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From prototypes to a working Android app published on Google Play, Huawei App Gallery, or deployed internally. You can request Android app development from scratch or develop apps based on the existing iOS app. Our Android application development company knows its staff.

Android Development

Our team of Android app developers works with startups and large enterprises across the globe to deliver highly functional apps for finance, e-commerce, telecom, entertainment industries, or healthcare — to name a few.

The mobile app expertise of our application development company goes beyond the basics. 
We develop apps for:




Connected devices

In-car systems

You can request full-service custom Android app development from scratch or develop it based on the existing iOS application.

What Our IT Company Can Do for You

We can provide you the following Android mobile app development services:

Mobile UI/UX Design
for Android

Designers will prepare a UX concept, a navigation map, and interactive prototypes in Figma or XView according to the guidelines and platform specifics. Also, we provide a UI Map for controls and cover many other aspects to enable a smooth user experience and high retention.

Android Project Takeover and Development

Our full-stack engineers take over the Android app development process and add new features, fix defects, and provide additional support services around the world. Our mobile app developers know how to do that efficiently in terms of time and cost.

End-to-End App Development

Developing a mobile service can be more challenging than just creating an Android mobile app. Mobile services include back-end development, integration at different levels, API design and management, the development of the administration console, and many other components.

Our Android application development company has experts in creating mobile apps based on well-targeted architecture, security, and performance.

Qulix has all the needed resources in Android mobile app development, UX/UI design, quality assurance, and business analysis and offers full-service Android app implementation. Check out what is necessary to implement an Android project successfully.

Android App Testing and Mobile App Test Automation

As one of the leading Android app development companies, we offer regression testing and UAT on more than 200 real devices, not emulators, debugging problems, writing test automation scripts to optimize the process, and more.

Migration from Java to Kotlin

From outline to implementation: we are aware of details and tricky aspects of app migration from one programming language to the other. Our engineers are skilled in both Java and Kotlin.

Cooperation Models

We offer three different cooperation models for our clients. Choose the one that suits you best.


By augmenting their company's staff and choosing co-development of apps with remote engineers, testers, product development analysts, and designers, our clients boost project scalability without extra expenses for in-house hiring.


If you are interested in hiring a leading Android app development team with the manager or team lead working solely on your Android project, go for this option. Full transparency, timely reports, and effective communication are three basic ideas to help you stay in control and get the job done.

Dedicated Development Center

For large-scale Android projects with increased demands, we create dedicated development centers. Having a lot in common with remote mobile development teams (TaaS), dedicated centers additionally imply a separated branded office room, access systems, and a different financial model for app design and development.


Maxim Kolotilin

Senior Software Developer

“The Android mobile operating system is Google's open and free software stack that includes an operating system, middleware, and also key applications for use on mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, etc. We are always interested in trends and any updating of Java/Kotlin to be one step forward.”

Technologies and Competencies


Additional Points To Consider

Build UI/UX
at the initial project stage

UI/UX is a major step when planning the best Android app development process as it brings clarity about the app to be created.

the requirements matrix

Make up a list of application functions with their brief or detailed descriptions. It is one of the main input elements for mobile app developers to provide you with reliable quotes. Sometimes you can do reverse engineering of requirements based on the existing app, but in most cases, it is a separate step.

Define the systems
to integrate
the app

For in-house systems, there must be a description of integration options. Most mobile services use data from external systems, such as payment gateways, SMS gateways, verification systems, accounting systems, etc. Integration is one of the project’s biggest risks in custom Android app development services, so it requires closer attention even before the project begins.

hybrid development

It is a great option for simple apps in terms of the interface (forms, lists, and more). Instead of having two separate processes — iOS app development and Android development — you can resort to hybrid technologies that help develop iOS and Android apps at the same time and minimize costs.

metadata-driven UI

To optimize future adjustments in Android digital solutions with multiple forms and fields, for example, in mobile banking apps, we recommend using metadata-driven UI. It means the app works like a renderer, which creates a UI with the help of managed metadata. If you need more information, contact our app development agency now.

microfrontend UI

It is getting increasingly popular to resort to microservices for Android application development services. Our team is experienced in building a microservice-ready mobile UI using a number of state of the art solutions.

the back-end design and implementation

We always recommend our clients consider content management systems, administration systems, and other backend elements to improve the mobile application development process.

Think of app
if needed

Compared to simple interface translation, localization takes into account our clients' geography, style, and cultural aspects to make a user experience journey pleasant and valuable. It's one of those Android app development services your users will always welcome.

Plan out
the offline implementation

Decide how your Android mobile app must work offline, and which features must remain active.

Top-Class Android App for Travel Lovers

Top-Class Android App for Travel Lovers

We make booking tickets, hotels, car rental, and sightseeing tours easily available for 6 mln of OneTwoTrip users anytime, anywhere.

Select Your Mobile Team

Our Android application development company offers more than 40 mobile developers to our clients.
Also, we have ready-to-go, balanced, and focused mobile app development teams ready for onboarding. Team members have already worked together and could be a perfect fit for your mobile development project.

Service Team (Micro-team) – group of engineers who already worked together and know how to do certain task/project.Service Team (Micro-team) – group of engineers who already worked together and know how to do certain task/project.

Ky-ky, я дропдаун

Ky-ky, я дропдаун

Ky-ky, я дропдаун

Additional resources:

  • UI/UX designer
  • Back-end developers
  • More mobile developers

We Know How to Address Potential Challenges

How to ensure hardware and software compatibility of Android apps?

The abundance of Android devices with different screen resolutions, features, formats, app design, and so on turns hardware compatibility into a real challenge for any mobile development company. This may be considered a limitation, e. g. for Android devices with no fingerprint sensors, it is impossible to implement this authentication type. However, we are skilled enough to offer multiple authentication methods to use the functionality of our clients' devices to the maximum.

Since the growing number of Android OS versions are available simultaneously, it takes slightly more time for mobile app development, testing, and improvement. However, our mobile app development team knows the nitty-gritty and has the necessary tools to prevent malfunctions and bugs and provide you with the best Android user experience.

Java or Kotlin: which one would you suggest for Android application development?

Even an experienced Android app developer cannot answer this question without a valid review of the project, its functional and non-functional requirements. Although Java is mature and quite a lot of Android app development tools and frameworks still don’t support Kotlin, in some cases Kotlin-based app development services are more straightforward, and the language can be a rational choice for fast prototyping and can simplify code maintenance.

How do you deal with Android app security issues?

The lack of strict app launch guidelines for custom Android app development combined with the lack of development expertise facilitates hacker attacks. For the past 18 years of top mobile app development, we have accumulated enough expertise in encryption technologies, which helps us avoid even minor vulnerabilities in the matter of security.


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