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why use go
Jul 13, 2021 9 min

Why Use Go for Your Project?

If you’re planning to start some new project with high performance and scalability demands, this article is a must-read for you. Why? Here we talk about the language that allows high performance, impressive scalability and perfectly meets other demands of the modern distributed systems. Find out why use the Go language for your project and…

Jul 1, 2021 9 min

Guide on How to Build a Custom Money Transfer Software

Modern technologies allow people to make financial transactions without leaving their homes. According to the statistics, 58% of people in the United States prefer to use non-cash payment methods and transfer money to their friends and families through applications on their smartphones. The global remittance and money transfer software market size stood at $16.28 billion…

Jun 3, 2021 9 min

I Have an Idea for an App: How Do I Protect It?

Today, mobile apps are redefining every aspect of our lives, and a unique relevant idea for an app can be worth millions. However, without a well-thought-through protection strategy, there is a high risk of getting the idea stolen before you even manage to implement it, as well as a risk to get it copied by…

Jun 1, 2021 10 min

Top 15 React Native Libraries to Use in 2021

There are almost 7 million users in the world today who can’t imagine their lives without their devices. That’s why it’s critical for businesses to adapt their websites and applications to meet the needs of their customers. New trends make companies think about the development of iOS and Android mobile apps and the prominent tools…

microservices docker
May 26, 2021 9 min

Advantages of Using Docker for Microservices in 2021

Microservices bring many benefits to the project, but ooooh! tricky they are, those microthings! Docker helps a great deal when it comes to the microservice-based architecture. So, what are they, the advantages of using Docker for microservice? Read on to find out. written by: Artsiom Marzavin Senior Software Developer, Qulix Systems Microservices bring many benefits…