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Qulix Systems is among Top Performing IoT Development Companies

Jan 31, 2019

New year starts with new achievements! Dear all, we are delighted to be listed among top companies offering IoT development according to GoodFirms. Given the dynamics of the industry growth, it’s an honor for Qulix Systems to be considered an established IoT player.

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Wood Industry 4.0: The Progress is Huge but Far from Setting the Woods on Fire

Jan 14, 2019

Top hardware and software players continuously promote innovative solutions for the industries. Intense competition never ceases, especially given the price the manufacturers are eager to pay to achieve maximum cost reduction and revenue increase. See what legacy tools and practices are morphing into to drive the advancement of Wood Industry 4.0.

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Smart Home Systems: Expectations vs Reality

Jan 4, 2019

According to Statista, the year 2018 has brought US$23m to the American smart home market. Although household penetration was pretty high (27.6%), smart home solutions are neither faultless nor risk free. How to make sure a to-be system will be user-friendly, reliable and warmly welcomed by the market? See our overview of potential flops in…

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On the Borderline: Closing Stats for 2018 and Promising Predictions for 2019

Dec 29, 2018

As the year-end is getting closer, we decided to prepare for you a brief summary of most astonishing IoT statistics for 2018. Our infographic may also be interesting for those who look for some inspiring predictions. See the past and the future on the borderline of the old and the new years.

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Artificial Neural Networks are Reshaping Industries for Better Results

Dec 11, 2018

Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), brain-inspired simulations, have finally reached their paramount position in the scientific world. Their applications abound as their architecture grows more sophisticated and becomes suitable for new purposes. See our overview of the latest ANN trends.

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