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Lemur sits on branch with drone remote control in its paws and is excited about drone software development.
May 11, 2023 15 min

How to Develop a Drone Control App (and Why Should You Be Interested)?

Right off the bat, a few drone software development facts for you. Statistics show that by 2025, a) the global drone revenue is expected to grow to $63.6 billion; and b) drones are likely to create over 100,000 jobs. Additionally, the U.S. can boast of more than 800,000 registered units of the said aircraft, while…

squirrel climb ladder to cloud where lemur in glasses sit with laptop and try to use devops for saas applications
Apr 27, 2023 9 min

DevOps for SaaS Applications in 2023: How to Make It Work?

Planning to use DevOps for SaaS applications and don’t know how to get started? Stop panicking, as you’ve come to the right page, buddy. The DevOps approach is a real life-saver for dead-alive workflows and overloaded servers. And here, not only do we unleash its most essential concepts but also share with you expert-level insights…

three puppies standing in front of a website being built to represent you should hire dedicated web developers
Apr 5, 2023 10 min

The World of Hiring Dedicated Web Developers in 2023: All You Need to Know

When it comes to hiring dedicated web developers, the world of tech can have your head in a tizzy! What kind of web developers do I hire? Do I even need to hire one; can’t I just do it myself? Lay your questions on us because we’ve got all the answers you’re looking for. We’ll…

Bear waves and smiles because he’s happy that you want to know how to hire dedicated iOS developer.
Mar 30, 2023 10 min

Why Hire Dedicated iOS Developers, and How to Do That?

Should you hire dedicated iOS developers? Considering how rapidly this sector of the mobile application industry is growing, it is. As Business of Apps reports, “Apple’s App Store had 2.184 million apps and games in 2022, an increase of 21.4% on the previous year.” This popularity surge looks even more impressive knowing that less than 15%…

Octopus looks like orchestra conductor and encourages readers to hire dedicated dot net developers.
Mar 17, 2023 9 min

6 Tasks You Should Definitely Hire Dedicated .NET Developers For

“Should I hire dedicated dot NET developers, Java coders, or PHP programmers?” Occasionally, you might be hearing conversations that revolve around this question: after all, it’s 2023, the number of platforms, frameworks, and languages only keeps growing, which is why settling on certain technology gets more difficult. It is natural to wonder if such a…