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Transport 4.0: How IoT Will Transform The Future Of Travel

Nov 9, 2017
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Imagine that you need just one ticket valid for the train, flight and hotel. It is highly expected that the future belongs to multimodal transportation (also known as ‘combined transport’). The aim is to provide a more comfortable, efficient, safe and environmentally friendly travel experience, and, concurrently, to reduce travel time and costs. Interconnected travel…

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The Future of Shopping: Augmented Reality in Retail

Oct 24, 2017
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Augmented Reality gained a worldwide popularity after the launch of Pokémon GO, the famous mobile app. AR requires interaction with reality. The technology allows overlaying digital information (graphics, sounds, haptic feedback, etc.) on top of the existing environment in real time. A mobile device camera or a special headgear enables to combine real life with a…

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Beacons: Small Devices, Big Impact

Oct 12, 2017

Beacons have already been known for a few years. However, they came to the attention of a larger audience as iBeacons marketed by Apple. The technology has a potential to become a standard in the coming future. For instance, it is already widely used at POS. According to Statista, the projected value of in-store retail sales…

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AI: Holiday Planning With Chatbot

Sep 28, 2017
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Chatbot technology is the new hype in the tourism industry. So far, only a few tourism companies have implemented the applications, e.g., Skyscanner, Kayak. Besides, such market giants as Booking and Tripadvisor are experimenting with chatbots. In the coming future, chatbots are expected to become personal travel agents. Tourists will use Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to…

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IoT: The Airport Of The Future

Sep 21, 2017
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Travelling by plane usually means much stress caused by long waiting time for check-in, security control, boarding, etc. However, new technologies have a potential to convert airports into pure comfort areas. Luggage check-in and tracking A lot has already changed in recent years. Passengers can check-in for a flight online and receive the boarding card…

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