Meerkat having a job interview with four meerkats sitting behind a table
Sep 28, 2022 9 min

How to Hire Fintech Developers: The Ultimate Guide 2022

Blockchain? SaaS? Neobank? What do these words have in common? Well, they all refer to one of the fastest-growing industries in the world — financial technology. Fintech startups are springing up all over the globe, changing the way we think about financial services. So if you’ve decided to join this community, you probably need to…

Jul 20, 2022 9 min

How to Create a Money Lending Mobile App: 5 Practical Ideas

Need to get some money ASAP? You can turn to banks, friends, or family. But there is a better, smart option available anywhere at any time — loan lending apps. Meanwhile, the tech behind money lending apps has changed the world of finance forever. So, finding the correct answer to the question “how to create…

Jul 13, 2022 10 min

How to Build a Cryptocurrency Exchange in 2022

When bitcoin passed $50 thousand in February 2021, it considerably rocked the cryptocurrency industry and a vast number of newcomers flushed the market. There are 106 million crypto traders around the world, according to the calculations provided by They come to the platform to trade their cryptocurrencies and make money. The exchange, in turn,…

Jul 7, 2022 9 min

Hashgraph vs Blockchain: What’s Better?

Blockchain is a promising technology that was associated with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency until recently. However, PwC identified five key application areas of blockchain that include tracking cash flows, identity management, payments and financial services, contracts and dispute resolution, as well as interaction with clients. Moreover, PwC predicts that blockchain technology will drive the global economy by…